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hot apple pie

  • American As Apple Pie - Eric Carmen
    "(Eric Carmen/Dean Pitchford) On this night On any hot, summer night Every girl Every red-blooded boy Is cryin' out With one great voice They wanna jump They wanna turn up the noise And that's the sound That's"
  • Apple Pie - The Bastard Fairies
    "I'm the life of the party, I'm always smiling On the surface I'm as happy as can be And I don't watch the news and I don't read the papers And I don't like chicken soup for the soul Do you wanna share"
  • Apple Pie - Goon Moon
    "Hear the sparrow, sing the song See the clouds, the setting sun. Feel the breeze blow through your hair Dream of me and I'll be there Count the sheep above your head The end is near, we are the dead Smell"
  • Sweet Apple Pie - Jimmy Luxury
    "Well I got nice shoes and a heart of gold. I never let the wining get out of control. When I'm boozing I takes my time. It ain't ya turn kid so wait in line. Yo! Kick that number that we did up in Reno"
  • Apple Cobbler - LL Cool J
    "Uhh.. uhh.. uhh.. uh-huh Uhh.. uhh.. that joint is hot baby! Lights, camera, action - hold up You know my style, I been blowed up Paper was young, now it's growed up Stacks so thick it's hard to fold"
  • Cat's Eye, Apple Pie - Nazreth
    "Cat's eye, apple pie, what am I going to do, The woman I loved walked out on me, What am I going to do. Hound dog, bull frog, she just up and gone, The woman I love has done me wrong, What am I going to"
  • Cat's Eye, Apple Pie - Nazareth
    "(copyright Nazareth, Tiflis Tunes, inc.-ascap) Cat's eye, apple pie, what am I gonna do? The woman I loved walked out on me. What am I gonna do? Hound dog, bullfrog, she just up and gone, The woman"
  • Apple Pie Cowboy Toothpaste - Fenix TX
    "How many wrong turns can I make I'd give a million dollars just to see her smile on top of me But if she won't give it up well that's O.K I never liked that drunk ass bitch anyway When she does it's on"
  • Apple Pie And Police State - Choking Victim
    "Choking Victim Miscellaneous Apple Pie And Police State The prisons make this country great; apple pie and police state. The security that the children know is not worth it if this is where they'll"
  • Pie - Slick Rick
    "You know, The Rock's gonna tell you a little story. You ain't gonna believe it, but he's gonna tell you anyway. It's tough to be the Rock! Oh no, no, shut your mouth! No, no, it really is. Even though"
  • Apple pie a la mode - Destiny's Child
    "Kelly: Beyonce B: What? K: Michelle M: What? K: Look B&M: Where? K: Hold up don't turn your head. Just slowly turn your head B:oh yes M:oh B: Girl... M: He's definitly fine K: That's right He walks in"
  • Sweet Potato Pie - Jodi Benson
    "Your all covered with hot marshmallows. Your sticky and sweet you're my Number one thanksgiving treat. Oh yea. Whoo. My oh my, I love sweet potato pie! You can keep your valentine Chocolates and your"
  • Shoo Fly Pie And Apple Pan Dowdy - Dinah Shore
    "If you wanna do right by your appetite, If you're fussy about your food, Take a choo-choo today, head New England way, And we'll put you in the happiest mood. with: Shoo Fly Pie and Apple Pan Dowdy Makes"
  • Hot Potatoes - The Kinks
    "My baby woke me up this mornin' She said get down that labour exchange, And if you don't come home with a job son, You'll get no dinner to-day. You gotta secure me a weekly workin' wage. You'll get"
  • Hot Horse - Foetus
    "Heh heh - gits pretty lonely round here... Nothin' 'cept me and my gators... I'm goin' to git me some o' that city hot horse... yeah, huh huh some... Yeah huh huh good fishin' round here... 'N' I'm just"
  • Apple Trees - Ozma
    "deep inside my eye, there is part of you You still look the same, except you're grown up now so much time has passed since i saw you last an apple pie, the number pi i studied you in math class and did"
  • Bitter Apple - Dave Gahan
    "Days long gone and lost hot nights No crowded streets to walk tonight Still the stars shine so bright Don't need a coat, I'll be alright Then you walked into my life A halo bright with dark brown eyes Just"
  • Big Apple - Kajagoogoo
    "See my face, you know where I've been Walking in jungle, cruising down boulevard Part of the race taking a tumble Love in a stranger is fearing from danger, Is crying im some avenue and soon the hate Will"
  • Apple Eyes - Swoop
    "Get on the A train Get on the right track If you got a problem tell me I can fix that And if you got the rigging baby I got the boat And if you got a castle Well you know I got the moat (it's alright) If"
  • Redneck Revolution - Hot Apple Pie
    "Outta of the woods, outta of the shacks, From across the tracks in their Pontiacs. Jump back... the bubbas are comin'. No more shuck an' jive. Rebels yell for the honky-tonk life, Layin' out all night,"

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