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hour of the wolf

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hour of the wolf

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hour of the wolf
  • 999 Wolf
    "The last thing up but thats no excuse, Drown the state in self abuse, self abuse. Let it get out of hand, You go off the rut Know that your just just a living shame! Cancel the tape, more lies thrown at"
  • Iced Earth Wolf
    "Innocence tainted by pure lunacy Cursed by the slash of a shape-shifting beast Oh no, this can't be Demonic infection, a doomed changeling His future concealed as he begs to be told A kiss from the gypsy,"
  • Joe Walsh Wolf
    "Woke up again this morning To play another game It comes without a warning It's nothing you can name, nothing you can name It's raining in the meadow Shepherd's gone to town Wolf has finished breakfast No-one"
  • Angelspit Wolf
    "Eight Ball in my hand The key in your liver Sculpting danger signs Bladed credit powder Jack sweet suck you dry Baby flesh and candy Metal salt like blood Bucket tastes like honey Skipping with the hood Basket"
  • Three 6 Mafia Wolf Wolf
    "(Hook)Juicy J Wolf Wolf all you want run yo mouth in da street, but ya aint gon fuck with a pitch of me, I dun give a mother fuck if you 100 deep, but ya aint gon fuck with a pitch of me. (Lord Infamous) Time"
  • Styx Witch Wolf
    "(James Young, Ray Brandle) Reoccurring symptoms Answer the baleful howl Bringing me dreams of darkness The doer of all that's foul Raping the minds of infants Sower of unplanted seeds Full moon warrior Doer"
  • Kjartan Salvesen Hour
    "Verse 1: Every day I wake up. Every day I know. That if we ever should brake up I couldn't live, I would miss you so. And more than anything to me Your my little girl, you light up my world. And everything"
  • Patrick Wolf Wolf Song
    "Walk tall beneath these trees boy you monolith not scarred by fallout us wolves were right behind you and lucifer will never find you oh no! the moon, let it guide you, when selene comes, we'll alll know"
  • Cancerslug Cycle Of The Wolf
    "the fire in me instinct fills me the metamorphasis, my body takes the shape of the hour comming erection burning the circle of the snake is forming eternity the cycle of the second birth returning to the"
  • Howlin' Wolf I'm The Wolf
    "You know I'm the Wolf baby, you know I stays in the woods You know I'm the Wolf babe, you know I stays in the woods Well when you get in trouble, you call the wolf out of the woods Well you want my money,"
  • The Kelly Family The Wolf
    "Watch out children there's a wolf out there open up your eyes son 'cause he's gonna get you lock your door at night 'cause he's gonna eat you don't try fighting beasts 'cause he's gonna beat you Watch"
  • The Cult The Wolf
    "Black hearts of devils in the night Mean streets rage me up to fight I’m a lover but I’ve been known quick to strike You think you know me, oh, but you’re never right. Don’t need to see the Bible, liars Caught"
  • The Wolf The wolf and the lamb
    "Stunted growth of emotions Incurable confused Gazing at her reflections Mentally abused You kill the one you love At the first opportunity Wistful resolution Carnal property The wolf and the lamb"
  • Axxis The Wolf
    "Night Time - shrouded in mystery The mist, the fog - there is nothing to see Full moon - shining down on earth Now, tonight - starts the forbidden starts the forbidden birth Gruesome - howlin' to"
  • Motorhead The Wolf
    "We never see the evil deed, Nobody cares as long as they got what they need Don't look for help, under attack, Blind eyes are daggers, gonna stab you in the back The wolf is at your door, The wolf This"
  • Scout Niblett Wolfie
    "We woke up late again And walked into town My hand held yours But who was prouder to be with the other I think it was me, I think it was me I think it was me I watched the film of you running away again Out"
  • Heart The Wolf
    "You were born to privilege Licking on a silver spoon Think you gotta buy all your friends Just so you can tear up the room Your kind is a dime a dozen I've seen it all before A parasite in a good disguise Just"
  • Trouble The Wolf
    "Final night draws near On the old house by the hill Night draws near Where the children all played at will When the sun at last comes down Hushing merry din Mother won't you look around Are the children"
  • Kelly Family The Wolf
    "Watch out children there's a wolf out there open up your eyes son 'cause he's gonna get you lock your door at night 'cause he's gonna eat you don't try fighting beasts 'cause he's gonna beat you Watch"
  • Rancid The wolf
    "I didn't trust him, 'cause he smiled at me first Just like the wolf before he bites me And I didn't go there I swear that it was cursed Just as if it was to despite me I saw some better days, from ? to"

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