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highest in the roonm

  • Highest - Hillsong United
    "Verse 1: Your love O Lord is like the oceans Deeper than endless seas Your faithfulness is like the mountains And Your Word never fails Chorus: Glory to God Let every heart sing Glory to God In the highest Verse"
  • In The Highest - Planetshakers
    "In Your outstretched arms I've found love unfailing Grace abounds to me Never let me go I'll trust in You forever You're my strength, my joy All of my hope is found in You All of my days belong to You Glory"
  • Highest high - The Brand New Heavies
    "Highest HighDeep insideLifts you up, sets you free like nothing else can.Highest High,Highest High,Takes you there, brings you back againBig dreams never sleep, noI made a promise to myself I've got to"
  • Highest Calling - Stan Bush
    "In Your Heat You're Burnin' With Desire There's a Yearin' Deep Inside Your Soul When You Reach For The Truth You Can Start The Fire Destiny Is Callin' You Stand Up And Take Control And When Your Dreams"
  • Highest power - G.G. Allin
    "Your god fucked me up the assJesus Christ sucked my fucking assYour bible is such a piece of trashI am the highest power, the leader of the packHail Mary is so full of shitVirgin Mary I'll rape that fucking"
  • Highest Beast - Barathrum
    "The highest plateau of human development is awareness of the flesh ! I know... I'm highest beast ! Evil, evil... Antichrist, Sathanas I was jetblack seed Antichrist, Sathanas My birth in the name of"
  • Highest praise - Vicki Yohe
    "We want to enter into the courts Of the Lord with singing We want to fill the halls of Heaven-with our song We've got to be sure that our best Is what we're bringing And that the heart is where all the"
  • Highest Bidder - Hank Snow
    "You put your heart upon an auction block and sold it Selfish greed and envy were the auctioneers The highest bidder won your heart but he can't hold it Love that's bought with gold can only end in tears The"
  • Highest Stakes - Bill Champlin
    "A warm welcome to the new arrivals You've been long overdue Excuse us for the way we've kept our world Now it's all up to you We need some kind of new revival To save much more than our souls No Bible's"
  • Highest Star - Amorphis
    "Under the vault of heavens I stood alone, waiting The blaze of silver shining in my eyes My hands of gleaming gold The red of iron in my veins The blue of steel in my bones The sparkle of blackness of"
  • The Highest High - China Crisis
    "China Crisis Flaunt The Imperfection The Highest High Where is my town the place i love Where i can stay for all time Don't knock it down or build it up This is my home for all time St. kevin taught me"
  • The Highest Tide - Athena
    "Open your eyes so I can see you die! Your last whisper, tell me your last desire! Don't pray for your life Look in my eyes my spite! I am the night I've discovered your hide You can run far from me but"
  • The highest price - Chinchilla
    "Feeling the darkness inside of my heartSeeing his red eyes are glowing so coldHe would give me the worldIf I always adore him and pay it with my soulBetting and sucking he killed me at allFeeling the fire"
  • The Highest Bidder - Hank Snow
    "Words & Music by Hank Snow, Mary Jean Shurtz, and Boudleaux Bryant Recorded by Hank Snow You put your heart upon an auction block and sold it, Selfish greed and envy were the auctioneers. The highest"
  • The Highest Gander - Bruno Coulais
    "Overland, above the dark seas Wild refugees flee the seasons Drifting beyond the night clouds In the wake of their guiding star There he goes the famous gander Eating fog, dancing with witches There he"
  • Glory in the highest - Chris Tomlin
    "You are the firstYou go beforeYou are the lastLord, You're the encoreYour name's in lights for all to seeThe starry host declare Your gloryGlory in the highestGlory in the highestGlory in the highestApart"
  • HIGHEST IN THE ROOM - Travis Scott
    "I got room, my fume she fill my mind up whit ideas I ‘m the highest in the room hope I make it out of here she saw my eyes she know I am gone I’ve seen some things that you might fear “I’M doing a show I"
  • Hosana In The Highest - Sorry About Dresden
    "Sun sets on distant lost regrets That hang over me, And I'm too blind to see All I've lost. There's a ghost That's watching over me. And I feel oh so cold, That a blanket doesn't work To numb"
  • Highest Trails Above - The Ramones
    "Sinking into the stars diving in for a swim Soaring like a superhero past the end of disneyland Through dragon mist above alpine peaks To the cloudy lace to the highest trails above I feel so safe I"
  • Highest Niggaz In The Industry - Luniz
    "(feat. E-40 & B-Legit) CHALL-ONGE! Uh, I challenge you B-Legit, an E-40, to Numskull an Yukmouth, lets see who get the highest. The highest niggaz in the industry, you high like me B-Legit? (it's"

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