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hiding my heart

  • Hiding My Heart - Brandi Carlile
    "This is how the story went I met someone by accident That blew me away, that blew me away It was in the darkest of my days When you took my sorrow and you took my pain And buried them away, you buried"
  • Hiding my heart - Adele
    "This is how the story went I met someone by accident Who blew me away Blew me away And it was in the darkest of my days When he took my sorrow And he took my pain And buried them away Buried them away I"
  • Hiding Place - Jars Of Clay
    "Amidst the sorrows of the way Lord Jesus, teach my soul to pray Let me taste Thy special grace And run to Christ, my hiding place You know the vileness of my heart So prone to act the rebel's part And"
  • Hiding Place - Starfield
    "In the shadows, I can hear Your voice, Singing to me In the valley, I can hear Your heart, Reaching for me now And I wait flooded with your strength of Your peace You're my defender, the shield of my heart You"
  • Hiding place - Maria Solheim
    "Where is my hiding place if not in thy castlePain steams from my self minded heartForrest of words i'm lost in your darknessSilence are you an enemy or a friendReconsidering my constructionsI have built"
  • I'm Hiding - Korn
    "Maybe Im insane walking on a wire maybe Im the same Nothing can take me higher tell me where to start think I'm at the end Right now, feeling pain make it go away Maybe I'm to blame maybe I'm a Liar maybe"
  • Hiding Place - Serena Ryder
    "If your radio didn't work and your friends all ran away Would you let yourself fall in love, if only for one day? Are you one of the ones who decides first off, would you let me touch your face? If I decided"
  • Hiding Knives - Junius
    "Stepped outside and I walked to the edge Toes pointing down looking over the past again I'm frightened by my urge to descend Opened up my chest many times before To the knife of love to the best unborn I"
  • Hiding away - Jasmine Guy
    "The colours today have changedEver since Ive came to youAll there use to be was black and whiteIn my dreams are you there standing aroundLike its any other normal dayIn my heart are feelings for youHiding"
  • Hiding Inside The Horrible Weather - My American Heart
    "I watch the sky turn to paper mache like shades. that fold and tears so easily. and this white lie fever isn't phasing me. and this white lie fever isn't phasing me. why can't i seem to find. the light"
  • Hiding - Violet Indiana
    "If you need a sensual space Inside your world That you feel safe I'll meet you there Uh...i'm hiding It's safe in here Uh...i'm hiding Uh...i'm hiding I feel safe in here Why i'm here? It's dark it's cold I"
  • Hiding - Reef
    "Hiding from the faces that we know Riding to the places we have grown And I walk in the sun but my feet are damp And I speak with the folk like my fathers son And my feet they are worn but they're"
  • Hiding - Meiko
    "Running out of time I know I've got to find you Wonder if you're even there Taking me for granted I can barely stand it Wonder why I even care Oh No Baby you Can't you see I'm hiding in your arms Oh"
  • Hiding - Chief Keef
    "I got choppers, I got gwala I got partners, send you to the doctor I got guns, singing like opera And my partners, they got money We ain't for nu'uh Fuck ya momma, fuck ya poppa What the fuck you doing,"
  • Hiding - The Legendary Pink Dots
    "Simple expressions hide my ignorance. How can you tell how you feel, when the words just don't exist? The pain and the anguish, the slaughtered dreams, the harvest of ill-conceived, wretchedly-worded emotion."
  • Hiding slowly - Tangarine
    "This shadow is covering the light.by the black moon paved in my heart.What is the meaning of losing this fight?What is the meaning of driving it apart.I feel greater than the stars who shine tonight,but"
  • Heaven in Hiding - IMMINENCE
    "I see the wolf beneath the skin Darkness rising from within A secret heaven in hiding Can’t find the silver lining Counting hours, counting days I have nothing left to say These bleeding scars won’t congregate Is"
  • You Are My Hiding Place - Selah
    "You are my hiding place You always fill my heart With songs of deliverance Whenever I am afraid I will trust in You I will trust in You Let the weak say I am strong In the strength of the Lord You are"
  • Hiding In The Water - MaRina
    "what we are gonna do about us we just gonna stay coz you sow this but we’re leasing our way .. bullets fire like a gun tell me how we get so dangerous we’re going down I hold my breathe in in the water I"
  • Hiding From A Heartache - Peter Frampton
    "In the eyes of the world, I don't deserve ya But they don't know that there's thunder in the air Mutual attraction was never enough But now I know you can do without me I don't know if I'm over you Late"

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