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heya heya maybe we')

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heya heya maybe we')

  • Heya - Outkast
    "1, 2, 3, uh! My baby don't mess around me 'Cause she loves me so And this I know fo sho (Uh!) But does she really wanna 'Cause she can't stand to see me walk out the do' Don't try to fight"
  • Down Heya - Youngbloodz
    "Hook And thats how we keep it crunk, from the club to the streets To the two door capri, crunk out with the beat We shakin' hoes off, cut em' up like a slab Then hit the studio and take it back to the"
  • Hajimari No Heya - Aqua Timez
    "Hibi wo tada sugi saru mono to suru ka Imi no aru mono to suru ka no hanashi Genjitsu ga genjitsu toshite koko ni aru ijou Sentakushi wa futatsu Namida ga ochiru sokudo wa kyou mo kawarazu Kawaita ore"
  • Mama heya - Yarabi
    "Totul pare ametitor, Am creeat un alt decor Ritmul este impunator Am nevoie de sonor Hai sus alearga cu noi Nu sta vibreaza cu noi Incet viseaza cu noi Instant venim peste voi Heya, mama heya (4x) Heya"
  • Heya mama - DJ Bobo
    "Heya mama ma heyamaHeya mama ma heyamaHeya mama ma heyamaI've got the music in meI've got the music in me, deep in meAnd I'll never feel aloneI've got the music in me, deep in meLet it goin' on and onOn"
  • Heya Comanchero - Banaroo
    "I am a river waiting for my true love to come here under the moonlight and my heart , my heart is a drum But my tears won't find their way as they rise - they ride with the wind i promised i would stay"
  • Kuukyo na Heya - Mucc
    "kurai heya komoriuta utatte ageru saa oyasumi nomihoshite nemurigusuri saa yume no naka e netta iya fukatsume no yubi de saguru naranai denwa dare kara mo hitsuyou to sarete inai sakkaku ni ochiiru itsumade"
  • Kono dare mo inai heya de - Gackt
    "Yasuragi ni sasowareteFurikaeru to istumo kimi ga seba ni itaKimi wa tada...hanikandeBoku no yubisaki ni fureruHajimari wa itsumo totsuzen deMachikada de boku wa kimi ni koi o shitaKimi wa tada...hohoendeFushigi"
  • Kono Dare Mo Inai Heya De(In This Empty Room) - Gackt
    "==Romaji== Yasuragi ni sasowarete Furi kaeru to itsumo kimi ga soba ni ita Kimi wa tada... hanikande Boku no yubisaki ni fureru Hajimari wa itsumo totsuzen de Machikado de boku wa kimi ni koi wo shite Kimi"
  • Maybe - The Flying Tigers
    "Well I drop my head again I try not to sink in This world I made from you For you And I dream you're standing here And everything's so clear Yeah we're all the same Then I wake up screaming You wore"
  • Maybe - Cheezburger Mafia
    "We wrote this song and figured what the hell. Maybe one day it'll be on TRL. Maybe we'll be on top with Britney Spears Or maybe with all those fucking boy band queers. And maybe we'll perform this live"
  • Maybe - Opshop
    "So what's this big secret you can't tell me I don't wanna piece of this Haven't we all had enough Enough for one day I don't wanna argue with you You've got me shiverin' in my spine (Chorus) If everything"
  • Maybe - Enrique Iglesias
    "If I ?? I go back to the moment I kissed Do you goodbye no matter how hard I tried I can't live without you in my life Maybe you say you still want me Maybe you say that you don't Maybe we say it was"
  • Maybe - Will Smith
    "(Tra-Knox) Alright fellas let's do it (Will) Yo ma we got this thing right It's like makin' me think like It's like fillin' my heart up Not makin' me hazy Just fillin' my mind up with all of these"
  • Maybe - Dana Glover
    "Here I go climbing a mountain It's much too high for me And here I go crossing the ocean Losing myself, getting lost in the sea Where did I go wrong When did I stop singing a love song Maybe I was wrong Maybe"
  • Maybe - Stereophonics
    "Maybe one thing, Maybe something, Maybe nothing, All I know is friend, it's nothing new. Maybe it's me, What is to be, Maybe lucky, All, I ask is where we're supposed to be. I give a lot, I take a lot, It's"
  • Maybe - Kelly Family
    "Maybe we should cry,maybe we should smile.Maybe we should go away,find another place.Maybe we'll not die,maybe we'll survive.Maybe we should leave right now,before it is too late.We can only give you songsand"
  • Maybe - Emeli Sandé
    "When we first moved in together Couldn't keep hands off each other Now we're lying back to back And silence in the black We use to laugh until we cried You would look at me and smile Now we hardly say"
  • Maybe - BrainStorm
    "My body, My hand My heaven, My land My guardian angel is mine You say My dreams, My head My sex, My bed And it's my Corona with lime And then I say Maybe we could divide it in two Maybe my"
  • Maybe - RxBandits
    "go! maybe life would be so much better without these stupid racist ways and maybe we could get along better if we could understand that we're all strange i could have just said no before why can't i"

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