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holder gonna be like higher show me shoulder

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holder gonna be like higher show me shoulder

  • Shoulder - Wordsworth
    "Be strong! (Verse 1) Damn man, it's always somethin If it ain't the phone, then the door's buzzin If they're not in school, they on the corners hustlin All these criminals that the law is bustin Crime"
  • Higher - Heidi Montag
    "Here I go now, Im keeping my eyes open don't you let me down. Nothing can stop me now, I know you hear this sound. Go ahead and let it out, dont be afraid to fly, fly high, reaches past the sky Here we"
  • Higher - Burning Point
    "I'm disappointed in you we passed the turning point there's nothing to be done we're darkness and light I'm disappearing into you your mind is like a maze you can't see my point of view we're drowning"
  • Higher - The Game
    "It's that, it's that, it's that, it's that... chronic, chronic, chronic, chronic It's that, it's that, it's that, it's that... hydrolex, drolex, drolex, drolex It's that, it's that, it's that, it's that..."
  • Cold Shoulder - Amy Ray
    "See that girl over there she's gonna give me the cold shoulder She may be straight tonight but last night she let me hold her It took a little bit of faith and a lot of patience I got all night long and"
  • Higher ground - Amy Diamond
    "Sometimes it feels like I am dreaming And I am somewhere else Far far away It's like I am standing Upon a mountain And for a minute I'm Gone for the day Looking for an air balloon That could take me up"
  • Higher living - Atmosphere
    "Follow me, everybody spread around, I want you all to hear this Join me, sit down, sit down I wanna tell you guys something, I got story listen I knew this girl named Roulette-lette-lette The coolest woman"
  • Higher Level - Maestro Fresh Wes
    "Yeah, going out to all my peoples, you know what I'm saying Now move to a higher level, I'm sprint First I inhale, then I exhale Allah's name You never see me pointing to the next male Never seen me judge"
  • Higher - Gotthard
    "Alright, now it's up to you There's a rocking storm Coming over you... Alright let's go We've got the last call And we're ready to go Lights are burning For another show tonight It just feels alright Shoulder"
  • Higher - Tommy Lee
    "check my new jam i'm bringing when i'm done with you your ears will be ringing i bring the rock hard..slinging bad ass riffs that'll cut you til you're stinging all frequencies are bumping when the"
  • Higher - Gloria Estefan
    "I saw a girl today Could tell from what she say She was a liar She walks a wire I tried to make her see That this was not the way Of getting higher And then she turned away, So I say Hear me now Just"
  • Higher - Foxxi misQ
    "Feelin' sexy daitan ni Shake my body all through the night karadajuu Hot like a FAIYA- itsumo yori Higher & Higher Itz so crazy omou mama ni Riddim wa all through the night karadajuu Hot like a FAIYA- sora"
  • Higher - K-OS
    "we might want to take you higher than.. you might want to take it higher take it we just want to take it higher than.. you might want to take it higher... take it we just want to take you higher than.. you"
  • Higher - Dexter Freebish
    "She was driving the car One thumb on the wheel Cigarette burning Life to her was no big deal Her thin, white tanktop was almost see through I've always been attracted To her butterfly tattoo I wanted"
  • Higher - Dance Dance Revolution
    "Girl, give it up, go and run away To the arms of a magic day Where you can stay Where you can find yourself Find yourself Lose your fear, 'cause there is no one here Do what you want to do There's nobody"
  • Higher?! - Pigeon John
    "Go higher Everybody go higher LA Symph we go higher We go higher higher 1st Verse: Oh shoot wait I'm from Nebraska ya'll This is for my little chunky dunks in Omaha After school Rogers Park shooting"
  • Higher - Ice Cube
    "Yo, I wanna get high I wanna get high Walking through campus with my backpack bailin' to orientation so I can change the nation See many faces but none of 'em mirror me show my ID to the punk ass security"
  • Higher - B.o.B
    "Yeah... You may not know my name, But by the time I leave you Remember the B to the O to the B, And every single dot that's in between. And every time I hop up in the scene, I'm feeling like I'm better"
  • Higher - Madrugada
    "Higher, there's no need to come down Arising through the other ground These people, these people don't mean a thing But don't you think it's funny That now they get to hear me sing All right We'll try"
  • Higher - Addiction Crew
    "Stand what you stand for, I know you'll cross the line More give some more to life and keep it rising high Hold on... So this time I know my self right, I know my self well I know my self drop the funk"

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