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hey muchacha dance with me


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hey muchacha dance with me

  • Muchacha - Steriogram
    "Oh you're so well kept and you're dressed to impress You know its working on me cause its you that i need I'm not the best looking guy standing in the crowd Not that well endowed but its time for us to"
  • Muchacha magnetica - Babasonicos
    "Si pudiese entrar en tu cuarto nenaSin que despiertes y en sombrasSoplara entre tus sabanasTorrentes de penas,Ondulan, destellanInvitarte a ser mi noche eterna,A fantasear con tu imaginación,Rescatarte"
  • Dance with me - Destiny's Child
    "Oooooh-oooh.... oh-oh-oh-ohhh, oh yeah Oh-ohhhhh... oh-ooh, oh-ooh Dance with me, you watching me I know you wanting me, baby dance with me I want you dancing with me Baby come and dance with me I see"
  • Dance With Me - Jump5
    "C'mon c'mon c'mon hey hey C'mon and dance with me hey hey hey I tell you something you gotta know it's true From the first moment I laid eyes on you Saw something special Saw something I need Something"
  • Dance With Me - Jump 5
    "Come on, come on, come on, hey hey come on and dance, hey, hey, hey I'll tell ya something you gotta know is true Saw something special, saw something i need something so perfect its hard to believe some"
  • Dance with me - Snoop Dogg
    "Chorus 1: Get up and...ohhh....party, yeah Dance with me, dance with me, dance with me Groovy baby, sing a song, get up and, and party, ooh, come on girl Dance with me, dance with me, dance with"
  • Dance With Me - George
    "I saw this girl and she was tight Hey, go and talk to her I said, Ha, alright So grabbed a hold of her Got up in those eyes I didn't know what to do Or what to say Caught up in those eyes Girl"
  • Hey - Jurassic 5
    "Scorpio...Cancer...Leo...Taurus...Sagitarius... Hey...hey, hey Now, if theres a party theres about to be Then let me start queing up the frequency Six members, fresh spinners, we make the fly ladies"
  • Hey - SupaRed
    "(Kiske) The sinner cries With all his breath The runner never gets to rest The widow fights her loneliness The doctor says he'll do his best The remedy will promise cure The millionaire still needs his"
  • Hey Hey - Hi-C
    "(feat. Big Steele) Hey hey, yeap We make 'em say hey hey Hey hey Hey hey, yeah See you light-skinnded women be tryin to act pretty Bitch hit me off with some ol' high saditty All I'm checkin fo' is"
  • Dance With Me Henry - Georgia Gibbs
    "Hey baby, what do I have to do to make a hit with you? You gotta dance with me Henry (All right baby) Dance with me Henry (Don't mean maybe) Rock with me Henry (Any old time) Talk to me Henry (Don't change"
  • Come Dance With Me - Diana Krall
    "Hey there cutes, put on your dancin' boots And come dance with me Come dance with me, what an evenin' for some Terpsichore Pretty face, I know a swingin' place Come on, dance with me Romance with me"
  • Come dance with me - Barry Manilow
    "Hey there cutes, put on your dancin' boots and come dance with me,Come dance with me, what an evening for some terpsichore.Pretty face, I know a swingin' place, come on dance with me,Romance with me on"
  • Dance - Giuffria
    "Hey Mac, pour me a jack, it's been a long, long day. Lady Luck dealt me some bucks. I'm gonna drink the night away. Say bye bye, no more nine to five, I did my time. So turn me loose, I got the juice. I'm"
  • Dance - Fatman Scoop
    "Come on and dance! (ohh, ohh) Yeah...come on... Come on and dance! (ohh, ohh) Fatman Scoop, Lumidee let's go now! Ohh I wanna dance with somebody (let's go, let's go!) I wanna feel the heat with somebody"
  • Dance - Chris Rea
    "Sometimes I think I go insane So what's a boy supposed to do Working just to pay my way But baby when the day is through Just wanna have a good time Hey! I've got my shoe, shoes shined I'm gonna dance,"
  • Dance With Me (Barnyard Remix) - Jump5
    "Come on, Come on, Come on Come on and dance with me. Come on, Come on, Come on Come on and dance with me, Hey, Hey, Hey! Come on, Come on, Come on Hey, Hey! Come on and dance with me. Hey, Hey, Hey! I"
  • Dance - Shaznay Lewis
    "Owww... Hey, won't you come and show me what you got? Hey, think you can keep up with me all night? I said hey this booty wants to get on down with you Hey, something tells me that you dig the way"
  • Dance With Somebody - Conor Maynard
    "Conversations in the dead of the night I can feel them slip away You said it's over and you're probably right But the truth is hard to face My friends are trying to get me out But the pain of the heartbreak"
  • Dance With Us - Brandy
    "One-two, one-two (one-two, one-two) Ladies and gentlemen (ladies and gentlemen) Children of all ages (children of all ages, ha ha) The party has now begun (come on, come on now) I like this right here"

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