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hold. me. doowm

  • Hold - Superchick
    "Tell me that it's gonna be okay Tell me that you'll help me find my way Tell me you can see the light of dawn is breaking Tell me that it's gonna be alright Tell me that you'll help me fight this fight Tell"
  • Hold - Rick Derringer
    "Ocean's gonna roll without me And river's gonna flow without me And love it's gonna spin without me And there'll be songs to be sung, Long after I'm gone I walk by the stream, As the sun goes down (Sun"
  • Hold - Avril Lavigne
    "Far off into the distance Holding on inside Nobody to hear me scream Nobody to hear me cry Too close to no nobody Too far to hold onto life There's nowhere to run And onwhere to hide Hold onto yourself Hold"
  • Hold - Superchic(k)
    "Tell me that it's gonna be okay Tell me that You'll help me find my way Tell me You can see the light of dawn is breaking Tell me that it's gonna be alright Tell me that You'll help me fight this fight"
  • Hold - KRS-One
    "Verse 1 Yeah....yeah..... Mmmmm....Mm! Alright, here we go... I'm thinkin' real hard about some money I can hold But everybody I know is deep in the hole A steady payin' job is too hard for me to hold I"
  • Hold - Gravity Kills
    "Step into the light Illuminating you for all to see Come into my sight Empty handed not for me It's in your hands, my one demand No one can tell, the sins I need to sell I'm still sipping from your"
  • Hold - Saves The Day
    "Oh well, you've got me under your spell and I don't think that I'm kidding around. I don't think I can forget you now. I once sat up on my roof and examined the planning of my town. I saw the structured"
  • Hold Me - Dolly Parton
    "It's you that I run to whenever I need to darling you console me When trouble surrounds me when bad times have found me Just reach out your arms and hold me hold me hold me Darling please treat me in your"
  • Hold Me - Tina Charles
    "Hold Me When youre near me, I feel romantic When youre far away, Im blue If you want me to be romantic Heres what you have to do Hold me, honey would you hold me Oh, hold me, never let me go Take me,"
  • Hold Me - Weezer
    "I am terrified of all things. Frightened of the dark. I am. You are taller than a mountain. Deeper than the sea. You are. Hold me. Hold me. Take me with you 'cause I'm lonely. I was closer to you back"
  • Hold me - Dean Martin
    "Hold me Honey won't you hold me Hold me Never let me go Take me Honey won't you take me Never to forsake me 'cause I love you so Thrill me Let your kisses thrill me Just like you alone can do Hold me Tenderly"
  • Hold Me - Brenda Lee
    "Hold me honey won't you hold me hold me never let me go Take me honey won't you take me never to forsake me cause I love you so I want you to Thrill me let your kisses thrill me just like you will all"
  • Hold Me - Tom Odell
    "I shouldn't say it but I'm starting to think I care I've had a drink, you probably think my judgement isn't clear And it's getting late now, we're a long way from our homes Before you leave, before you"
  • Hold Me - Ebba Forsberg
    "Hold me, just hold me please don't ask me where I come from. Oh what I cry these tears. Just hold me, hold me please. Let me rest in the silence of your embrace. Give me a moment and dont make me explain. Cus"
  • Hold me - Fleetwood Mac
    "Can you understand me Baby, don't you hand me a line Although it doesn't matter You and me got plenty of time There's nobody in the future So baby let me hand you my love There's no step for you to dance"
  • Hold Me - Nina Hagen
    "Hold me, hold me, hold me lord I may be right, and I may be wrong Hold me master, please don't let me go Yeah, hold me at night time, hold me by day Sometimes I feel so far away Hold me master, please"
  • Hold Me - Charlie Sexton
    "When you're near me I feel romantic When you're gone, you're far away If you want me to remain romantic Here's all the things you have to say Hold me, darlin', won't you hold me? Yeah Never let me go,"
  • Hold Me - Prince
    "I've tried so many times 2 erase your memory from my mind Yet, it doesn't ever last 4 long I see your picture then I hear your voice Our love must be stronger than before Every time I see your eyes (Touch"
  • Hold me - Mireille Mathieu
    "Look at me As I wonder if I should stay. What's to be, Can't you make up your mind? Should we go on, Or will I have to go far away. The answer that I need, I can't find. Hold me, I need your arms around"
  • Hold Me - Laura Branigan
    "(Beth Andersen/Bill Bodine) Kinda young, very pretty Living alone, full of fear Feeling lost, so unhappy Waiting for luck to appear Meet a man, sit together, Talk about dreams, a career Feeling good,"

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