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i'lltake care of you

  • Care - Wynn Stewart
    "Care oh what a beautiful word for those who had somebody to Care where they go what they do what they say And if they are happy or blue Care wish I could recall how it was when somebody cared long ago Cause"
  • Care - Youth Brigade
    "I see them everyday, strangers in a way But I know them all the same You can't see them in the light, they're obscured from your sight It's not a matter of wrong or right They think there's nothing to"
  • Care - Hudson Taylor
    "You're not under cover You're just connected to the shame of your secret lover It never works out in the end if it keeps on going you might lose your only friend It's all connected, baby, It's all connected"
  • Care - BriBry
    "I'd be lying if I said I never thought of dying alone But I'm so vulnerable to just about everyone And only one friend knows me I sigh when another year is over Where I've so little to account for Oh what"
  • Care - Lunik
    "Excuses are falling through my fingers like sand Reasons vanished nakes and embarrassed replaced by guilt I used to curse the storm outside while letting it in And now oh I feel it pulsing inside of me I"
  • Take care - A Change Of Pace
    "I'm chasing timeLooking for a beatOpen your eyesAnd repeat after meYou try so hard to find a rhythm in your heartbeatThe less you know the more you wantTo try to justify the secrets of your lifetimeIn"
  • Take Care Of You - The Bass Plays Wrong
    "It's more than three years ago but it's like the first day When I got you to know I just thought please stay. There was just your hand That took me And you said come on Let's try We met sometimes aand Drank"
  • Take Care Of You - Shanice
    "Ummm oohhh ahh ohhh, (verse 1)Been workin all day long, Tryin 2 get your hustle on Society has put the pressure on you, To make it hard to for you to do what you do. Gotta let you know that your not alone (Hook)"
  • Take Care Of You - Ella Henderson
    "I know you’re hurting I know it’s rough I know you seen s omany things that mess you up I know i ma learning I know i ma young But when the shit gon’ hit the fan, i’ll be the one"
  • Take care of you - Marc Anthony
    "chorus:girl i see how you're looking at meand i must say you're looking sexybut the truth is my baby has been good to megirl the way that you move's so temptinggotta say that i like what i seebut the truth"
  • Don't You Care - The Buckinghams
    "If you don't love me Why don't you tell me Instead of running around With all the other guys in town Can't you see You're hurting me Don't you care Don't you care If you don't want me Why don't you"
  • Care About You - Modern English
    "There's many things in this whole world, That everyone should care about, The way you look into my eyes, It means everything to me, If I could tell you how I feel, But I don't know where to start, Close"
  • Care For You - Lisa Bund
    "Hear the wind in the trees Looking to the falling leaves The sun hanging low The summer seems so long ago But no matter how far you may be I'm sure you're in my dreams And no matter oh where you may be Care"
  • I'll Take Care Of You - Gil Scott-Heron & Jamie xx
    "I know you've been hurt by someone else I can tell by the way you carry yourself But if you let me here's what i'll do: I'll take care of you I've loved and loved the same as you so you see i know what"
  • I'll Take Care of You - Kenny Rogers
    "I'll take care of you Times are hard and rents are high What can the working girl do? But struggle through another day Then I'll take care of you. Nights are long and dreams are cold If they're all you"
  • I'll Take Care Of You  - Dixie Chicks
    "Times Are Hard And Rents Are High What Can A Working Girl Do But Struggle Through Another Day Then I'll Take Care Of You Nights Are Long And Dreams Are Cold If They're All You Wake Up To But Should You"
  • I'll Take Care Of You - Dixie Chicks
    "Times are hard and rents are high What can a working girl do But struggle through another day Then I'll take care of you Nights are long and dreams are cold If they're all you wake up to But should you"
  • I'll Take Care Of You - Van Morrison
    "I know you've been hurt By someone else I can tell by the way You carry yourself But if you'll let me Here's what I'll do I'll take care of you I loved and lost Same as you So you see I know Just what"
  • I'll Take Care Of You - Anita Perras
    "If this life should lead you down a lonely road And you want someone at your side I wanna be the one to share your love Lovin' arms where you can come and hide When the world weighs on your shoulders When"
  • Still take care of you - Marquess
    "I wanna go Home, but I don't know where it is 'cause the Day you told me that leave and you took your Love away. Said it's Time to face the Truth. Some new Identities. But I still love the Way that you"

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