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hsm3-Walk Away

  • Walk Away - Traveling Wilburys
    "Every time I have to lie it tears me apart Every time I see you cry It takes a piece of my heart I know that I said never never walk away from you I know that I said I'd always be there my whole life through I"
  • Walk Away - Donna Summer
    "Just another emotion Is this something more If it's only a passionate phase I'd rather just close the door Turn away, turn away, turn away Walk away, walk away, walk away Walk away When you know that"
  • Walk away - The Sisters Of Mercy
    "And in the summer when the clouds show through I might go the same way too if You and I could talk together Well what am I supposed to do with You and I would walk together Then with always close around"
  • Walk Away - High School Musical Cast
    "''Vocalizing:'' Ooh, Ooh, Ooh, Ooh, Ooh. I guess I should've known better, to believe I'm a lucky chain, Oh. I lent my heart out forever, and finally learned each other's names. I tell myself, "this"
  • Walk Away - High School Musical 3
    "Vocalizing: Ooh, Ooh, Ooh, Ooh, Ooh. I guess I should've known better, to believe I'm a lucky chain, Oh. I lent my heart out forever, and finally learned each other's names. I tell myself, "this time it's"
  • Walk Away - John Foxx
    "When I walk away I notice That the streets won't stay in focus And then when I turn my head I'm listening As the pictures slowly shifting Back again When I walk away When I walk away I walk away Walk away Walk"
  • Walk Away - Racoon
    "You cover your eyes, if you can't stand the side walk away You cover your ears, so you don't have to hear walk away You cover your nightmares, you put them away 'cause if nobody knows then they might go"
  • Walk Away - Eric Clapton
    "(Marcy Levy and Richard Feldman) You leave a trail of tears wherever you go. One of us will hold you, the other one won't. But I could never share your love or leave it behind. Break his heart, not mine. Do"
  • Walk Away - Blessid Union of Souls
    "No one has all the answers, For the questions on your mind. You just want to know the reasons, The reasons why. No one said it would be easy, There's morals and guidelines in this life. But they can't"
  • Walk Away - Amanda Wilkinson
    "You used to say that we were cut from the same cloth Ticking on the same clock, Something fine. You used to say no fire ever burned as hot as us, now you're saying goodbye. You always said that we"
  • Walk Away - Franz Ferdinand
    "I swapped my innocence for pride Crushed the end within my stride Said I'm strong now I know that I'm a leaver I love the sound of you walking away Mascara bleeds a blackened tear And I am cold Yes, I'm"
  • Walk away - Dokken
    "A faded picture from your heart Was all you left for me I'm still waiting, stanging here To see what I could see Your love i borrowed just like time It wasn't mine to keep But the love we shared I thought"
  • Walk Away - Vanessa Hudgens
    "I guess I should've known betterto believe that my luck could change(luck could change) oooI let my heart and foreverFinally learn each others names(each others name)I tell myself this timeit's differentno"
  • Walk away - Oliver Wakeman Band
    "Do you ever bleieve do you ever fear to breathe do you ever feel so small and all alone could you never catch your breath and do you sometimes pray for death do you ever feel remorse for what you've done I"
  • Walk Away - Kristine W.
    "You tell me that I was created for you That nobody else makes you feel like I do And I want to believe that it's true When you make all of these promises Fabulous plans You fill me with hope Painting pictures"
  • Walk Away - Plumb
    "I didnt call you cause you would make a fuss so i wrote it in a song for you you're no longer where i am inside we're too differnt me and you you can go your own way and i'll go mine (just walk away) you"
  • Walk Away - Rez Band
    "Every time we walk away We walk away from You No chance in a million years When we walk away from You Why do we turn to go Why do we walk away from You Every time we live that way We walk away from You We"
  • Walk Away - Burden Brothers
    "Walk Away Lyrics It's just like you to ruin every happy situation When things were right you had to make them wrong, and always did I finally got strong enough to pack it in and walk away Walk away,"
  • Walk Away - Marc Anthony
    "It's over now, gotta face it one last time we'll never make it work Heaven knows we've tried livin' this lie, holdin' on for so long no it won't be easy But it's time to be strong Walk away, walk away Don't"
  • Walk Away - Cerf & Evelio feat. Jaren
    "Well I know you dont need me The way that I need you And I know you dont crave me The way that I crave you I dont need you to save me When everythings crazy Cause I know you wont chase me Whenever I want"

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