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hurricane bright

  • Hurricane - Kris Delmhorst
    "Babe, you always were a hurricane, The way that first you'd rage and then you'd rain. And all the calm there in your eye, just felt like a lie, it always changed. You could see it coming on for miles, Ripping"
  • Hurricane - MS MR
    "Didn’t know what this would be But I knew I didn’t see what you thought you saw in me I jumped the gun so sure you’d split and run ready for the worst before the damage was done The storm never came or"
  • Like a hurricane - Kathy Mattea
    "A little bit south of West Virginia, The miles go by and the engine roars. I've come so far trying to forget you, So far from that slamming door. Day dawned bright in the Shennendoah. The sky's a cool"
  • Hurricane - CHASSIO
    "We can change the world Cause heaven is a place on Earth We can change the world Just call my name Call my name We can change the world Cause heaven is a place on Earth We can change the world You?re"
  • Hurricane - Dogs Damour
    "Hey, hey, hey, hey Hey, hey, hey, hey Oh, theres this guy I know Hes an actor, he may be let go He just sits in a bar His beautiful wife she loves him so And he loves her I hope he never lets her go He"
  • Hurricane - Bush
    "Sky's ripped open by the sun Daylight comes but not soon enough Speed down your track in search of you Strapped to the back of what we do Anaesthetise these troubled nerves Over to you to make it work Agents"
  • Hurricane - Athelete
    "All the places we grew up with Playing hide and seek Disappearing while we all sleep Is it something we gonna get used to? Is it something we gonna get used to? Oh Hurricane Oh hurricane All the millions"
  • Hurricane - Faker
    "I stand in line That kid's not right Some line of sight Still got the hype Hurricane's gone to school La la la, ooh la la la, ooh la la la Hurricane breaks the rules La la la, ooh la la la, ooh la Hurricane"
  • Hurricane - Rihanna
    "Hurricane Rihanna, Rupee uh Warning, warning! The hurricanes coming So all your haters out there, yes you better start running Lock your doors protect your homes The hurricanes coming through the microphone Blowing"
  • Hurricane - One Night Only
    "This is a hurricane I'm running for the miles I'm going nowhere But I'm young, I'm alright This is a riot, girl And you are the drums We are a chorus, people You are the lungs This is a hurricane! Come"
  • Hurricane - Athlete
    "All the places we grew up with Playing hide and seek Disappearing while we all sleep And it's something we've got to get used to And it's something we've got to get used to Oh hurricane Oh hurricane All"
  • Hurricane - Dr. Feelgood
    "(Dave Laredo) Lookin' at the blood red sky (Alone in my window) Heard another distant cry (Alone in my window) Wind up and I go inside (Alone in my window) I gotta have another try Rushin' by the blood"
  • Hurricane - Bette Midler
    "You drove into town like the wind. Hot on the heels of the rain. And in your eyes all is calm. That's why they call you Hurricane. You blow me away. You blow me away. Ooh, what a powerful force howling"
  • Hurricane - Y&T
    "Cold chill down your back You feel the power about to attack The wicked sky, it screams with pain You hear its warning and it drives you insane Gonna drive you insane Well, its a hurricane, yeah And its"
  • Hurricane - Impellitteri
    "Your sit with your eyes shut On the edge of your seat Nervously waiting So pathetic and weak Adrenaline runs through your veins Fear slowly sets in The bell in the black tower rings The showdown's about"
  • Hurricane - Eric Benet
    "Standing here in disarray A calm serenity The winds of change can devastate And it took this much for me With nowhere to run and no reason left to hide Gonna hold on All the walls around are broken down Now"
  • Hurricane - The Fray
    "She's so fierce and fuelled like fire, What's the boy to do? She doesn't like pressure, She's got the power, She's barely five foot two, She's a hurricane I see the waves crashing in the harbour"
  • Hurricane - Tapping The Vein
    "I will never tell you I'd rather sew up my mouth I'd choke sooner than ever say it out loud Figure it out I still wish you were here I am breaking down from breaking in Give me the wings to fly I am breaking"
  • Hurricane - Joan Osborne
    ""I am a genius I am a diamond My pretty tongue gives you a freezer burn I think above you in three dimensions Come in here, you can never return Like a hurricane in the face of the wind and the rain like"
  • Hurricane - Kim Carnes
    "(Kim Carnes/Bill Cuomo) Warning there's a storm approaching I see it is moving our way I can't reach you The wind hurts my eyes And we've got to hide We have got to run Away from the hurricane We have"

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