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hope dies last

  • Sweetness Dies - October Tide
    "These words I scream out loud They vanish in the wind And winters weight upon us Has buried the life I knew Life as on the walls Has turned into the past You know that I will wander Through wind and rain,"
  • Hope - Bjork
    "Here's my version of it, eternal whirlwind What's the lesser of two evils: If a suicide bomber Made to look pregnant Manages to kill her target Or not? What's the lesser of two evils? What's the"
  • Dies irae - Bathory
    "Creed of eternal life I sworeHeld my candle of life to the voidRisen from the dead I deaths powers wedIn the name of the one with horns on headSleep of eternity withdrawn as dark uponThe life of mine drew"
  • I Hope She Dies - Barnes And Barnes
    "Barnes And Barnes Voobaha I Hope She Dies My girlfriend left me a month ago I hope she gets hit by a truck She split and hurt my big ego Now there's no one to kiss I hope she dies I hope she dies I hope"
  • Magic Never Dies - Power Quest
    "It started long ago, when stories still were told And heroes still defended their world The centuries went by and all the stories died And no one knew that magic survived. The last of the mage line Conjured"
  • Until It Dies - Pretty Maids
    "Since it began Since the dawning of days It's been rearing it's head Along the way Ever since man Crawled out of the sea We've been pledging our souls To purgatory Now ever since we kissed the serpents"
  • Last Hope - Paramore
    "I don't even know myself at all I thought I would be happy by now The more I try to push it I realize, I gotta let go of control Gotta let it happen /3x So let it happen It's just a spark But it's enough"
  • Last Hope - Justyna Sumara
    "It's about time you got up You're a bit above yourself, my dear It was a race against the clock I knew all along that we would win It's difficult watching us fade Knowing it's all your fault, your mistake ohh"
  • Hope - Mortal Love
    "Just lay me down in shadows deep But I don't fall asleep the voices say I'll sleep a while before we meet This is my last time anyway Don't let me dream of things I fear I know now, hope was never true To"
  • Hope - ATC
    "Surrounded by family and friends A picture what life's like at your end In my dreams i cannot imagine The horror you must have seen If I could tell these words to you I know that probably it won't do I"
  • Hope - R.E.M.
    "(Cohen/Buck/Mills/Stipe) You want to go out Friday And you want to go forever. You know that it sounds childish That you've dreamt of alligators. You hope that we are all with you And you hope that you're"
  • Hope - Lack Of Limits
    "Thousands of years of mankind history were a constant run Compared to that the last hundred years An incredible development we've done Six thousant million people struggle For the cake named earth we eat"
  • Hope - Penumbra
    "One word Just one word to exist Precious as a jewel Cruel as a farewell Like an echo in my head Showing your obsessions All the hopes that I fed Just can't be illusions Hope I refused to say it Thinking"
  • Where the sun never dies - Blindside
    "I think I saw a place in the distance We've always known it was there When I have breathed for the last time I'll walk out to the end of that pier There is that place in our conscience So talk so loud"
  • Hope - Asian Dub Foundation
    "Step forward Youth At the moment of truth Don't be distracted don't be the fool Step forward youth At the moment of truth Go beyond the senses Get a clear view When you're Deafened by the sound of betrayal And"
  • Harmony Dies - Venom
    "Harmony dies Demons calling to Hell Wise ways ye cannot sell Praying fools light their ways Night decends shrouds the day Unveil the hysterskies Immortal children cry Question of when and why Harmony"
  • Daylight Dies - Wyrd
    "When the winter nights grow longer And the days have no returnings When the long nights shimmer whitely Over the icy wastes and woods When the northern winds grow colder And the days of man come to an"
  • Everything dies - Carnal Forge
    "All you have left is a wish to die and all you see is blackyour tortured soul cries out for a relief You can't go on like this, you'll hit the wall, scared to death I gave you life, i trashed your wall"
  • As The Laughter Dies - Rykers
    "Hua Its easy to live in hope when theres some hope to speak of And its easy to be optimistic when the future lies ahead But can you really achieve some lasting happiness when theres nothing left to dream"
  • Dies Irae - Christ Agony
    "At your command The dried darkness started Gloating over the last So marvelous banquet Rummaged out by the laughter Of desire The ferryman stood up And poured the blood on the table A noise was made God"

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