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hity ma%C5%82ego kosmity-lugi bugi

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hity ma%C5%82ego kosmity-lugi bugi
  • Brudne Dzieci Sida Hity z satelity
    "W uszach stereo a w oczach kolor uszy mi więdną oczy mnie bolą w każdej rozgłośni lista przebojów już mi się głośnik zatkał od gnoju hity z satelity hity z cipy Tysiąc kawałków i milion ujęć przecież"
  • TEDE Hity na czasie
    "Moja w tym głowa ,zakładam kaptur robie rap tu składam słowa do taktu to słowa ,tylko słowa zobacz prawo ma prawo mi się nie podobaĆ. Jedziemy w BMW ja i Buch dzielimy PLN-y na dwóch siedzimy tak bez słów"
  • Out Of Your Mouth Bug
    "Come with me To a place inside the light I don't wanna be a moth in a beautiful frame Gasoline dreams burning in the flames Nothing can defeat me a creature isn't beaten As long as I am feeling the pain I"
  • Vic Chesnutt Bug
    ""Michelle loves Willie""Our little Sarah""Daughters of the American Revolution""Stryper loves Jesus" and I love a girlAgainst my better judgment 'Cause I feel like a squirrelMy roommates got married and"
  • Phish Bug
    "Thereve been times when I wanderAnd times when I dontConcepts Ill ponderAnd concepts I wont ever seeGod isnt one of theseFormer or latterWhich did you think I meantIt doesnt matter to meBug, It doesnt"
  • Alex G Bug
    "he doesn’t know me no pain for my gain callin my cellphone no time for that shame a yes man you know i love you back kid but i skid i never knew ya a yes man you know i got your back kid but i fib im flyin"
  • Feeder Bug
    "Mother Earth can you feed us now feed me now feed me now Mother Earth can you see us now hold me down hold me down Revolution revolution revolution revolution Mother Earth can you feed us now burst the"
  • Teoman Bug
    "Bugn szckler kusuyorum Cmleler kuramazken dn Denize dktm kandimi Ucuza gitmeyeyim diye Bugn syrldm rollerimden mutluyum nk artk yokum bugn Boulurdum her saanakta Yzmeyi renmiim sanki bugn Bir tuzaa"
  • Sharko Bug
    "Hello, hello everyone I'm walking in the sun I'm full of shit but I know how to split The route from the wrong Good evening Palo Where do you come from? It's nice to see you have tons in your eyes... Can"
  • Hande Yener Bug
    "Sen aka a Sanki herkes tok yannda Var ikyet yok ikyet Zor aslnda z aklnda Bugn sevgililer gn Arayacak kimse yok Yalnz uyu yatanda Altn nasl olsa Bugn sevgililer gn Arayacak kimse yok Aransam da ne fark"
  • Kristin Hersh Bug
    "C'mon play the goddamn musicI know we fell apart a while agoAnd, no, not everyone's all rightWalking bare-assed down the hallwayIs hard enough at nightAnd you, don't you wanna do nothingAnd hey, didn't"
  • Mandy Moore Bug
    "what would happen if i flew to San Francisco wouldn't make much sense from the outside looking in coming around again all the answers far too many questions all the thing we said never really put to bed coming"
  • Fu Manchu Lug
    "this rooster tail aint layin' no eggs I aint got enough to fill it with unless not quite as high as an elephants eye Dust city alright Ranchero 7.... 5 How High? Like a thrillride (x 2) three in the"
  • Ivete Sangalo Bug bug bye bye
    "Nao quero mais esse amorNo peito uma dor machuca no pra de doer um tormento esse amor, traz prantoNo sou santo, prefiro no sofrerNo quero mais esse amorNo peito uma dor machuca no pra de doer um tormento"
  • Grip Inc. Bug Juice
    "THEME SONG Bug Juice, it doesn't come in a jar. Bug Juice comes from who you are. It has the flavor of what you can become, Freedom, reachin' out on your own, Yeah, freedom lightin' up the unknown."
  • The Cramps Badass Bug
    "ow!....i got the bug! i got the bug, i got the bug i got the great big badass bug i got the bug, mop, got the bug i got the great big badass bug i was hangin' around, mindin' my own watch the girls dance"
  • The Fall Bug Day
    "First off you've got ze answer (Misereen) all its skin Bug day Bug day Midges - midges hovered over the heather 3 moths shivered Green moths shivered Cockroaches moldered in the ground Tonguehorns"
  • Agents Of Oblivion Lady Bug
    "Agents Of Oblivion Miscellaneous Lady Bug lady bug, lady bug, lady bug kisses the bones pushing thru everybody here seems to be in their head but me twitching, twistin beyond alone spiritless"
  • The Presidents of the United States of America Bug City
    "well i happened to find me a buggy coming out from under a rock in the grass yeah he got his bug luggage no time to talk he's walkin' fast yeah said he's heading for a log where the lady bugs are plentiful he"
  • Fall Bug day
    "First offyou've got ze answer all its skin Bug dayBug day Midges - midges hovered over the heather3 moths shiveredGreen moths shiveredCockroaches moldered in the groundTonguehorns belched fire So, fleed"

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