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hurt blood ters

  • Hurt - Jeanette
    "You're not alone in this world when you think you are Ill show you that youre not Ill share the pain when it weights heavy on your heart when you are hurting And if your world falls down around you, Ill"
  • Blood For Blood - Blood For Blood
    ""All Fucked Up" Well as of late I think I've tripped and gone astray Maybe I'm no good Somewhere along the line I've lost my way in life Maybe I'm no good Waiting for a better way, waiting for the better"
  • Blood - Fly To The Sky
    "I can't stop myself from loving you Fate had already decided this before my life began My mind can't stop missing you I've tried and tried again to erase you, but you remain like a scar My eyes are covered"
  • Harsoinen Ters - Hassisen Kone
    "Voi muovi syd munkkeja ja rauta laulaa taas Voi betonilla paistatella piv ihanaa Kai puu on paljon kokenut ja nhnyt elm Mutta tss tulee se, jonka varjoon kaikki j: Harsoinen ters Voi ihminen kuin ihminen"
  • Hurt You - Blood For Blood
    "What you see is what you get What you said ain't always what you meant Things were said and things were done But in the end who turned tail and run You were so blind and you were riding so high But you'll"
  • Escape The Hurt - Typecast
    "impossible to match i'll try to be calm blood stain screams out your name i'll try hard to take it off the moment is haunting me so i sleep and escape the hurt please try be yourself i'll try hard to be"
  • Hurt N' Pain - T-Bone
    "Dialogue: Man, Lord. Just got so much hurt n' pain inside me, you know what I'm sayin'? People think just cause I got records or sumpin' I don't feel hurt n' pain, huh, thinkin' I ain't human or sumpin',"
  • World Of Hurt - Luxt
    "I feel a softening of my will to the deeper pleasures the darker corners draw my gaze from the simple glitter I've started liking the feel of crawling through the stinking wet walls of piss and litter"
  • Hurt And Virtue - Cradle of Filth
    "Distant vistas Swathed in the haze Of the reddening sunset Fell to whispers 'Neath stars that marred descending skies From the cusp of midnight mountains Wending as a mist Rebels truced with Feriluce (In"
  • Native Blood - Testament
    "Whenever I stumble, whenever I fall Whenever I’m pushed against the wall This white man’s world won’t tell me what to do Nowhere to run my native blood I wanna reach and touch the Sun Blistering my soul"
  • Blood In Blood Out - Jedi Mind Tricks
    "(Some guy) If one does what God does enough times, he becomes as God is If you put it together, you get what you wanted what you desired, if you do it enough times He believes, you become one who is desired,"
  • Vital Blood - Stauros
    "She doesn't know what happened She is stuck in the concrete She only hears her baby's cry She is hurt, sad, desesperate Her body is weak and fragile She calls out for the lord The blood can save... She"
  • Judah's Blood - Afterhours
    "You know when you return I'll be up and gone With your ideas I will hock all of your things Recycle all I think Survive in here Take me there - let me taste it Such a shame when you waste it You knew"
  • Muscle & Blood - Glenn Hughes
    "Somebody's waiting With a gun in his hand Standing in the shadows He's making a plan But he don't see nobody Only a fool would mess with the boy Lying in the gutter In the dead of the night I'm looking"
  • Blood Brother - The Mission
    "I gave you flowers and you gave me faith We are minds and hearts that move as one Chameleon, warrior, gypsy and brave Turn our eyes to the heart of the rising sun You and me, we are blood brothers You"
  • Blood Pigs - Otep
    "(used) (blood pigs) (blood pigs) I'm sorry I'm ugly all that I am and I can never live up I'm failing, I'm angry afraid of the ways they pretend to be us it's fucked up, I'm different words remain my"
  • Mexican Blood - Thin Lizzy
    "She was a mexican girl, she had mexican blood I seen it the night that she died She was a mexican girl, she had mexican blood Oh how she could drive that mexican boy wild He's on the run near el paso And"
  • Hurt - Spock's Beard
    "Tension build in the center ring It's all agreed Can only mean It's gonna hurt Hurt Gonna hurt Hurt See the girls walkin' down the street I can tell Where this'll lead It's gonna hurt Hurt Gonna hurt Hurt Love"
  • Hurt - La Mafia
    "I'm so hurt to think that you lied to me I'm hurt way down deep inside of me You said our love was true And we'll never, never part Now you've got someone new And it breaks my heart I'm hurt, much more"
  • Hurt - Elvis Presley
    "(words & music by J.Crane - A. Jacobs) I'm so hurt to think that you lied to me I'm hurt way down deep inside of me You said our love was true And we'll never, never part Now you've got someone new And"

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