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hunter slaves

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hunter slaves

    "The people are freezing And the water is warm And the ice caps are melting What will happen when they're gone Will the experts look stupid And invert the facts Will they gave you back your donations Or"
  • Slaves - Bad Religion
    "threaten your freedom We've done without for 20 years, so think if we really need 'em We're all just slaves for the troop commanders We're all slaves for the troop commanders We're all just slaves for"
  • Slaves - Suicide Commando
    "our life is a torment paved with sorrow and pain we are the martyrs slaves of money and greed we are the victims cursed to live in hell obey the system show me the face of hell we are the slaves of society oppressed"
  • Slaves - Cyclefly
    "Let me feel your voice, your not alone. 'Cause we are slaves to choice, it brings us home. Your not alone, your not alone. Staged high, a high, a high, high. Let me feel your voice, your not alone."
  • Slaves - Carnal Forge
    "Faster and faster, still not on time, cash is the fuel for every onesince that day we were born 'til the day we day, we learn how to reject ameaning of life Victims, we are all fucking slaves Raping unknown"
  • Slaves - Scariot
    "What have you become? Your mind has been distorted Paralyzed you follow the masses Unable to stand on your own feet Your choices have already been made How can you obey the ignorant? They pollute your"
  • Slaves - Gospel Of The Horns
    "Like the wicked rule the weak Like all conquerors have their keep I'll tear my marks into your arms Paralyzed but still you're charmed Like the great white circles it's prey I rise above their deceiving"
  • Hunter - Gotthard
    "Trying to hide from every shadow Scared from every noise that's comin' through Got a 24 hour run You know, I'm still around Hunting you Bad places, dark faces Keep on runnin' for your life Cause I'm"
  • Hunter - 30 Seconds to Mars
    "If travel is searching And home has been found I'm not stopping I'm going hunting I'm the hunter I'll bring back the goods But i don't know when I thought i could organize freedom How american of me This"
  • Hunter - Narcoze
    "Walking through the shadows Waiting for the hunt Waiting for a sign to make his move Running through the trees Searching for a mark Shooting in the dark without a reason Hunter Make your name through time Hunter Feel"
  • Hunter - Galantis
    "I am the hunter I’m the great unknown Only my love can conquer I am the hunter Into the wild we go Give up your heart, surrender Cuz I;m, I;m the hunter We’ve been on this road To a place that one day,"
  • Hunter - Wanda Jackson
    "There's a stranger in town called the Hunter wild and reckless lovin' is his game He'll whisper lies and lure you to his pitfall and leave you trapped in your own shame The Hunter's always looking in the"
  • Hunter - Iced Earth
    "A force of light an angel Sent through time to destroy Avenging the dark ones Descending angelic force Heaven sent the hunter Her mission to crucify Slay the hellborn His offspring demonic force Chorus"
  • Hunter - Bjork
    "if travel is searching and home has been found i'm not stopping i'm going hunting i'm the hunter i'll bring back the goods but i don't know when thought that i could organise freedom how scandinavian"
  • Hunter - Sandra van Nieuwland
    "I'm a hunter, but I won't hunt for you I'm a lover, keep my eyes closed I'm a runner, but I can't run from you I'm a sinker, in your waters I crash, pick up the pieces oh well hey it's coming up You silently,"
  • Hunter - Matt Pond PA
    "of all the breath laid on me yours seems sincere of all the thoughts incomplete yours seems so clear hunter do what you want to hunter do what you please and though they seem confused inside a box filled"
  • Hunter - Schelmish
    "You think you are safe wrapped in this night and space hidden without the sun you are the hunted one running away from me you think you are free with just one step wrong that freedom it will be gone If"
  • My (Fucking) Deer Hunter - Fear Before The March Of Flames
    "When we start, we lack a rulers knowledge When we grow, we gain the tools to conquer I'll kill the king just for a taste of copper Where did the fins go? What are these limbs for? If we leave, we don't"
  • Hunter - Heather Dale
    "I promise you nothing, I take only that which is free I'd give you a life full of risk, and the whirlwind of joy that can be Don't try to bind me, just love me without any greed And I'll give you the world,"
  • Hunter - Dido
    "With one light on in one room I know you're up when I get home With one small step upon the stair I know your look when I get there If you were a king up there on your throne would you be wise enough to"

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