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hotline angel

  • Hotline - Pretty Ricky
    ""On The Hotline" It's 5 in the mornin' And I'm up havin' phone sex with you, you (so horny, so horny) And now I'm on the hotline Over here lustin' for you, you (so horny, so horny) Let's talk about sex"
  • Hotline - waima
    "Utwór 'Hotline' to nowość od Waima. Premiera wkrótce. Waima podpisał niedawno kontrakt z wytwórnią Sony Music Poland i to pod jej szyldem wyjdzie nadchodzący album rapera. Spadłem im na głowę, Waima ziomaleo"
  • Hotline - Ciara
    "Turn me up Bangladesh, bang the bass Yeah... Sho nuff C I A R A LETS GO Oh I'm so glad you came 'Cause you are the cutest thing Beauty should be your name And I should be your lady baby Tell me where"
  • Hotline Bling - Billie Eilish
    "You used to call me on my cell phone Late night when you need my love Call me on my cell phone Late night when you need my love And I know when that hotline bling That can only mean one thing I know when"
  • Hotline Operator - Constantines
    "I believe this life is blessed, when against your hand, my pulse can rise and rest. Sing dissemblers. Sing Lazarus. Stand on ceremony. For us with lust it's only motivation. Hotline operator. Rolling"
  • Hotline Bling - Drake
    "You used to call me on my, you used to, you used to You used to call me on my cell phone Late night when you need my love Call me on my cell phone Late night when you need my love And I know when that"
  • Suicide Hotline - Insane Clown Posse
    "Suicide Hotline, may I help you? Yeah... Uhh... Well I'm about to fucking kill myself... Listen you don't want to do that, OK? You don't want to do that. I'm gonna... eh... There's so many fucking"
  • Jodecidal Hotline - Jodeci
    "Let us take our time To give you something real A feeling that is right A groove that you can feel We know what you need A little bit of jodeci Lady groove and feel this beat With jodeci We know what you"
  • Suicide hotline - ICP
    "It aint no point to me waking up, everyodys time im takin up, i got nobody, it aint a shoulderNear, i cant stay here & its colder there, i dont wanna look back cause its gonna hurt, i sliceMy wrist & its"
  • On The Hotline - Pretty Ricky
    "(chorus) it's five in the morning and im up havin phone sex wit u u (so horny) and now im on the hotline over here lustin for u u (so horny) lets talk about sex baby lets talk about u and me lets talk"
  • On The Hotline  - Pretty Ricky
    "Whoa Whoa Whoa Whoa Whoa Say Pretty Ricky Ricky Ricky Say Pretty Ricky Ricky Ricky Whoa Whoa Whoa Whoa Whoa Say Pretty Ricky Ricky Ricky Say Pretty Ricky Ricky Ricky Its Five In The Morning And Im"
  • Texas Emergency Hotline - Armor For The Broken
    "Pull the covers back over our heads the sun is shining through blaring down on you at this rate we're better off dead at this rate we're better off dead take it slow while breathing in don't gasp they'll"
  • Angel - Angel
    "When I'm upside down You turn me right side up By the simple words you say When I'm south of you, Well your north of me And I know your here to stay well your fingers walk and your body talks to me sweetly"
  • On The Hotline (Remix) - Pretty Ricky
    "(feat. Rick Ross) Remix,Remix,Remix,Remix,Remix Rick Ross, Ricky Ross, Rick Ross, Ricky Ross 305, Bluestars Pleasure, Spectacular, Slick Em. It's Da Movement It's 5 In Da Morning And I'm Up Havin"
  • Angel - Angel Faith
    "oooooh, oh angel, i'm talking to you. when i'm upside down, you turn me right side up, by the simple words you say. when i'm south of you, well you're north of me, and i know you're here to stay. well"
  • Busy Signal at the Suicide Hotline - Drowningman
    "I want to hear you try to help me. I want to see you try to save me. I can feel it in my hands every time I dial. Oh dear god help me please because I don't want to die. 1, 2 , 3, 4...dead. It's all a"
  • Angel - The Adicts
    "You are an angel that money couldn't buy You are an angel Oh lord don't ask why You are a lover seductive from the start You are a lover that mends my broken heart And when you bang your gong I will surely"
  • Angel - Angela Winbush
    "Angel, mmm, ooh Angel, mmm, hmm Angel, mmm, ooh, ooh, ooh Angel, yeah (oh, oh) Mmm, ba doo doo ba doo Doo, ba, doo, doo Doo, ooh (angel) I found a certain paradise Within my life with you Heaven opened"
  • Angel - Down Below
    "Hold your angel, he came from the stars And it's a cold a cold world outside Hold your angel Hold your angel Hold your angel "
  • Angel - Anita Baker
    "Ooh...ooh...ooh...ooh...ooh... Ooh...ooh...ooh...ooh...ooh... Ooh...ooh...ooh...ooh...ooh... Ooh...ooh...ooh...ooh...ooh...ooh... If I could I'd give you the world Wrap it all around you Won't be satisfied"

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