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i'm alone you're alonedust in all my everything


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i'm alone you're alonedust in all my everything

  • You're My Everything - Gary's Gang
    "You're my everything the sun that shines above you makes the blue birds sing the stars that twinkle way up in the sky tell me I'm in love When I kiss your lips I feel the rolling thunder to my finger"
  • You're My Everything - Anita Baker
    "Ooooh Baby Got the sun in the morning I got the moon at night I got your arms around me, everything's alright Holdin you tight is how I'd like to spend all the rest of my life Feel the warm breeze blowing Down"
  • You're Everything - Bo Bice
    "As long as you're who I'm with Praise you with my dying breath Pull my heart out of my chest God, I'd do anything. I'll open every car door, I won't go out any more I'll even eat off the floor God, I'd"
  • I'm All Alone - Original Broadway Cast Recording
    "King Arthur: I'm all alone all by myself there is no one here beside me im all alone quite, all alone no one to comfort me or guide me why is there no one here with me on the long and winding road to lift"
  • You're Not Alone - Maaya Sakamoto
    "I've walked so long I can't remember - where was my home? Their distant faces fade away I'm always on my own. I can show a smile It's not hard to do. I can have the strength to go on But sometime I wanna"
  • I'm Nowhere and You're Everything - Chris Thile
    "Chris Thile Miscellaneous I'm Nowhere and You're Everything It's not yet 6, the sun's not up and Father take away this cup is running through my throbbing head because if he had then I'd be dead Feeling"
  • Everything - Sparkle
    "Everything (Oh) Oh...ooh...oh... Everything Oh...ooh...oh... Let me stop and take some time to talk about How you came into my life and turned it 'round When I met you, you knew I was all alone Then you"
  • I'm Alone - Jean Shepard
    "Staring through my window pane I watch the raindrops kiss the street below My thoughts run like an endless road that never seems to lead to anyplace I could have been in tangled web of yesterdays that"
  • I'm Alone - White Town
    "Stay with me till the clouds are gone Understand you're the only one I feel your closeness like a missing key You've got me all over you You're all over me I'm alone In the lay by we wait for cars to"
  • Alone - Michal
    "You will never know my true intent You're heaven sent But I'm hell-bent On ruining it all Throwing away everything I have Everything I am In your frame you look like art And I can't start to let"
  • My Everything - Owl City
    "When my hope is lost and my strength is gone I run to you and you alone When I can't get up and I can't go on I run to you and you alone 'Cause you're my light in the dark and I sing with all of my heart Hallelujah My"
  • My Everything - Cauterize
    "I still miss you, I still care Sometimes I swear you're still here Do you miss me? Do you care? Does it hurt that I'm not there? Told me you need something better What is better than love? Told me you"
  • Alone - Falling In Reverse
    "Oh! This is the end of every thing that I've known Oh! This is the end of every thing that I've known So come on! White boy on the beat rocking Gucci sneaks All I do is win, Charlie Sheen Started out"
  • I'm So Alone - Mad Caddies
    "I'm so alone I don't have no home So when you gonna bring your sweet love on home to me Red Mary come from the ground Well she take away everything She make everybody feel high She let me down I said"
  • You're My Everything - Krystal Harris
    "YOU'RE THE REASON (modulating) CHORUS: You're the reason why I found my way And you're the reason why I feel this way And you're the reason why I have to say I had to let you know you're my everything So"
  • You're My Everything - Tal Bachman
    "Every time that I look in your eyes I know love never dies oh baby... Love is blind, and I can't see Cupid's aimed his bow right at me I love you and adore you, You're all that life could bring, Baby"
  • You're My Everything - The Temptations
    "You surely must know magic girl Cause you've changed my life It was dull and ordinary You made it sunny and bright Now i was blessed the day i found you Gonna build my whole world around you, Your every"
  • You're My Everything - Slaughter
    "Lookin' back on time Ooh we had it made Together we had the world Just you and I It begins to fade Now I spend my time Wishin' you were here with me Oh I wanna tell you now Wanna tell you now Just look"
  • You're Everything - Kate Alexa
    "Right from the day, I saw your face, and it all just felt so right. And when I look back, I see the smile, you gave to me that night. Your are the gate right to my heart. I wanna live like this forever"
  • All Alone - Chris Richardson
    "I thought we had it all planned But I guess I was wrong (wrong, wrong) Gave you a piece of my heart Then you turn around and you're gone Now what you think I wouldn't find out? Why don't you tell me what"

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