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hudobna skupina trend

  • Trend - Mediengruppe Telekommander
    "Vorsicht..... Gebt mir ein t-shirt Mit andreas baader drauf Und einen catwalk Fr den tagtraumdauerlauf Komm hohl auch du dir Preisgnstig revolution Mit ein zwei freibier Und che-guevara-kondom Wir sagen (chorus) Vorsicht,"
  • No trend - Koopa
    "So Take yourself and go Cause I don't even care if I don't see your face again This is not a trend I know not to depend on you cause I know this is the end Your work, it must be done Go ahead and tell"
  • Alternative - Another Trend - Agathocles
    "Preaching things You don't even understand Being alternative Just another trend Acting depressed To trick all the rest You say you are you But I can see through you People believe Your lie-based truth Even"
  • Death Trend Setta - Crossfade
    "Yeah, it's what I've become that I fear the most I never thought it could get so wrong I believe there's a part of me that I cannot beat A part of me that I can't defeat The side of me that just doesn't"
  • Gegen Den Trend - Rantanplan
    "Emanzen und Konsorten bauen sexuelle Festungen. Das A-Team ist lngst eine Mbelspedition. Thermische Politiker sollen gehen wo sie wohnen. Die Jugend fhlt sich zu Crashtests berufen. Mehr als alles andere"
  • This Week The Trend - Relient K
    "And this week the trend was to not wake up till 3pm I picked the few conscious hours that I chose to spend and slept away the rest of them and this week the trend was to crash and burn and then return"
  • Such A Terrible Trend - Halifax
    "I said I'm sorry for the rain, and where it all fell down So I'll kick in the engine, get myself out of town To all my disbelievers - I'll teach you to believe We get addicted to our medicine, we create"
  • The Natural Trend Of Breathing (2006) - Someday Never
    "{{Album| |fLetter = T |Artist = Someday_Never |Album = The Natural Trend of Breathing |Released = 2006 |Genre = |Cover = |Length = |star = Green }} # '''[ ]''' #"
  • I Think I Started A Trend - Brad Sucks
    "washed up on the shoreline getting sand in my face i took it hard and now i'm spending my days drunk lying around in total comfort and sin and if you believe me i can do it again sold out all my friends"
  • Trendy - Reel Big Fish
    "everybody's doin' the fish yea! yea! yea! everybody's doin' the fish, yea, yea, yea... it's not so bad bein' trendy everyone who looks like me is my friend please don't hate me because i'm trendy they're"
  • Trendy - Cosmopoliss
    "Nie wolno tak jak czuję, nie wolno tak jak lubię Bo można bardzo szybko utracić miejsce w tłumie Nie można jak mi pasuje, nie bardzo można szczerze Bo muszą być pozory, że to nie jest przeciw wierze Co"
  • Trendy Fuck - White Kaps
    "Wanna kiss you like they do on TV Wanna fuck you like they do in magazines Hang out at the bars, get all your drinks for free Now it's two o'clock and you ended up with me, you trendy fuck, trendy"
  • Trendy Girl - Tune
    "She's so fabulous Looks like a movie star A twinge of jealousy It's her philosophy A big night on the town Let's make our bodies sway I bet she's never turned away My trendy girl... She's out of my league Crown"
  • Skag Trendy - View
    "Skag trendy thought he new just what to do, He was only seventeen and he was out screwing the brew, He thought that parents were too old and teachers told him what to do, He's master skag trendy 'n' he'd"
  • Skag Trendy - The View
    "Skag trendy thought he new just what to do, He was only seventeen and he was out screwing the brew, He thought that parents were too old and teachers told him what to do, Hes master skag trendy n hed like"
  • Trendy Winds - Millencolin
    "Trendy winds are blowing through my hair the punk-elite are checking everything I wear I'm tired of their endless whine, why can't they mind their own cause what I am is what I will be Don't need you"
  • Pomaganie jest trendy - DKMS Team
    "Krzysztof Ibisz: Pomóżmy zwalczyć lęk, sięgajmy głębi serc. Jesteś potrzebny, pomaganie jest TRENDY. Nie metki ciuchów i nie kolorowe sny. Gest jest potrzebny, pomaganie jest TRENDY. Refren: Edyta CAYRA"
  • Nie jestem trendy - Andrzej Sikorowski
    "Ja przy kawie w kafejce za rogiem Środek lipca, więc czułam się bosko On się przyszedł oswajać z nałogiem I udawał, że czyta Masłowską Ale w końcu odstawił kieliszek To już było pod koniec rozmowy I poczułam,"
  • Let's Kill The Trendy - Sloppy Seconds
    "You've seen them in the malls A bunch of kewpie dolls You've seen them in the halls at school They just wanna dig the rave I just wanna dig their grave And plant 'em somewhere near the pool C'mon, it's"
  • I'm Genuine (Trendy Wankers) - Oxymoron
    "What do you wanna hear? Well I haven't f**king changed Some progress has been made but my attitude's remained the same You'd better expect f**k all, I owe you no excuse I don't need to justify my affairs"

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