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hot chip

  • Kids With Guns (Hot Chip Remix) - Gorillaz
    "Kids With Guns Kids With Guns Taking Over But It Won't Be Long They're Mesmerized Skeletons Kids With Guns Kids With Guns Easy Does It, Easy Does It, They Got Something To Say Mental Drinking Out"
  • Chip - Pollen
    "A big suprise you fucked with us and now we'll have to kill you you realize your facin your last hours on this planet, our planet no compromise there's nothin worse than thinkin we don't kick ass Pulverize"
  • Micro Chip - Tarrus Riley
  • Chip Away - Jane's Addiction
    "I chip away Cause I'm not ok So I I chip away Poked a hole right into myself And inside I found someone Who said I was O.K. Still I don't feel easy On this tree Among the blossoms Caustically I am the"
  • Chip Away - Sick Of It All
    "Ready to take on the world with youthful anger and rage armed with only innocence we stand poised to make a change blissfully naive we charge leading in with the chin reality steps right up and knocks"
  • Chip Mammy - Farse
    "Redefining the words you once said to me, i got left behind, in the bottemless pit i call me. Long week pull myself together, i lost the bitter taste of ash, she never listened to you before, what makes"
  • Hot Potato - Naughty By Nature
    "(feat. Freddie Foxxx) Mic check 1-2, strap it up, load the beat, cock the mic And your rhyme better be fat, or you might have to fight Yeah, there's no escape from the terrordome You know I'm nice when"
  • Chip Away Boy - Frank Black And The Catholics
    "I used to have some fun Me and everyone Now I'm just employed I'm a chip away boy (x2) I remember humid nights I remember how the full moon tugs How it used to make us fight And the language of"
  • Chocolate Chip Cookies - Wise Guys
    "In die erste Schssel Zucker, zweihundertachtzig Gramm, und Zuckerrbensirup (wenn wir so was ham). Davon nehm ich vierzig Gramm und mixe geschwind, so lang, bis keine Klmpchen mehr vorhanden sind. Dazu"
  • Fish'n chip paper - Elvis Costello
    "When Sunday morning dandruff turns out to be confetti And the cost of living in sin would make a poor man out of Paul Getty The girl in your dreams would have you up on an under age charge And the man"
  • Reload (feat. Chip) - Wiley
    "We’re gonna make the stars come out tonight So why don’t you reload reload re-reload the music Reload reload re-reload the music Just throw those hands up Show them you don’t care I want you to reload"
  • Make It Hot - Lil' Mama
    "Chorus I, I came to put it down Straight from New York to da A-Town Haters wanna see me down I ain't even put, put, put it down And when I'm flippin' the script and they gon be like-Oh And if I skip"
  • The Warning - Hot Chip
    "Excuse me sir, I'm lost I'm looking for a place where I can get lost I'm looking for a hope for my malfunctioning being I'm looking for the mechanical music museum This is a warning, a spelling out for"
  • A-B-C - Hot Chip
    "Everybody's whistling the Hot Chip soundPeople hear the beat and then their bodies move aroundWhen the ground's shaking then you know you've felt the bassThen the singing starts and they proceed to wreck"
  • Bubbles they bounce - Hot Chip
    "Hot, chip x16 No more, no more No more horror flicks, no more horror flicks No more, no more No more the moon shines, sorry Prince No more, no more No more horror flicks, no more horror flicks No more,"
  • The Beach Party - Hot Chip
    "Don't want all this cold, cold shit Throw off your shirt and let's get hot, hot, hot We've never been, we've never been to the bridge Throw off your skirt and let's begin the rock I've been to, I've been"
  • Take Care - Hot Chip
    "And I don't deal in books I don't deal in looks And don't ask for my recommendations And I don't know about babies being born And hits being hot Baby, what you got Take care into the home Take care It's"
  • Careful - Hot Chip
    "Every year, exactly this time of year Let go a balloon up into the air And hold on to one who is near Remember everything is here Every year, about this time of year I am with you as if you are here I"
  • Out At The Pictures - Hot Chip
    "It's on every street it's fucking cheap sometimes you find up in your mind. are you at the pictures, or out at sea? it's better this way, trust you, believe me. Whe-the-whe-the-whe-the-whe-the-weather"
  • Sexual healing - Hot Chip
    "Baby I'm hot just like an ovenI need some lovin'And my baby, I can't hold it much longerIt's getting stronger... Stronger.And when I get that feelingI want Sexual HealingSexual Healing, oh baby!Makes me"

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