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how will i known

  • If I Had Known - Clifford T. Ward
    "If I had known this was to be the last time I would have never let you go But there you were, still talkin' of the first time And how was I to know? No tears for you, no sense of feeling cheated But"
  • Known all along - Death Threat
    "I thought I saw it in your eyes I didn't realize who would've guessed it maybe I should have known all along! how could I miss it, am I so fucking blind, the same way I missed it when I was just a child,"
  • Shoulda known - Lil' Mo
    "Shoulda known you had a girl Shoulda known you had someone to go home to Shoulda known you was to good to be true Shoulda known your time was taken Shoulda known someone was loving you Shoulda known you"
  • Should've known - Mario Winans
    "If I had to do it all over I wouldve never kissed you but at that time I just couldnt Resists still cant believe you went and told her how well I got to know ya its crazy baby I Wasnt ready for this, Breakin"
  • Never Known - Tanita Tikaram
    "Where everybody was Where everbody go? Well, I'm so sorry boy I don't really know Oh, how did you do today? Well, I'm telling you this much I might seem like a paying girl But I've never had enough Never"
  • Shoulda Known - Atmosphere
    "Naked in the bathtub Sittin' on the porcelain Waiting for that little hurricane to pull your torso in The water don't run, just drips like rain Still drips like a painkiller drips to the veins Fill it"
  • My Last Known Address - Reach The Sky
    "All I lost was the desire to matter to you And to be a part of your life. I wanted you to know who I was But you couldn't care at all. So I'm on the outside looking in, Watching you move forward without"
  • How - Dolores O'Riordan
    "Look, you're standing alone (Standing alone) However I should have known (I should have known) (chorus 1) Never before, never before never again, never again you will ignore, you will ignore I will pretend,"
  • How - The Cranberries
    "Look, you're standing alone (Standing alone) However I should have known (I should have known) Never before, never again You will ignore, I will pretend Never before, never again You will ignore, I will"
  • How - The Cardigans
    "Look, you're standing alone, standing aloneHowever I should have known, I should have knownNever before, never againYou will ignore, I will pretendNever before, never againYou will ignore, I will pretendIn"
  • A Well Known Has-Been - Donovan
    "Tonight my life is heavy, I'm weak and down at heel The prisoner in the dungeon will know just how I feel. I'm a well known has-been, a well known has-been, I've got a brand on me. When I look at my tomorrows,"
  • Nothing Like You've Ever Known - Michael Crawford
    "Nothing like you've ever known that's the life i thought that i was gonna show you you and i had just begun that's one happy ever after that i owe you could have sworn we'd have made the perfect pair your"
  • Nothing Like You've Ever Known - Sarah Brightman
    "Nothing like you've ever known. That's the life I thought that you were gonna show me. Lonely girls leave such things. That's one happy ever after that you owe. Married man, always looking at your watch. I"
  • We Are All Well Known - Canibus
    "(Canibus) These lyrics are so cataclysmic Consecrate the spirit, time and space within it The hours become minutes whenever I spit it When I bust, I said fuck it, the Brotherhood got me covered Motivated"
  • The Things I Should Have Known - K-Ci & JoJo
    "ohhhh baby (baby baby) x2 if i had been there to wipe your tears then no-one else would be around, if i had been there to cradle your fears we'd still be together now now wish i could be there to share"
  • I Will - Worldsapart
    "I watch the moonlight, baby, down on you tonight And as you're sleeping, I am hypnotized... Just to steal this moment, just to make it mine I'll give everything I hold inside (inside) You touch my soul"
  • How Can The Knower Be Known? - Perry Blake
    "How can the knower be known John John? How can the knower be known? If it rains everyday If it rains everyday If it rains everyday Will you sink? Will you swim? Will you sink? Will you swim? Will you"
  • I Should Of Known - Little Birdy
    "Have you got Anything worth waiting for? Tear my heart Tear my heart so it's on the floor. I should of known with you, I should of known with you Better than that. It's too late, It's too late to not"
  • I Should Have Known - Julian Lennon
    "If I could say to you And you could say to me, Love is not enough, To keep our devotion, 'cos time and time again, You've disappeared and then, You've come home to me And played my emotions. And i, I"
  • If i had known - Greg Brown
    "A little creek you could spit acrossJimmy and me each took one more tossour spinners bright in the evening airPeople always said, There ain't no fish in thereWell grownups they ain't always rightJimmy"

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