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i'm dreaming i'm dreaming tonight


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i'm dreaming i'm dreaming tonight

  • Tonight I'm Dreaming - Fifty-Fifty
    "Yes, I know what you doing baby And you know how to make me feel so good Yes, I know what you doing baby Like a new your good. Yes, I know what you doing baby And you know how to make me feel so good Yes,"
  • Dreaming - Fool's Garden
    "Dreaming. It's not that easy anymore when you say Dreaming Did you close the opened door while In there We've never been so near the light Without you. I'm only half the man inside See me You're so much"
  • Dreaming - Alicia Keys
    "Tryna keep my feet on the ground But my head is in the clouds Love's so hard to find But you know that it's on my mind Got me in a days I know I'm hung up to this place But it's too good to deny I close"
  • Dreaming - Cascada
    "Dreaming, I'm always dreamingDreaming love will be mine Searching I'm always searchingHoping someday I'll find Someone, someone to love me Someone who needs me but until then I'll keep on dreaming Keep"
  • Dreaming - DJ Dado
    "This is my reality Who knows if it is okay My dreams come around It's lonely, lonely You tell me I will survive to all my dreams But I can share them to my reality They don't belong to me (I don't know"
  • Dreaming - Alisha's Attic
    "I'm only dreaming, I'm only dreaming Like I'm staring out a window of my life All that I could see for miles are roads to paradise (I might get up, I might get there before my eyes) I'm only dreaming,"
  • Dreaming - Kiss
    "Close your eyes and take a look at your life Do you like what you see My eyes are open but I feel like I'm blind, it's all returning to me I wanna know, does a frozen river flow Things you said fill my"
  • Dreaming - Mans Zelmerlow
    "I am dreaming, I'm believingYou can save my soulI can still see you here with meNothing matters moreDreaming I'm dreamingI'm dreaming of youThe good times, the bad timesThe bright and the blueWe had it"
  • Dreaming - Fun Factory
    "Once upon a time there lived three young men and one young lady They travelled the world from place to place Country to country Spreading the joy of fun. Now I want all y'all to know That without"
  • Dreaming - Aurora
    "(Verse 1) So you see right through me Am I really here If I told you something Would you even care Would you even dare So unexpected, this circumstance I'm unconected Could we take a chance (Chorus) On"
  • Dreaming - 98 Degrees
    "(Chorus) Dreaming of you Dreaming every day and every night of my life But someone else is holding you tight So I'll see you in my dreams girl Have you ever wanted someone so bad That you didn't care if"
  • Dreaming - Mavado
    "Gangsta for life Tell dem dat We got to make the money That's most of us hopes and dreams But don't you go and bow for it Go in the streets and struggle for it See I was dreaming that I'm floating on"
  • Dreaming - Movado
    "INTRO Gangsta for life Tell dem dat We got to make the money That's most of us hopes and dreams But don't you go and bow for it Go in the streets and struggle for it CHORUS See I was dreaming that I'm"
  • Dreaming - Linda Kiraly
    "Te vagy az egyetlen.Mirt hagytl el?lmodni fogok rólad rkk...The story never really ends.It goes on and on, till I find away to forgive and forget.Tell me, why was I so blind?And you know it still hurts"
  • Dreaming - Scribe
    "Check it out, 1, 2, hey yo, hey yo I came a long way since back in the day From a teenager trying to make a rap in this way Ever since I was a kid I had something to say Rocking mics was a dream I didn't"
  • Dreaming - Atomic
    "Once I had a love and it was a gas Soon turned out had a heart of glass Seemed like the real thing, only to find Mucho mistrust, love's gone behind Once I had a love and it was divine Soon found out I"
  • Dreaming - NØRBY
  • I'm Dreaming Again - Thunder
    "Cold water eyes, blue as cartoon skies I can't forget She was everything, part of who I am, my one big regret Cos it's over now, but a part of me's still waiting Though I couldn't tell you why When I"
  • I'm Only Dreaming - Small Faces
    "If the smile on my face Doesn't mean much any more Then its all been just a waste of time So wont you close your door But when I look into your eyes I feel there's still something there And something's"
  • I'm over dreaming - Kylie Minogue
    "(Ohh, when you treat me like you do) 1a: You're stringing me along With just a hope to carry on That hurts me And you know I've tried To keep my tears held back inside 1b: But why am I waiting for you"

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