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here I'm

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here I'm

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here I'm
  • Tarot I'm Here
    "Breath of living heart pounding poison stinging Tiny voices wrong choices blood starts singing I never had anything to lose no touch nor taste My body is here for abuse Brain cells for waste Sirens"
  • FictionJunction YUUKA I'm Here
    "I'm here I'm here you were here I'm here {{Translation||Japanese}} ==Romanized Japanese== konna uso wo kamisama wa yurusanai wa GARASU koshi ni tsukiakari omoide wo azamuita"
  • Janet Jackson I'm Here
    "I'm here You'll never have to be alone I'm here Cause all I wanna be is with you So don't Think you walk the path alone Please say That you want me to be the heart of you Baby Here I am Please let me know What"
  • Janet I'm Here
    "I'm here You'll never have to be alone I'm here Cause all I wanna be is with you So don't Think you walk the path alone Please say That you want me to be the heart of you Baby Here I am Please let me know What"
  • Aly & AJ I'm Here
    "No one needs to know how we feel No one needs to understand 'Cuz they can't have a hold on us It's not just any kind of love I know when something is too sacred to touch They don't see You're right where"
  • Yuna Ito I'm here
    "kodoku na DOA no mukou so long hitorikiri fumidashita asa tsuyogari na manazashi wa to high BURE wa shinai nigenai koto ga itsumo no more jiyuu yori daiji da to I know (waka)tte ita kara ima for"
  • Fiddler's Green I'm Here Because I'm Here
    "Here I am amongst you and I'm here Because I'm Here I'm only one year older than I was This time last year Early to rise makes man wise, This I don't think true Sure how the hell can a man go to bed If"
  • The Partridge Family I'm Here You're Here
    "I'm here, you're here, I don't care where you been before You're the sweetest thing I ever saw What could you do, what could you say to make me wanna go away I know, I know I never wanted anyone more Baby,"
  • The Muffs I'm Here I'm Not
    "I'm here I'm not completely broken in a state I'm here I'm gone and maybe I could complicate The way I'm describing it a million thoughts I wallow in Are flying in out of me and faster still All day all"
  • Crowded House I'm Still Here
    "(Two, three, four) (I'm still here) (I'm still here) uh-wa-ya-ya-ya-ya (I'm still here) I'm still here (I'm still here) whoah I'm still here (we won't go away) (I'm still here) I won't go away I'm still"
  • Oleander Why I'm Here
    "It's the reason for my pain In a season to celebrate I don't wanna be full of hate For anybody, but it's too late Everyone has been in my face Tellin' me that I'm a disgrace Showin' me things that I must"
  • Alice Peacock I'm Still Here
    "You can take what you want Or leave it all behind You can listen to your heart Or give in to your pride But when the morning comes And the darkness clears You're never on your own, 'Cause I'm still here I"
  • JOHN RZEZNIK I'm still here
    "I am a question to the world Not an answer to be heard Or a moment that's held in your arms And what do you think you'd ever say I won't listen anyway You don't know me And I'll never be what you"
  • Vertical Horizon I'm Still Here
    "I found the pieces in my hand They were always there It just took some time for me to understand You gave me words I just can't say So if nothing else I'll just hold on while you drift away Cause everything"
  • Kill Your Idols I'm Still Here
    "once it was something so strong now just a joke you disappeared in an instant, a puff of smoke What you stand for today means nothing tomorrow Better things to do new people to follow How can you turn"
  • Sia I'm in here
    "I'm in here Can anybody see me Can anybody help I'm in here A prisoner of history Can anybody help Can you hear my call Are you coming to get me now I've been waiting for you to come rescue me I need"
  • Smog I'm New Here
    "No No No No I did not become someone different I did not want to be But I'm new here Will you show me around No matter how far wrong you've gone You can always tournaround Met a woman in a bar Told her"
  • Jimi Jamison I'm Always Here
    "Some people stand in the darkness Afraid to step into the light Some people need to help somebody On the edge of surrenders inside Don't you worry, it's gonna be alright 'cause I'm always ready I won't"
  • Tom Waits I'm Still Here
    "You haven't looked at me that way in years You dreamed me up and left me here How long was I dreaming for? What was it you wanted me for? You haven't looked at me that way in years Your watch has stopped"
  • Lil' Rob I'm Still Here
    "(Lil Rob) Ey this one goes out to my raza on the Eastside Westside, Northside and Southside I wear a brown bandana homeboy, representin brown pride You've never met me, so why in the fuck would I have"

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