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holidays in rom

  • Rom - Ganjaman
    "Das ist Junior Randy und der Ganjaman und ich sag' dir: Gib gut acht und schnall' dich an, denn wir fahren heut' ein bisschen Achterbahn mit dem Papst im Vatikan. Hr' zu '' '' Ich sah, der Teufel er"
  • Holidays - New Atlantic
    "Its warmer inside, don't complain your fathers coming on a jet plane close to midnight, in a worn out suit and tie up the driveway in swing and stride he comes around, a weekend at most a holiday dinner,"
  • Holidays - Brainpool
    "You stumble out of bed and go to Work at half past seven At night you fix some food and watch TV until eleven And inbetween your coffeebreaks you Try to earn a fortune 'Cause you are daddys pride and joy The"
  • Roma - Mireille Mathieu
    "Roma Roma Roma - wie ein Wunder kommt die Liebe Roma Roma - klingen alle Glocken vom Dom. Roma Roma Roma - und mein Herz beginnt zu singen wenn ich an dich denke - Roma Roma schnes Roma! Ich bin im Mai"
  • Roma - Edoardo Bennato
    "Sempre pi lontani sempre pi appartati tra file di turisti organizzati a fotografare, quella loro gita quel viaggio che hanno atteso tutta la vita E noi sempre pi stanchi di attraversare i ponti sul fiume"
  • Roma - Amedeo Minghi
    "Te ne 'mporta assai de mè, e io, m'accoro assai pe 'ttè. Te sto appresso e tu? Ma che guardi? 'Ndo' te perdi tu, che butti er core un pò de qquà, e 'n pò de là, a che pensi? A te, te 'mporta assai de 'me che"
  • Roma - Szymon
    "Rome, oh Rome Where is your empire in the ground A pile of stones Take out the wind there's not a sound Hundreds of years Yet it's all stayed the same Just different coloured clothes And a different"
  • Rom Connection - Inoki
    "(Featuring Sparo, Duke Montana, Noyze, G-Max, Piotta, Er Cicoria, Gel & Kadim Fall) NARCOS NOYZE - la gente mi minaccia io sono della razza che ama ogni ragazza quando gli si siede in faccia come ascolta"
  • Happy Holidays - Alabama
    "Alabama Christmas Happy Holidays (Ronnie Rogers/Swain Schaefer) Smilin' faces on city streets, crowded shoppers, busy feet And every smile just seems to say, we're having some Happy Holidays Twinklin'"
  • Sommernacht In Rom - G.G. Anderson
    "Ich hr' dein Herz ganz leise schlagen die Zrtlichkeit der Nacht stellt keine Fragen. Trume der Nacht fr uns gemacht leise Musik spielt heut' nur fr uns zwei. Durch deinen Blick lt du mich spren zeigst"
  • Happy Holidays - Joe Budden
    "(feat. Emanny) Everydays the same to me Seven days in every week Some look forward to it But I don't change as for the holiday's You can have your Christmas tree (Hello) Go get drunk on New Years eve"
  • Happy holidays - Barry Manilow
    "Happy HolidayHappy HolidayHappy HolidayHappy HolidayWhy the merry bells keep ringingMay your every wish come trueHappy HolidayHappy HolidayMay the calender keep bringingHappy holiday to youI'm dreaming"
  • Bloody Holidays - Nekromantix
    "(yeah)Running through the night The moon is shining bright (whoa) yeah man trap I wanna get away I wanna leave this hell its evil I can tell ooooh what a bloody holiday ooh what a bloody bloody saw"
  • Holidays In Eden - Marillion
    "(Helmer/Hogarth/Kelly/Mosley/Rothery/Trewavas) Did you ever feel that just by jumping on a plane All your cares would drop away And you'd be born again Returning to a nature child Happy wild and free But"
  • Holidays in Rome - Tomek Makowiecki
    "Now, when you're gone I forget to wash the dishes after lunch Now, we don't talk But I can't forget the words you like so much I, just ignore almost all late Phone calls from the persons we both know When"
  • Rom 5:8 - Behemoth
    "morning star phosphoros how thou shines in the fiery empoyren above paracietus how do I rejoice for thy aposties flock around for thou art Christ a rebous! l’enfer abides deep whitin limbo is stirring"
  • Holidays in the sun - Sex Pistols
    "A cheap holiday in other people's misery I don't wanna holiday in the sun I wanna go to the new Belsen I wanna see some history 'cause now t got a reasonable economy Oh now I got a reason... and l'm still"
  • Holidays In The Sun - Skid Row
    "A cheep holiday in other peoples misery I don't wanna holiday in the sun I wanna go to the new belsen I wanna see some history 'cause now I got a reasonable economy Now I got a reason, now I got a reason, Now"
  • Sundays And Holidays - Red House Painters
    "what do you think in the back seat travelling through the yellow open state am i too slow to turn my thoughts to words to turn meaningless to meaning am i too down to notice smell and sound to tell dull"
  • Holidays are coming - Melanie Thornton
    "Holidays are coming ... Love for everyone Lalalalala lalala lala Love is the reason it's always the real thing When the world is ever changing Light a candle in the dark There's a source of inspiration"

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