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hold back the river james bay

  • Hold Back The River - James Bay
    "Tried to keep you close to me, But life got in between Tried to square not being there But think that I should have been Hold Back The River, let me look in your eyes Hold Back The River so I Can stop"
  • James - O.A.R.
    "You said, "Young man, don't rely on a sword, Cause your words will outlive even time." I've counted my blessings. The rest are for you. Please listen close for a while, And breathe, breathe, deep for me"
  • Hold Back The River - Wet Wet Wet
    "Stop your pretending Listen to what I've got to say How your head's went away Only here for a day And that grave I just made Is for me when I get paid Won't you wait a while Move to the blue Sometimes"
  • James River - Lefty Frizzel
    "James River is long and it's narrow it's rocky and wide and deep The women are dark eyed beauties and the men don't ever sleep A dark eyed bundle of a woman stands waving on the bank I see The dangers"
  • James River - Cracker
    "You come across the James River For a needle and a spoon Would you come across the James River To be my woman again To be my woman again You come across the old lee bridge For a dollar fifty in change Would"
  • Back Bay - Lobo
    "(Kent LaVoie) Out of work I took a job as a Hand on a boat In a town called Matlache On my first day off I was Sitting drinking beer At a bar called the dock of the bay When in walked a woman That every"
  • James - Josh Rouse
    "He decided he'd be better off alone So he left his wife and child and went solo It is summertime, Atlanta's hot as hell He thinks back to what he had, and where he's now James can't stop hangin' out in"
  • James River Blues - Old Crow Medicine Show
    "James River Blues, I just heard the awful news I could steer around the rocks But theyre bustin down the docks James river blues That train came on through And the worlds gotten slow So wheres a"
  • Tortuga Bay - Running Wild
    "[1. Verse] Man or boy - we'll fight all as one Bending the rules - it's the call of the wild Last resort - to be shot down in pains Playing your very last card Hoist up the mainbrace and fasten the"
  • James' blue - Owen Temple
    "James washed dishes at a barbecue place Fifth Street downtown Hed get his pay and go next door to drink his money down And I was just getting started playing guitar when I met him there Id finish a song"
  • Oliver James - Fleet Foxes
    "On the way to your brother's house in the valley, dear, By the river bridge a cradle floating beside me. In the whitest water on the banks against the stone You will lift his body from the shore and"
  • Jesse James - Scarface
    "Snuck up behind him, had his hands in his pocket Too my pistol out, unlocked it Pulled the hammer back and - cocked it And left his shit all on the carpet I seen a (murder, murder) I pin-pointed my target I'm"
  • A Bay Bay - Hurricane Chris
    "Ay Bay Bay(Ay) (X3) Ay Bay Bay(Ay) (X3) Ay Bay Bay(Ay) (X3) Ay Bay Bay(Ay) (X3) (Chorus:) You Wanna Know Wat We Say In Da Club (Ay Bay Bay) Whites Folks Gangsta And them Thugz (Ay Bay Bay) Stuntin wit"
  • Ay Bay Bay - Lil Boosie
    "Hurricane Chris Ay Bay Bay Ay Bay Bay(Ay) (X3) Ay Bay Bay(Ay) (X3) Ay Bay Bay(Ay) (X3) Ay Bay Bay(Ay) (X3) (Chorus:) You Wanna Know Wat We Say In Da Club (Ay Bay Bay) Whites Folks Gangsta in"
  • Don't Hold Back - Tatiana Okupnik
    "Don't hold back You got to find your way Don't hold back You got to find your way Don't let them bring you down Don't let them steal your dream You've got the right to be exactly Who you really"
  • The Bay - Nelly
    "I was out in the (bay bay bay bay bay) Met some niggas from the (bay bay bay bay bay) Met some girls from the (bay bay bay bay bay) Lot of f**kers in the (bay bay bay bay bay) And they all go (dum dum"
  • Hold It All At Bay - Girlyman
    "When we arrive you still won't be there You'll sleep through the drive and storm up the stairs The sea breeze, it frees me But you are like a gale wind, mad and unaware You'll drive by and away, you're"
  • Hold back - The Rolling Stones
    "Hear the voice of experience A word from the wise Grab opportunity While you're alive 'Cos if you follow the crowd 'Cos if you act like a coward You'll end up yelling out loud Hold back You'll regret it"
  • Like jesse james - John Lee Hooker
    "Im bad, Im Bad Like Jesse James, aha I had a friend one time, Least I thought I did He came to me, Said: Johnny I said: what man?, Im out of door I said: yes?, I took the cat in Gave him a place to stay,"
  • Hold Back - Kim Wilde
    "Written by ricky & marty wilde Now when we started - no interventions I wanted everything with no conditions You took my love and told it to the world But now it really changes things The ring you wear"

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