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i'm jumping to another

  • Jumping - Liberty X
    "(everybody say let me see you again every body say) I wait until the clock hits midnight hit it fast I'm out the door pick me up before you drop by oh yeah i'm ready from my head to my toes now we're"
  • Jumping Around - Rentals
    "Sometimes, I feel like being young Jumpin' around, jumpin' around There can be a comfort in Being loud (Marshall stack loud) Acting 'bout half my age Everything's come a couple years late I guess"
  • Start Jumping - Jump 5
    "everybody in the place start jumpin' everybody in the place start jumpin' jump jump jump jump jump jump (everybody in the place start jumpin) jump jump jump jump jump jump jump jump jump jump! There"
  • Jumping - INXS
    "Say when you get down Look to your left Say when you get up Look to your right Figure out the puzzle Make sure the pieces fit tight Jumping around all nite long Jump and jump and It's up to you There"
  • Jumping - Ice
    "Say when you get downLook to your leftSay when you get upLook to your rightFigure out the puzzleMake sure the pieces fit tightJumping jumpingAll night longJump and jump and it's up to youThere is no surefire"
  • Long Jumping Jeweller - Little River Band
    "LONG JUMPING JEWELLER WRITER GRAHAM GOBLE Everybody can't be heros, but some can still try, to make their lives a little different before the time it goes by, now I live up around the north shore in"
  • Jumping Jack Flash - Guns N' Roses
    "I was born in a cross-fire hurricane And I howled at my ma in the driving rain, But it's all right now, in fact, it's a gas! But it's all right. I'm Jumpin' Jack Flash, It's a Gas! Gas! Gas! I was"
  • Jumping Jack Flash - Vains Of Jenna
    "I was born in a cross-fire hurricane And I howled at my ma in the driving rain, But it's all right now, in fact, it's a gas! But it's all right. I'm Jumpin' Jack Flash, It's a gas! Gas! Gas! I was raised"
  • Get It Jumping - Chief Keef
    "Let's get this shit jumping Get these hoes bussin' Nigga's sneak dissin' Well they ain't sayin' nothin' Them bullets get the touchin' Them veins get the bussin' Cause bullets come a dozen And they burn"
  • Jumping The Shark - Far-less
    "I'll try to find my inspiration in this beautiful day. Since there is nothing else worth watching on my t.v. Everyday I wake up but there's somewhere else that I would rather be. Do you know what I mean? Do"
  • Jumping The Shark - Tabula Rasa
    "Wait in line for another purpose to fall in place No conciliation in staying here alone Retrace back to a date when this all started And set us in our ways When minds were made and sides were taken for"
  • Jumping Jack Flash - Rolling Stones
    "(M. Jagger/K. Richards) spoken: (Everybody seems to be ready, everybody ready? We are sorry for the delay [....] The greatest rock and roll band in the world The Rolling Stones!) (Watch it!) I was born"
  • The Jumping Jive - Cab Calloway
    "Hep-hep! De-boodle-de-ack, de-boodle-de-ackasaki! Hep-hep! Oh, rang-tang, te-dah-dah, Hep-hep! Gonna tell you 'bout the jumpin' jive, Hep-hep! Jim, jam, jump, the jumpin' jive; Hep-hep! Cats gonna"
  • Jumpin Jumping (remix) - Destiny's Child
    "(Lil' Bow Wow) uh uh uh oh uh huh uh huh you already know yea uh huh uh huh so so what the name what the name what the name be (Destiny's Child) So he say he got a girl (my) Yeah true you got a man (name"
  • Jumping My Shadow - Skyclad
    "["And ever has it been that love knows not it's own depth] Maybe someday someone will love me for what I am (instead of what I should be.) Until that day I'll just sit here weeping, chasing dreams is"
  • Jumping In With You - Joseph Arthur
    "Help me after the travelling Come back through Help me after the travelling Glad i missed you Down by the lake In your heart I'm making it too Down by the lake In your heart Jumping in with you"
  • Jumping Jack (The Kick Hurts) - Holly Palmer
    "You're a jumping jack It's like I'm on crack Every time you come back I forget how much the kick hurts Wow, I can't really step out and say "That dude he sent me flying" For sure, for sure he would"
  • Jumping Off - Walkabouts
    "Dressed in jealous clothes She drove to the black hole Out past to where the roads turn into sand No crmies worth a dime 'Less you look it in the eye And she drove And she drove Past the debts that he"
  • Jumping Ship - Midnight Aria
    "This city's streets are tearing me apart And I just wish for one second that i could call this place home forget about it we wont take this lying down we wont take this lying down ive got it all, ive got"
  • Another - Mandalay
    "If truth could speak I need another I swear it's due I need another When I Get scared When I recover I'm sure that there Can be another And your life is chained Close to another Her shell is deep In laid"

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