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higvay to hell

  • Hell - The Tiger Lillies
    "Climbing up the heavenly stairs You know where you're going when you know where You're going to hell Yes, you're going to hell. You're going down a hundred eighty degrees, You can see when you can see You're"
  • Hell - Cagnet
    "What the hell? Everything is changing, Everyone's an asshole now. Why the hell? Is this life so crappy, I don't understand how. Who the hell? Gives a rat's ass, Apathy is the key. When the hell? Will"
  • Hell - Foo Fighters
    "This state I'm in A place I've never been I'm dying to meet you here Come break this skin I'll let you sink right in And show you everything See you in hell See you in hell We'll gather around the fire And"
  • Hell - Scream Maker
    "For days I’ve been waiting My eyes were following the sun Staring into the future Hoping that some day you’ll be mine Dreaming dreams of purest beauty Did not realize that it all Was not to come Was not"
  • Hell - Squirrel Nut Zippers
    "In the afterlife You could be headed for the serious strife Now you make the scene all day But tomorrow there'll be Hell to pay In the afterlife You could be headed for the serious strife Now you make"
  • Hell - Disturbed
    "Rrwoooaaaw! Ahh, Ahhh Burning now I bring you Hell! Ahh, Ahhh Oh, burning now I bring you Hell! Read me tonight, when the warnings said leave a shudder upon you Running from all that you feared in"
  • Hell - DoubleDrive
    "Tis the coming of the calm before the storm Is it in the nick of time are we already out of line I think its time we got ready. And did you crucify yourself show resistance or beg for some more I wanna"
  • Hell - Pharoahe Monch
    "f/ Canibus *modem dialing and connecting* F-f-f-f-f-f-f-f-f-follow for now For no formidable fights I've been formed to forget For Pharoahe fucks familiar foes first befo' fondlin female MC's fiercely Focus"
  • Hell - Canibus
    "F-f-f-f-f-f-f-f-f-follow for now For no formidable fights I've been formed to forget For pharoahe f**ks familiar foes first Befo' fondlin female mc's fiercely Focus upon the facts that facts can be fabricated"
  • Hell - Venom
    "All the hate in this world I adoreThousands of legionsWith black heart coreRiding high are my horsemen of fourNothings safe -No one cares -- that's a factHell - unholy kingdom ruled by warHell - pain and"
  • Hell - Elton John
    "(Elton John / Bernie Taupin) - Never released Take a look around, there ain't no angels here Just a big red moon all bloody and dirty Coughing like a factory in the atmosphere Take a happy face, stick"
  • Hell - Blind Melon
    "I have no fingertipsThey were burned away from too many stove tripsCan't find no fingernailsI ate them off cause I was hungry as hellCan't read, can't clear my mindSo here I go I've got to get into this"
  • To Hell - Aurora
    "... now my barbaric body becomes an easy prey to every wildanimal and every wind shall breath in the shadow of every numbness tree murmuring and whispering for his hideous sin julia went down down down"
  • To hell - Norther
    "Vanity is eating us awayAnd no one caresInsanity is made stayShine in the eyes but the soul wonders why...They're so alone,Searching for their soulsBut where to goTo find the answers?Nowhere we knowAwaiting"
  • Waitress Hell - Heavens To Betsy
    "Miss, I need another glass, this one is smudged And my lips are too precious for this We want the window table clear and set it for us It's not too busy for us Bring a million different things to my table"
  • Heaven And Hell - Heaven And Hell
    "Sing me a song, you're a singer Do me a wrong, you're a bringer of evil The devil is never a maker The less that you give, you're a taker So it's on and on and on, it's heaven and hell Oh well The lover"
  • Straight To Hell - Ozzy Osbourne
    "alright now come on, now! you’re lying higher than a kite tonight you touch the hit and now you feel alright you’re dance be death so we must celebrate I’ll make you cream I’ll make you defecate Straight"
  • Highway To Hell - Jazzkantine
    "Mama, mama, mama It ain't easy, living free Season ticket on a one-way ride Asking nothing, leave me be Taking everything in my stride Don't need reason, don't need rhyme Ain't nothing I would"
  • Highway To Hell - AC/DC
    "Living easy living free season ticket on a one way ride askin' nothing leave me be taking everything in my stride don't need reason don't need rhyme there ain't nothin' that I'd rather do going down party"
  • Hell To Pay - Grave Digger
    "Open the door With your lips kiss the floor Open your eyes You're in hell pay the price Open your mind Let me see your thoughts behind Open your mouth And let me know the truth The devil rises up Out"

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