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how will people change

  • People Change - Rockapella
    "Didn't hear a tone, are you, hello I never hear a tone, I guess you know I can't remember what I called to say I thought you might be home on Saturday I really can't believe it's been a year It took a"
  • Change - John Waite
    "People talking And they're saying that you're leaving So unhappy With the way that you've been living Oh oh oh We always wish for money We always wish for fame We think we have the answers Some"
  • People - Sophie Zelmani
    "I can wake up to a bad day I know how to go from there But you Ican't handle It's not that you're not welcome You're amazing in my eyes It's me that change too much around you You are one of those people I"
  • How Many People - Paul McCartney
    "How Many People Stand In A Line? How Many People Never Get A Chance To Shine? If You Can Tell Me I'll Gladly Listen How Many People Have Died? One Too Many Right Now For Me I Want To Be Happy, I Want To"
  • How many people - The Jet Set
    "Ive never seen a young girl so cocky, I got women twice her age that normally jock me Shes got body like (what) Curves like (woe) And shes all iced up from head to toe Only 16, willing and able Im starting"
  • Cast Will Change - Dead Moon
    "Wish I'd been born on a Georgia farm Wish I'd never seen the city's harm Wish I'd been sown like an innocent seed Stranded in the country 'stead of on the street Sooner or later the cast will change Watched"
  • Will The Change - Superheist
    "Why does the score have to be like this? Come see the blood on the edge of my finger tips, On the edge of the world I am waiting for you. Ha! Care for a taste of this? Its gonna get you high, Eyes that"
  • Nothing Will Change - Number One Fan
    "Don't go away yet. I haven't felt this dead in years. This room's full of people With drinks in their hands, And nothing but nothing to say. Don't go away yet. It seems like everyone I love is gone. I'm"
  • Things Will Change - KRS-One
    "Hands in the air! (X 4) Good looking, word... DJ Revolution, word up... Let's do this, kid... Here we go! A good time, a good vibe, and a house with a court Good life, good wife, a little food for"
  • Change - Sparks
    "The rain is falling down I feel like a dog that's been kicked out into the street I know that dogs can't drive cars But that's about the only difference between us now But wait, there's a rainbow over"
  • Change - Sean Kingston
    "Change, Change, Change,Change, Change, Change,Chorus:Oh i wish i had the power, the power to change the worldBut im just one man trying to do it on my ownOh i wish i had the power, the power to change"
  • Change - Sarah Connor
    "I just wanna give you something you can talk about Although it's kind of controversial, betcha think about You're looking fine, it's kind of strange Sometimes you really dream of a change All the talk"
  • Change - Blues Traveler
    "Music & lyrics: john popper I can feel the autumn on the summer's heels I hate to notice how much colder the night it feels And you're leaving Yes, you're leaving Time to change Time to change I can"
  • Change - Feeder
    "Looking through my window shade Stare at streets that bare no name Now it all looks strange to me Yesterday seems like a dream But I often try too hard To break the routine of my day Turn around see"
  • Change - Daniel Merriweather
    "i saw a dried up withered old rich man turning on a garden hose, i see a young man picking up a gun i guess thats where the money goes (yeah), am i just as good as a bad man sleeping when the rest are"
  • Change - Waking Ashland
    "Do what you want Just as long as you don't get caught You'll always know But that's not how you were taught See I don't know if you should come back to your home It's not what she would have wanted You're"
  • Change - Christina Aguilera
    "When I was young I would look in the mirror Didn't know it then but now it couldn't be clearer I remember being filled with such wonder Before learnin’ that the world could be harsher Who Who you love"
  • Change - Francisco
    "it was like a dream i will talk about it all the time we spend i just knew i had it all u wantet what for me to give it all u took from me well i got just lost at all i tell u how i feel it wouldnt mean"
  • Change - T-Pain
    "('''Intro, Diddy''') I'll do anything for you For you I'll change the world No more wars No more poverty No more hurt No more pain You showed me how to love again For you I'll change the world Pain Sing ('''Chorus''') If"
  • Change - Jennifer Nettles
    "(Chorus) Change, can I water this down for you? Change, don't know how you will take this news Change, something's wrong and I can tell Change, this is gonna hurt likeā Well, underestimation is my"

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