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hey mister deejay

  • Hey Mister - Great White
    "(Jack Russell, Michael Lardie) Lookin' back there's nothin' left to say Wishin' that this life would slowly fade away Dreams behind these eyes, no one could know, oh oh But wake to find there's nowhere"
  • Hey Mister - Henry Ate
    "Hey mister in that skirt could you be giving me directions I'm trying to find a place where I would be guaranteed to lose my mind By the looks of you, you've been there a few times And in the morning we"
  • Hey Mister! - The Rutles
    "When you woke up this morning did you feel all alone? Did you get a grip on yourself? Were you just flesh and bone? Did you long for the centerfold spread of some bimbo girl magazine to appear by your"
  • Hey Mister - Chad Brock
    "Hey Mister He sat down next to the window, By the TV at my bar He ordered Coke and whiskey, And put something in my jar An old black and white photograph, He hung onto all his life And his story broke"
  • Hey Mister - N.E.R.D.
    "it makes me think of bread buns and loaves, his bum, it's sexy! he got an ass that the other guys loathe, it's cheeks, it's sexy! move, it wants to move, but she's holding it, she's squeezing it, move,"
  • Hey Mister - N.E.R.D.
    "it makes me think of bread buns and loaves, his bum, it's sexy! he got an ass that the other guys loathe, it's cheeks, it's sexy! move, it wants to move, but she's holding it, she's squeezing it, move,"
  • Hey Mister - Custom
    "Hey, Mister... I really like your daughter, I'd like to eat her like ice cream maybe dip her in chocolate... Hey Mister on your way to work in your Volvo, suit, and tie We'll be crawling in your bed soon messing"
  • Hey Mister - Run Level Zero
    "I caught a glimpse of your skin In the swimming pool you swam in I caught a glimpse of your skin Hey mister, do you have a cigarette You got to run / you got to hide When I smile / you know you got to"
  • Hey Mister - The Jam
    "Because it's real you think it's a joke Because it's on your doorstep you have to have a poke At someone It's only a cliche because it's all true Time after time it happens through and through To a new"
  • Hey Mister Heartache - Kim Wilde
    "Written by Kim Wilde & Steve Byrd Darlin' don't you know I've had enough Wasting all my time Darlin' put it on the line Cos I heard you lying time and time again Ooh and I don't want to any more This is"
  • Hey Mister Dj - Backstreet Boys
    "Ah, Backstreet One time here we go (yes, yes one time, yes, yes) I could tell when I stepped in the room And I saw you standing there Caught in a vibe by the way that you moved I couldn't help the way"
  • Hey mister, that's me upon - James Taylor
    "Hey mister, that's me up on the jukebox I'm the one that's singing this sad song Well, I'll cry everytime that you slip in one more dime And let the boy sing the sad one, one more time Southern California"
  • Hey There, Mister Lonely Heart - John Denver
    "Hey there, Mr. lonely heart, if you could find the time, I would like to sit and talk, to see if we could find the answer to the mystery of love's most precious seed. Is it in a touch or in a kiss or simply"
  • Mister Stormalong - Nieznani
    "Ref.: Nie żyje stary Stormy już; - Way-hey! Mister Stormalong. Nie żyje stary Stormy już. - Hey! Mister Stormalong. Najlepszym z wszystkich szyprów był, Lecz teraz śmierci cień go skrył. Urodził się gdzieś"
  • Mister Rabbit - Banco Del Mutuo Soccorso
    "Rabbit, mister rabbit, rabbit cosa fai. Rabbit , mister rabbit, rabbit vedrai, vedrai. Attento al mattino, ha l'oro in bocca, in bocca di chi? Del sole? Della rugiada? Del sole che non c', dei pescecani"
  • Mister Feeling - Masterboy
    "Chorus: Mister Feeling dance the night away Mister Feeling on a holiday All we need is to get this feeling Easy living sunshine everyday Let the feeling never go away You can call it Mister Feeling... Ooh...Mister"
  • Mister Teardrop - Marty Robbins
    "Hey there, mister teardrop Why do you keep falling Can't you see you only give me away Hey there, mister teardrop Why do you keep falling Will it always, always be this way I tell my friends I'm glad"
  • Mister Psycho - Space
    "All these people are laughing at him And although he tries it's getting to him And if he sees just-a one more grin he won't be held responsible The city's closing in on him And everywhere's getting smaller"
  • Mister Bush - Die Bandbreite
    "Im Jahre 2001 am 11. September, Flogen zwei Flugzeuge in das World Trade Center, Verheerender Flug islamistischer Terroristen, Die mit ner dritten Maschine ein Loch ins Pentagon rissen. Tausende Zivilisten"
  • Mister Superstar - Marilyn Manson
    "Hey. Mr. Superstar: "I'll do anyhting for you" "I'm your number one fan" hey mr. porno star, I, I, I, I want you hey mr. sickly star, I want to get sick from you hey mr. fallen star, don't you know I worship"

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