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hot sixteen friz

  • Christine Sixteen - Kiss
    "She's got me dizzy, she sees me through to the end She's got me in her hands and there's no use in pretending Christine sixteen, Christine sixteen She drives me crazy, I want to give her all I've got And"
  • Christine Sixteen - Gin Blossoms
    "(Gene Simmons) She's got me dizzy She sees me through til the end She's got me in her hand And there's no use in pretending Christine Sixteen... She drives me crazy I want to give her what I got She's"
  • Sweet Sixteen - Judy Garland
    "For fifteen years I've played a waiting game I've suffered like they do in Russian plays But if what's in store is really what they claim I must admit that suffering really pays For fifteen years I've"
  • Bejbi (prod. Friz) - Beteo
    "Czasem nie wiem już dokąd iść Kiedy przypominam sobie o dnie Czasem myślę ze nie mam nic Ale nie to że nie mam co jeść No bo zawsze mam tu co pić Co zapalić i odurzyć się Mógłbym tylko w jednym miejscu"
  • Rejs (prod. Friz) - Trill Pem
    "wypłyń w ten rejs mamy złoto na szyi drogie dodatki to nasz rejs ci co nie płyną tym statkiem nie mają nic do gadki wypłyń w ten rejs mamy złoto na szyi drogie dodatki to nasz rejs ci co nie płyną tym"
  • Sixteen - Iggy Pop
    "Sweet sixteen in leather boots Body and soul I go crazy Baby baby I'm hungry Sweet sixteen Funky bar all full of faces Pretty faces beautiful faces Body and soul Body and soul I give to you I'm an easy"
  • Sixteen - No Doubt
    "You've been a juvenile With a dolphin smile With no elbow room With your body in bloom You've had your little backyard Protected by big walls You didn't dare look over 'Cause you've been too small Now"
  • Sixteen - Home Grown
    "Hey! Hey! Hey! (Hey!) Hey! I saw her at a club, I thought I fell in love She's dancing on the stage, She was showing off her legs I was trying not to flirt, But she lifted up her skirt My eyes popped out"
  • Sixteen - Gwen Stefani
    "You've been a juvenileWith a dolphin smileWith no elbow roomWith your body in bloomYou've had in your little backyardProtected by big wallsYou didn't dare look over'Cause you've been too smallNow you're"
  • Sixteen - Lucero
    "You were sixteen When you fell in love All grown up now Once was enough To beat the odds one night forty east At the end of the bar were the boys She orders a drink over the noise As she pays, She sings"
  • Sixteen - The Buzzcocks
    "You know I don't like dancin' An' I don't like to bop Too much movement's exertion Makes me wish I could drop Dro' dro' dro' dro' dro' dro' drop An' I don't like french kissin' Cos you swallow my tongue And"
  • Sixteen - Bruce Robison
    "I had turned sixteen growin' bored with life caught in between The things that I was doin', and what I'd never done before Those days were pretty much all the same Drinkin' beer and draggin' main, hopin'"
  • Sixteen - Le Tigre
    "So they say I was sometimes cruel I dont know if I would say that too Oh I, I dont know about that Everyday the sky reminds me still Yr not here and it always will Oh I, I dont know about that You I"
  • Sixteen - Sebadoh
    "Sweep the dirt under your rug You're on your drug, and then it hits me It's paregoric in my head, I'm all doped-up And just a baby Doing just fine, you're making up your mind16 I'm all grown up and what"
  • Sixteen - Nasum
    "Try to purify The well of dirty lies Overflown with deadly sins An attempt to pacify With orders to comply A calm breeze before it all begins Often wonder why The don't realize Why they think I'm"
  • Sixteen - Ellie Goulding
    "do you remember when we moved out my mum said: i love you but it's a small house... so we changed up and saved up gave up our town were dangerous couldn’t tame us was missing now time suddenly , we"
  • Hot Rod Queen - Keith Moon
    "Yeah, she was a hot rod queen She could tune her own machine Leather was her evening gown She could lay a Harley down And fight Like a big twasp She fell in with an outlaw Ben A road warrior took her"
  • It Gets Hot - Pacewon
    ""Oh my gosh.. the music just turns me on!" Yo... uh, uh Give it to me now, give it to me now It gets hot - when I see you When you see me and the vibe is true C'mon shorty let me ride with you It"
  • Sweet Sixteen - Destiny's Child
    "Ya couldnt tell little Jackie nothin Sixteen thought she knew it all She was searching for the love she missed yeah And so she ran away Slow down You're moving way to fast Sixteen There's so much for"
  • Sweet Sixteen - Chuck Berry
    "Sweet Sixteen, Sweet Sixteen, Sweet Sixteen, Ah, youe the sweetest little babe That Ie ever seen But you would not You would not do Everything that I ask you to Guess you ran away from your home, darling Now,"

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