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  • That's When I'lll Believe That You're Gone - Craig Morgan
    "Verse I still get up And make enough Coffee for two And everyday when I pray I still thank God for you Even though my friends all tell me That you're long gone I'm gonna keep hanging on To you Chorus When"
  • Lost - Suburban Phlight
    "I touch this skin the feelings strange I don't know myself but you know my name I'd give all of my heart to feel something Sell all of myself just to be something Cry out loud Shout it out Tear"
  • Stick It - MU330
    "Why you gotta make it so criminal I gotta stick it gotta heed to stick it I need to stick it I'm so physical in the morning stick it noon and night I stick it its in my head again I'm so physical why you"
  • Please Becareful With My Heart - Heart Evangelista
    "If you love me like you tell me Please be careful with my heart You can take it just don't break it Or my world will fall apart You are my first romance And i'm willing to take a chance That till life"
  • Angel - Shinhwa
    "kutorok barewadon shigani watso, norul wihan naeui kipun mamul turoso choumputo urin saranghal subagge opsona bwa nunbushin nomane wedingduresu rul ipgo ddollyo onun kasumun ddo tojil dut dwigo noeui"
  • Cruise Control - Headless Chickens
    "Sometimes days seem to move just like a big fat man sometimes days seem to end up where they first began i've got my t.v tuned to channel you because there's nothing else that i can do maybe i should set"
  • To Live Without It - The Spill Canvas
    "And there I was all misty-eyed just lickin' it up. What became of your self-inflicted wounds. And then the blood started running and running right from your nose. But you just let it flow because the colors"
  • Knock The Black Off Yo Ass - Three 6 Mafia
    "(Hook 2x) It ain't no bitch in my blood nigga its nothing but thug(2x) I'lll knock tha black off yo ass(4x) (Project Pat) ({North North} repeated throughout verse) The main nigga on the block where it's"
  • Knock Tha Black Off Yo Ass - Three 6 Mafia
    "It ain't no bitch in my blood nigga its nothing but thug [2x] I'lll knock tha black off yo ass [4x] {North North} The main nigga on the block where it's hot talking shit I be the main motherfucker"
  • Manny Fresh Mix - Unlv
    "Verse 1: It aint ove yall i got some shit on my chest these niggas bittin beats given me reasons to flex, you know they know when we catchem we gon bag em' tie them clowns up 3rd wall stockem' we gon"

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