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  • Hunting - New Musik
    "Bold hunters all fall down Hunting, hunting This is the hunting ground Hunting, hunting Sold out so go home Nirvana on display Hunting, hunting Gives back to take away Hunting, hunting Sold out so go home No"
  • Hunting - Spragga Benz
    "Cho: Hunting, hunting, hunting Haffi find something, something, something Waan pick a cherry, still mi woulda cut a pumpkin But mi woulda merry if mi coulda get a virgin Yes, Mi hunting, hunting, hunting Haffi"
  • Hunting - Holy Mother
    "You booked us a flight You took us for free You got us to sign Intelligence played on me Don't care if we die Your money is king You never grew up And you're wondering where's your sanity Stop playin'"
  • Hunting - Janne Da Arc
    "Kono machi ga yami no wo matoiTsuki ga mitasareSora ni wa meku houseki gaChiribamerareteWatashi no kodou ga hageshiku naruKonna yoru ni waMou dare nimo tomerarenai wa yo dake waYawarakana kuchibiru"
  • Mushroom Hunting - Tulivu-Donna Cumberbatch
    "Let's kick the beat It's your turn The conga drums Listen to the rhythm tracks Africa Mexico Sicily Tiajuana India Osaka Indonesia Africa Mexico Sicily Tiajuana India Osaka Indonesia Africa Mexico"
  • Hunting humans - Misfits
    "Upon this threshold of disaster The birth of the eleventh plague The fires burn at night, I begin to doubt the smell of burning flesh Will ever fade away The touch of death is all around us A thousand"
  • Hunting Song - Korpiklaani
    "Huntin is going on we are a part of the wilderness Hunting is going on only the fast will survive in the forest we prowl looking hard for deers Hunger croaks in our stomaches our eyes as the wolves' We"
  • Hunting Humans - Deeds Of Flesh
    "Fearing death from war A priceless scandal arises Scared people's muscle tissue To be sold to others as meat The scandal will end Human butchers have no remorse For their choppings It's only a job to"
  • Hunting Season - Sodom
    "I was granted no quarter Because you forgot the rules The words I said are Sure to come true Your empty promises Treacherous and blind Your deceitful lies call The war back to my mind I learnt a way to"
  • Hunting You - Charisma
    "I get so confused I dont know whos hunting who Its a game of pleasure and pain When i run in the woods This is a trap for you This is a trick i made you do Giving up is easy to do I watch your every"
  • Hunting Humans - 122 Stab Wounds
    "I Enter You Will All My Hate And Penetrate What's Left of You Now You Know That All Your Faith Cannot Stop The things I Do Haunting Memories Reappear As I Hold The Victim At Hand Hunting Humans... A Journey"
  • Hunting girl - Jethro Tull
    "One day I walked the road and crossed a field to go by where the hounds ran hard. And on the master raced: behind the hunters chased to where the path was barred. One fine young lady's horse refused the"
  • Hunting Season - Rykers
    "resumption of the worst habit where has your conscience gone no respect or consideration dropping those you leaned on sorry... is that all you can say? walking by as if nothing mattered its not nearly"
  • Husband Hunting - Lynn Anderson
    "I'm lonely and I'm looking for a husband like I do every Friday at this time A frisky thinking whiskey drinking husband I'm looking for a husband and he's mine If there's a tavern in the town then that's"
  • Hunting Song - The Pentangle
    "Pentangle "Hunting Song" As I did travel all on a journey Over the wayside and under a dark moon Hanging above a mountain I spied a young man riding a fine horse Chasing a white hart and all through"
  • Hunting Song - Pentangle
    "Pentangle "Hunting Song" As I did travel all on a journey Over the wayside and under a dark moon Hanging above a mountain I spied a young man riding a fine horse Chasing a white hart and all through"
  • Chicken Hunting - Insane Clown Posse
    "Verse 1 : Well, I'm heading down a southern trail, I'm going chicken huntin' Chopping redneck chicken necks I ain't saying nothing To the hillbilly stick my barrel in his eye Boomshacka boomshacka hair"
  • Hunting Eye - Octavia Sperati
    "Breathing without air Screaming with no voice Existing with no life Thinking without my soul The ancient force rose from oceans of feelings to shatter the ice of your heart A yearning for deceit and greed"
  • Hunting humans - Rainbow
    "Justify, speak the lies, close your eyes As we make love Touch my skin, let the fun begin, once again I hear your cries, rise oh rise Feel the nails, tell tales trails across my spine Beautiful Silken"
  • Hunting for eggs - Tweenies
    "We're hunting for the eggs We're hunting for the eggs Ee-aye-aggio we're hunting for the eggs I'm hunting on the ground I'm hunting on the ground Look they're here behind us I found them on the ground"

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