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hero sterling

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hero sterling

  • Sterling Sy Sperling - Malachi Crunch
    "You don't look bad now But you wouldn't mind looking better Not a young lad now Y'see more hairs on your sweater Now don't get mad now There's a man who's got the answer Not just a fad now Poly-fuse hair"
  • Sterling - Plankeye
    "Can't find the time to clear my mind from all the stuff that's creeped inside. Untie the knotts that clutter up the clarity of thought Don't fight the things that you've been taught all you life. It's"
  • What About Me (Sterling Remix) - Shannon Noll
    "Well there's a little boy waiting at the counter of a corner shop He's been waiting down there, waiting half the day They never ever see him from the top He gets pushed around, knocked to the ground He"
  • Jin Vs. Sterling - Jin
    "(Sterling) Uh, yea, yo, yo, yo, yo, ay yo i'm mad free you actin like I ain't the one, why you got me battlin' Bruce Lee grandson yo, i'm a star he just a rookie leave rap alone and keep making fortune cookies"
  • The Prayer (Sterling Remix) - Anthony Callea
    "I pray you'll be our eyes and watch us where we go And help up to be wise in times where we don't know Let this be our prayer, when we lose our way Lead us to a place, guide us with your grace Give us"
  • Hero - Michael Kiwanuka
    "am I a hero am I a hero now? am I a hero am I a hero now? please don;t shoot me down i love you like a brother is it on teh news i quess ytjey are killed another am I a hero am I a hero now? to die"
  • Hero - ATB
    "Everybody wants to be the hero Everybody else to see them drown Sometimes when the world seems sad and grey I just wanna pull these curtains down You're my hero You're my hero I will not forget you"
  • Hero - Steps
    "Oh yeah, yeah, yeah, I'd do anything to be your hero. Maybe I'm never gonna change the world, Or split the atom in two, I know one man can't save the universe, But girl if I could I'd do it for you. I'd"
  • Hero - Planetshakers
    "Know me like I do I know I'm nothing without You I need Your spirit in my heart Show me ways I'll never depart Now all I need to say is how much I need You You're all I long to see My friend who gave"
  • Hero - Ashe Watson
    "Baby I see you crying again and I know it ain't your fault You got that look in your eyes like you wanna talk Tell me what he's don't too you damn I can't believe it's true How could he hurt someone like"
  • Hero - Nena
    "Hero You might be a hero You might be a star You might be a hero We don't know it so far You might be a hero You might be a star You might be so beautiful We don't know it so far Please, don't come knock"
  • Hero - Lil' Sammie
    "Many people have their own Definition for a hero Mine just happen to be The ones that brought me Into this world So this song is dedicated to you Dear Mom Gave to me life, heard my cries Curiously looked"
  • Hero - Warrior Soul
    "hey, hey boys wont you hold the line wewe been down here a long, long time big wheels turning and I dont know why I stand here to defy hey, hey boys bravery on my mind my heads been splittin from this"
  • Hero - Jupiter Rising
    "Feels like I'm dead to myself Don't believe in me no more I have broken my heart again It is my destiny I swear to give up as well And float along until this river ends So who's gonna save the world"
  • Hero - Dance Dance Revolution
    "In the middle of the night my hero comes to rescue. He's so fine, I'm gonna make him mine. He's sincere, I know his heart is beating just for me, only for me. But at the break of dawn he is gone. The"
  • Hero - Crystal Kay
    "Kimi ga iru in my heart sore dakede mou Tsuyoku nareru no you are my hero Sono itoshii kao mirareru no nara Will always be there for you tonde yuku Yes, I'll be your hero Ii koto bakari ja nai yo... nante you"
  • Hero - Van Canto
    "Cold sweat dreaming Am I awake? I feel drained With fevered screaming My thoughts, they break I am pained Lights are flickering down the wall And my eyes, they burn An angel's voice then starts to talk Hypnotized,"
  • Hero - Darin Zanyar
    "There's a hero If you look inside your heart You don't have to be afraid Of what you are There's an answer If you reach into your soul And the sorrow that you know Will melt away And then a hero comes"
  • Hero - Mariah Carey
    "mmmmm HERO There's a hero, If you look inside your heart, You don't have to be afraid Of what you are. There's an answer, If you reach into your soul, And the sorrow that you know Will melt away"
  • Hero - Chemia
    "tomorrow, i won't let you down so come over, and hold me tight tomorrow, if you can wait tomorrow i can lie, like i can be right cause right now, i'm the one to fight tomorrow, if you can wait tomorrow before"

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