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  • Hipster - Czarne Kwiaty (feat. Jarek Janiszewski)
    "Mówią mi "hipster" i nie wiem sam, Czy to dlatego, że grzywkę mam? Okulary i ciasne spodnie, Mój okręt nigdy nie płynie z prądem Styl mam tak świetny i tak własny, Że czasem aż nie mogę zasnąć. Czy lepsze"
  • Hipster - Dr Misio
    "Na placu Zbawiciela Zbawiciela w Warszawie Są takie fajne knajpy i ja też strasznie chciałbym być fajny Kupuję wszystkie ciuchy Tylko w second-handach I oczywiście tylko w Berlinie Gdzie nabywam też stare"
  • Hipster Boyfriend - Sicko
    "She's got a hipster boyfriend and he wears some black clunky shoes and he likes to smoke American Spirit cigarettes and he's got a gas station jacket that says his name is MOE and he hangs out at all the"
  • Sick Hipster Nursed By Suicide Girl - Film School
    "Down, always there by your side Down, always been there by your side Miles away and I see inside All the makeup can't hide what's inside It's doubtful you're alright She's always by your side Drowned,"
  • THE HIPSTERS - Deacon Blue
    "All, all those waves And that old sun Shining So drive Drive to the coast And let the water Surround you I was standing by the shore Pulled by the deepest blue Aching for the allure Of the hipster boys And"
  • Mirror Kissers - The Cribs
    "You aren't allowed to say that you're better You aren't allowed to say that cause you're the hipster type, the type (whoa oh) You've got a lot to say, but don't mention The mirror kissing ways of the hipster"
  • Stumble - R.E.M.
    "We'll stumble through the yard We'll stumble through the yard We'll stumble through the A-P-T We'll stumble through the yard Force fields. Explorer racing home, the ancient star. Yellow mixed with golden"
  • Who Sets The Rules - Sick Of It All
    "Fly by night scenester, Fly by night hipster One more newjack wants to set the rules Fly by night scenester, Fly by night hipster Never suffered, never paid the dues living contradiction, live a lie"
  • Cooler Than You - Planet Smashers
    "I get and nervous and I shy away When I see her dressed that way She must have problems meeting new people Can't talk to her without seeming lke a creep, oh She's so much cooler than you She's a hipster,"
  • Problem Child - The Damned
    "stealing cars, lost in bars treating hired T.V's like superstars i wanna come home at 3AM i love my records alright and I'm gonna play em (chorus) problem child, problem child, we think you live"
  • Problem Child - Damned
    "Stealin' cars lost in bars Treating hard-to-be's like superstars I wanna come home at 3AM I love my records Alright and I'm going to play 'em Problem child, problem child We think you live much too wild Problem"
  • (He's A) Shape In A Drape - Joe Jackson
    "There's a guy going round the town You got to check what he is puttin' down Just one look you know the story is great He's the guy the chicks love And the cats can't hate He's a shape in a drape"
  • Keep Your Hands Off My Girl - Good Charlotte
    "Let the record play, Let the record play, Let the record play. The way that you dance, The way that you move, The way that you stare at me across the room, You carry Dior bags, And you got your"
  • Problem Child - Henry Fiat's Open Sore
    "Stealin' cars, lost in bars Treating hard-to-be's like superstars I wanna come home at 3 AM I love my records Alright, I'm gonna play 'em Problem child, problem child We think you live much too"
  • Mr. Frosty Man - Sufjan Stevens
    "Common dinner ready! It’s time to party, Mr. Frosty Man! Let’s go! It’s time to tango with the frisky, frosty Frosty Man he’s got a temperature of negative degrees again. He likes ice cream and Yo La"
  • Hot16Challenge (prod. Ślimak) - Nullizmatyk (Trzeci Wymiar)
    "Odmienny stan świadomości mam Odmienny stan świadomości mam Chcesz się schować w cień Dostaniesz zaćmienie słońca Będziesz szostał łeb .. Luźny ze mnie kozak To nie Champs-Élysées Gdzie z tym loksem na"
  • Dirty Little Rockstar - The Cult
    "So you be a Dirty Little Rockstar Blood stained sleeve your Slimane Dior You live a lie sold your soul for the paper You be a slave be a media whore Snake skin heal and a cold black coal Shootin saphires"
  • The Contender - Royal Crown Revue
    "The lights are spinnin' I gotta get myself up off the floor My head is ringin' Bet they think I can't take too much more The crowd is howlin' Like the ocean's pounding roar My legs are goin' out Someone"
  • It's A Mad Mad Mad Mad Mad Mad Mad Mad Lib - Atom And His Package
    "this guy jeb is from outer space. he showed me a smelly peacock and he peeled off his face. so i confronted him, before he could hide. he looked nervous and asked "atom, wanna go on a space ride?" the"
  • The next faux mowheekon - Guttermouth
    "Now that alterna-rocks officially deadand all the white kids dress just like emenemi member michael on his victory tourback then he was black but now im not... surePunk rock was coolyea i remember it thenbut"

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