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hope david fly

  • Hope - David Fly
    "Sometimes it's hard sometimes I fall sometimes I lose my reason to live So many things are on my back It's hard to walk I lose my breath Ref.: Maybe I'll lose, lose all my battles but I'll never lose"
  • Hope - Lack Of Limits
    "Thousands of years of mankind history were a constant run Compared to that the last hundred years An incredible development we've done Six thousant million people struggle For the cake named earth we eat"
  • Hope - Twista
    "feat. Cee-Lo Man, I know we had a lot of tragedies lately. I just wanna say rest in peace to Aaliyah, Rest in peace to Left Eye, Rest in peace to Jam Master Jay, And everybody lost in the Twin Towers,"
  • Hope - Faith Evans
    "(feat. Twista) I wish the way I was living could stop, serving rocks, Knowing the cops is hot when I'm on the block, And I Wish my brother woulda made bail, So I won't have to travel 6 hours to see"
  • David Denies - 'Til Tuesday
    "It's what he wants but he won't say He'd rather make-believe I want to say goodbye It's down to her although I know She never made him happy, now she makes him cry He cannot work, he cannot think Beyond"
  • Blind hope - David Cassidy
    "Look baby, the sun is shining high Its already on top of the sky. And Ive been wishin I could fly away with you. Yes I do feel the dark inside this room. We must think of something soon The dreamy afternoon"
  • David Denies - Aimee Mann
    "Aimee Mann Welcome Home David Denies pre>capo 5 c maps to g *** introduction: F g eb F g eb2 *** verse 1: G /f# /e It's what he wants but he won't say Bm f c bb2 /c He'd"
  • Dancing With David - David Gray
    "Dancing with David I am in the enchanted garden with David He has asked me to dance His eyes thoughtful and disarming i fly to him like a magnet rushes to its mate his POWER is palpable i"
  • Fly - Alabama 3
    "Fly with me Come on, fly with me Fly with me You'll never come down This is your captain speaking Cigarette burns on the sofa, whiskey on my new linoleum floor You wonder why on Wednesday's I'm so wasted,"
  • Fly - Lamar
    "Fly Fly (Come and fly with me) Fly Chorus: Fly, tryin reach a star, flying high and oh so far Fly, come and fly with me Oooh, fly with the fantasy to the land of extacy Fly away with me Rap 1: Hard times"
  • Fly - Steve Winwood
    "On a brave new morning smiling at the sky Every shadow of the past whispers goodbye There is hope if you can see I give it all to you, you give it all to me Every winter has the sun within its heart And"
  • Fly - The Jam
    "The way that sunlight flits across your skirt, makes me feel I'm from another world, To touch your face in the morning light. I hope you're always gonna be around. The times I struggle to understand why, The"
  • David Hockney's Diaries - Television Personalities
    "I want to wear the finest shoes My credit card can buy I want to eat the finest food And drink the finest wine I want the world to stop and stare Whenever it sees me But most of all I want to be In David"
  • If (David Gates) - Perry Como
    "If a picture paints a thousand words, then why can't I paint you? The words would never show, the you I've come to know . . . If a face could launch a thousand ships, then where am I to go? There's"
  • Bacharach / David Medley - The Carpenters
    "Knowing When To Leave Go while the going is good Knowing when to leave may be The smartest thing anyone can learn, go! I'm afraid my heart isn't very smart Fly while your still have your wings Knowing"
  • Fly Again - David Phelps
    "Words & music by David Phelps His trembling hands held the church pew that day, stuggling to stand when they asked him to Pray. With wisdom and strength his words were spoken. but his body grew weary"
  • Hope - David Usher
    "Light breathe exhale the damage is done tonight weve failed so tell everyone the ships have gone by tell everyone i took them from the sky you are the one who give me hope you are the one who give me hope"
  • Only Hope - Caedmon's Call
    "Depth of mercy, can there be Mercy still reserved for me Can my God, Your wrath forbear Me, the chief of sinners, spare It's my only hope You're my only hope It's my only hope of Heaven At the cross forgiven And"
  • Lifelong Hope - Macbeth
    "Now throw those wings away The sky is so far from earth Remember me my son When light fades Sometimes truth chains our dreams And we are crushed by the burden of time While our aimless life Flows towards"
  • David - Nellie McKay
    "look at you you're young havin' so much fun gonna be a star blah blah blah and click there goes the phone I don't wanna know what my horoscope's predicting just pour me a drink cuz I need a kick I"

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