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hey presto

  • Hey Presto - Black
    "If I was to say to you that I don't care about anybody That I don't care about houses or money Would you, could you Tell me this is what your life is for? Tell me this is what your body's for? Hey presto Hey"
  • Presto - Ludwig Van Beethoven
    "O Freunde, nicht diese Tne! Sondern lasst uns angenehmere anstimmen Und freudenvollere! Freude schner Gtterfunken, Tochter aus Elysium, Wir betreten feuertrunken, Himmlische, dein Heiligtum! |: Deine"
  • Presto - Rush
    "If I could wave my magic wand... I am made from the dust of the stars And the oceans flow in my veins Here I hide in the heart of the city Like a stranger coming out of the rain The evening plane rises"
  • Illico presto - Mc Solaar
    "Ich sitze auf einem Stein im Wald bei Fontainebleau Meditiere so vor mich hin bei leisem Wasserrauschen "Solaar ist ein Leader, ein Flipper, keine Kugel Vom bengalischen Feuer zum Cap Canaveral" Was ist"
  • Presto io e te - Umberto Tozzi
    "Da dove mi telefoni non muoverti da lHo mani che mi tremano polmoni che respiranoAh...sei ritornata dolce malattia di un anno faE dicono che al mondo amore pi non cPerch non hanno visto meMa presto io"
  • Qui Fa Presto Sera - Negrita
    "Qui fa presto sera sera per niente speciale messo da parte il sudore zero alibi su cui contare Si spenge il tabacchi ...e questo e' il segnale Televisione, bar e domani e di nuovo arriva solo il giornale Le"
  • Duettino - Aprite Presto Aprite - Mozart
    "SCENA IV Susanna e Cherubino N. 15. Duettino SUSANNA (uscendo dall'alcova in fretta; alla porta del gabinetto) Aprite, presto, aprite; aprite, la Susanna. Sortite, via sortite, andate via di qua. CHERUBINO Oim,"
  • Duettino - Aprite Presto Aprite - Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
    "SCENA IV Susanna e Cherubino N. 15. Duettino SUSANNA (uscendo dall'alcova in fretta; alla porta del gabinetto) Aprite, presto, aprite; aprite, la Susanna. Sortite, via sortite, andate via di qua. CHERUBINO Oim,"
  • Hey, hey, hey - Elvis Presley
    "All right girls, I'll show you what to doThis boat will sparkle like a diamond when we get throughBy the numbers there ain't much timeWe're gonna start an assembly lineHey! Hey! Hey! Hey!Hey! Hey! Hey!"
  • Hey - Chalk Farm
    "Hey, hey, hey Hey, hey, hey, yeah I shot a man the other day The morning sun, it shined on me anyway I took a breath and walked away But I lost more than he could save If I was strong it would be wrong But"
  • Hey, Hey, Hey - Waterdeep
    "I been plumbing the depths with a plumber friend of mine. We been takin' the time to break the bread and drink the wine. I been gathering wisdom I can give away. I been gettin' ready for the final day."
  • Hey Hey Hey - Ryan Shupe & The RubberBand
    "I want to know what makes your tock tick I want to know what makes your clock click All them gears going round and round inside your head don't make a sound I want to know what makes your boat row What"
  • Hey - The Stranglers
    "Hey! (hey, hey, what do you say?) Get out of their way (hey, hey, what do you say?) Hey! (hey, hey, what do you say?) Of get way their out (hey, hey, what do you say?) They're gonna want a union soon"
  • Hey hey hey - Carola
    "When I picked up the paperI saw her smiling at meI thought I might aswell rape herBut no, that wasn't like meGotta give it awayShe shocked me, thrilled me all overShe gave me chill down the spineMy heart"
  • Hey - Roy Orbison
    "Ah... hey, ah... hey Hey, do you know that your eyes have a glow That i know will melt your heart away? Hey, do you know you got lips soft and warm And in your arms i wanna stay I am yours come what"
  • Hey - Die Flippers
    "Hey Jamaica Mama hey Jamaica Mama Ha ba ba ba ba la ba. Grne Insel am blauen Meer eine Htte aus Stroh da ist Big Mama zu Hause jeder nennt sie hier so. Sie hat alles was man so braucht Rum und auch einen"
  • Hey! - Genesis
    "I'll tell you the story Of how my life ran Well, at first it was easy But it finished so hard Hey! You started me going Hey! I was so happy Hey! You started a going inside me I need your love right now Promises"
  • Hey Hey Hey - Katy Perry
    "a big beautiful brain with pretty face a bad doll with a briefcase a hot little hurricane cause I’m feminine and soft but I’m still a boss red lipstick but still so raw marlin Monroe in a monster truck cause"
  • Hey Hey Hey - Baal
    "Artist Name: Baal Album Name: Song Name: Hey Hey Hey you're burning candles to pay your respect you're sending chain mails with a best wish attached you're dreaming democracy's great pure perfection you"
  • Hey - Lucilectric
    "Du starrst ihn an, du gehst ihm nach Und deinen Freunden auf den Geist. Rennst vor ihm weg und schreibst ihm Briefe, Die du sowieso zerreist. Ein Blick, schon wirst du rot, Dabei hat er nur durch dich"

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