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hold me now its over now

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hold me now its over now

  • Its Over Now - Bad Examples
    "Id like to remember you the way you look this very moment But now were past it and Im memorizing that you were in it Someone has to make the move to say good-bye so say good-bye Its over now, its over"
  • Its Over Now - Cause And Effect
    "Cause And Effect Miscellaneous Its Over Now it's over now ------------- i guess it's over now. i think we've seen the end. when our common dream. faltered in the between. though i've tried so hard to"
  • Its Over Now - 112
    "What is this numbers in your pocket? I remember when you used to throw those things away why do u want to keep in touch now who gave you a reason to act so shady baby you know you can call me anytime anything"
  • Over Now - Makeshift Romeo
    "I sit around and think About how things were I'm looking for a cure for This empty space in my heart I spend too much time Thinking about the past And why it didn't last, And it tears me apart Yesterday I"
  • Now - Negativland
    "Guns, guns, guns! Guns, guns, guns! Looks like fun, doesn't it? Well, rocking and rolling on full auto is a lot of fun. "we felt the women had been ignored" "I, I like the, the feeling of, of the machine"
  • Hold Me Now - The Adventures
    "Running scared, and out of my mind No place is home On these streets I reach for the sky With a gun in my hand And the world in my sights I face every day But still you turn to look at me and say Hold"
  • Hold Me Now - Kirk Franklin
    "The spring of April is gone The leaves have all turned brown The children are all grown up And there's no one around I'm looking over my life and all the mistakes I made And I'm afraid Afraid Somebody"
  • Hold Me Now - God's Property From Kirk Franklin's Nu Nation
    "The spring of April's gone the leaves have all turned brown. The children are all grown up and there is no one around. I'm looking over my life and all of the mistakes i've made. And im afraid, afriad. (but"
  • Its Over - White Lion
    "Theres a little note beside this empty bed I hear the back door slam Rn baby youre on your way You know I cried a thousand times before you left You say that this is it But baby cant you wait You take"
  • Now - System Syn
    "these days hold all the glory that youll ever know you pray for change for your whole life and let the beauty of the moment go you hope to have a face one day but have no means to form expression and when"
  • Now Its Now Again - Joe Ely
    "Remember when we used to be here now Livin' in the moment for days and days and nights and days on end You found me in the distance but who can tell where yesterday begins And Now(and now and now and now"
  • Its Over Now (True Love) - Karmic Passage
    "I had thought we were fine these things inside just hers and mine but something I said Just went wrong (And...) Its Over Now I just gave up my One true love My feelings just cant compare to those"
  • Now Its Dark - Anthrax
    "Anthrax Miscellaneous Now Its Dark In dreams I can rule your life, with me nothing's ever right. Sing for me up on a stage, keep your mind trapped in a cage. I'm your man I'm what you need, dance with"
  • Now Its On - Werd N Deeko
    "Uh it's Werd Scottish Hip hop now it's on Wicked wicked now it's on The UK rap game am not init But when am back home flow every minute Are you OK cause I'm sick with the lyric So don't play cause"
  • All over now - Grateful Dead
    "Well now baby used to stay all night long, made me cry, lord she done me wrong.Hurt my eyes open, and thats no lie, tables turnin, now its her turn to cry,Cuz i used to love her, but its all over now.Well"
  • It's Over Now - Kirk Franklin
    "Its over now Its over now I feel like I can make it The storm is over now No more cloudy day there all gone Gone away I feel like I can make The storm is over now (Can you help me say?) No more cloudy"
  • All Over Now - Baby Woodrose
    "People try to push me and put me down I can't ever find out what it's all about They call me a loser, a freak and a clown Had it up to here, man - but it's all over now It used to feel right with you"
  • It's Over Now - Frehley's Comet
    "You were life and love upon this island And it was hard but you made it all worthwhile So afraid that I'm gonna run away Well if it was, I wouldn't be here today, ay And you took me by the heart And showed"
  • It's Over Now - Mocca
    "I know that youre very nice Never ever tell me lies Youre always there to comfort me And cheer me up when I am down * However that is it Youve got youre world and Ive got mine And after all that weve"
  • It's Over Now - Bosson
    "I'm sitting in a place where the sun is shining Looking up where the birds are flying Not afraid as the sea is running high 'Cause I know you are right by my side Holding me when I'm feeling so small Saving"

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