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high kick

  • Kick Me When I'm High - SR-71
    "she clings to me like cellophane fake plastic submarine slowly driving me insane but now that's over so what if the sex is great just temporary escape another thing I grew to hate but now that's over why"
  • Kick me when i'm high - I Can
    "She Clings to Me Like Cellophane Fake Plastic Submarine Slowly Driving Me Insane But Now Thats Over So What If the Sex Is Great Just Temporary Escape Another Thing I Grew to Hate But Now Thats OverWhy"
  • Kick me when i'm high - Sum 41
    "She clings to me like cellophane Fake plastic submarine Slowly driving me insane But now that's over So what if the sex was great Just a temporary escape Another thing I grew to hate But now that's over"
  • High Kick (ft. Oliver Olson) - Filipek
    "ciuchy i hajs pokaż coś więcej a nie świecisz logiem moi ziomale to prawdziwe logo wskakuje w ogień nawet jak nie mogę Byłem taki sam Jak spałem u zioma na zimnej podłodze Szampany wylecą jak wtedy w uliczkach High"
  • Kick me - Vandals
    "Kick me, You know that I am a lazy piece of shit an animal on hand outs from an evil government I've always been a nobody, I'll never be a somebody, unless I kick some ass or get that drink with the umbrella"
  • Kick Me - SR-71
    "She clings to me like cellophane. Fake, plastic submarine. Slowly driving me insane, But now that's over. So what if the sex was great? Just a temporary escape. Another thing I grew to hate, But now"
  • Kick me - I Can
    "She Clings to Me Like Cellophane. Fake, Plastic Submarine. Slowly Driving Me Insane, But Now That's Over. So What If the Sex Was Great? Just a Temporary Escape. Another Thing I Grew to Hate, But Now That's"
  • Kick Back - Lexington Bridge
    "Baby let me be the first to mention That I'm glad to in my life Your the sunshine after the rain I wanna give you all of my attention I wanna give it to your need Be all that I can be 'Cause you are so"
  • Deep Kick - Red Hot Chili Peppers
    "It started when we were little kids Free spirits but already tormented By our own hands given to us by our parents We got together and wrote on desks And slept in laundry rooms near snowy mountains And"
  • Kick It Out - Heart
    "Out of the street- get on home tail shaking filly running on her own they say she got loose on the night she was born cranking it up in a school zone 'kick it out- kick it out!' she said 'kick out your"
  • Kick The Stones - Chris Whitley
    "Everything is silent Night upon the rocks I'm over by the roadhouse With them rusted engine blocks A ghost town with a gold mine A pick axe in my head I'm beggin', mama, please move over Kick them stones"
  • Kick The Chair - Megadeth
    "Dawn breaks evenly today On the truth and the lie All rise, court's in session We'll hang someone high Justice means nothing today Now that the courts are for sale Pick a crime from the menu; pick a sentence"
  • Kick My Ass - Rehab
    "High on coaine drunk drivin' in the rain Goin' north in the southbound lane Railroad crossing I out run the train Holdin' pain golden grain Danno Malone's the name In my chest gotta flame a collage of"
  • Kick That Habit - Steel Pulse
    "We know the system Is one big jive We've got to fight to stay alive Brother man is hooked on drugs Sisters hooked on selling love The good God knows how they survive We're living in a bubble Full of troubles Dope"
  • Can U Kick It - Starsplash
    "Ay-i-ay-i-ay-i-ay-i-yo Kick it high, Kick it low (X6) Over time to the two What you gonna do? Just Just kick it! Referee, penalty, What the world can't see, Just Just kick it! Ten seconds on the clock, And"
  • Teenagers, kick our butts - Dar Williams
    "When I grew up, well it felt great I watched how others took their fate Some felt afraid and undefended, so they got mean And they pretended what they knew made them belong more than you. I'm sure you"
  • Kick Against The Pricks - Nicotine
    "All about this story Of my complaints Everyday I found Something to carry on It seemed so fine but I felt so abnormal Cuz I wanted to have the Status in my class I gotta jump into the crowds And"
  • Can I Kick It? - A Tribe Called Quest
    "A Tribe Called Quest Anthology Can I Kick It? Can i kick it? (yes, you can!) *7x* Well, i'm gone (go on then!) Can i kick it? to all the people who can quest like a tribe does Before this, did you"
  • Can i kick it - A Tribe Called Quest
    "Can I kick it? (Yes, you can!) *7X* Well, I'm gone (Go on then!) Can I kick it? To all the people who can Quest like A Tribe does Before this, did you really know what live was? Comprehend to the track,"
  • Kick In The Teeth - Electric Soft Parade
    "There's a panic sweeping, and whether right or wrong it's high time we stopped believing and got our own gang going on So if you live in the city, be sure to find yourself some loving I'm told it's what"

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