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i'm not afraid to fly


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i'm not afraid to fly

  • I'm Not Afraid - Face To Face
    "I didn't want a second chance Now that's exactly where I am Back where I didn't want to be Back where I knew you'd find me out I've never been afraid of you I never will admit the truth I know there's"
  • Afraid To Fly - Ms. Dynamite
    "In my heart the sharpest pain, The darkest clouds up in my brain. Anger so immense and rage so deep, Each time he took one away from me. It's only now I see, They were angels too good to be Here in this"
  • I'm Not Afraid - Black
    "The cotton is high The field is still full It?s dust is drifting everywhere A harvest moon comes up in the sky The blues to shake me, wake me It's a long way down to the birth of the blues I haven't very"
  • I'm Not Afraid - Fleming And John
    "I'm afraid of growing old I'm afraid of staying young and running out of fun I'm afraid of photographs of mom and dad when they were young I'm afraid of spening my life Waiting for a day that may never"
  • I'm Not Afraid - Jill Scott
    "I'm not afraid to be your lady I'm not afraid to be your whore I'm not afraid to be your future I'm not afraid to be your soil In which you plant your seed Flowers, they sprout for me My fragrance in the"
  • I'm Not Afraid - Ricky Nelson
    "I'm Not Afraid Ricky Nelson (F. Bryant) Love they say is serious It's not a child's game It can make or break your heart But, darling, all the same I'm not afraid (I'm not afraid) No I'm not"
  • I'm Not Afraid - Roger Hodgson
    "Oh, what a way to go We're goin' down slow We're movin' to the rhythm We're letting it flow We're steppin' out of time It's freaking your mind We're livin' in the body And we're doin' just fine Tell me,"
  • I'm not afraid - Masterplan
    "Black oil on water - Dark soul in painMy eyes cry softly in the pouring rainRising from the ashes where the fire took it's tollAnd the wheel keeps turningAs the wind is blowing coldI'm not afraid you knowI'm"
  • I'm Not Afraid - Rebecca Martin
    "(R. Martin) I don't mind that I'm not afraid The weight of words in a sentiment "I can love" he said Finally my heart will lead my mind Stop the maddening thoughts And simply be with you. I'm not afraid Three"
  • I'm Not Afraid - Dead Moon
    "Crashing throug the twilight spell Miracles are not for sale Maybe I'm ahead of the fall Drifting out of paradise Taking exit 95 It's to close to call I'm not afraid Crossed the unidentified Discovered"
  • I'm Not Afraid - Pink Cream 69
    "Yeah... A disturbing vision in my mind The only thing you will find All my thoughts just fade away And its killing me inside The chaos that Ive come to know It echoes from my head to toe Wicked thoughts"
  • I'm Not Afraid - Frank Sinatra
    "(R.McKuen, J.Brel, G.Jouannest) One afternoon I came to hear You sing a soft song into my ear Who would have thought quite by chance We might engage in a loving dance? Coming together, coming apart Lost"
  • I'm Not Afraid - Remy Zero
    "Tonight we can no longer fight we can never return to it once we begin to see through the eyes up over heaven would you ever return to me in the end? i'm not afraid of you at all if you turned away"
  • I'm Not Afraid - Howling Bells
    "I've been where the sun don't shine I've been where the trees have all died I've been where there's no pathway or door And I'm not afraid anymore Been in a place where no one believes The things"
  • I'm fly - 213
    "Wooooh Ya!welcome to da church volume II exclusive 213 (hah hah) my nephew Nate Dogg in da house Nate Dogg holla at 'em where u at Ridin' in my car And im listening to the radio Im listening to a sad"
  • Afraid - Hagen
    "Kenny was afraid to die just like many a troubled kid Kenny was afraid to die even more afraid to live Kenny was afraid to cry so he stayed away from love Kenny was afraid to fly he burned the feathers"
  • I'm Afraid - Oingo Boingo
    "Afraid of the dark Afraid of the light Don't walk in the park Afraid of the night Afraid to get stabbed Or hit by a car Afraid of the streets Afraid to go far Afraid of the sky Don't like to be"
  • Afraid - David Bowie
    "I wish I was smarter I got so lost on the shore I wish I was taller Things really matter to me But I put my face in tomorrow I believe we're not alone I believe in Beatles I believe my little soul has"
  • Afraid - Loraine McFarland
    "Verse 1 I don't know Why I can't let someone in Tell me Is it you or is it me Am I scared or to afraid to put my trust in anyone nowadays. Don't lie Tell me im a bitch, I know it Go on spill it"
  • Afraid - Russell Crowe & 30 Odd Foot Of Grunts
    "(Crowe) Waiting here somedays, and looking inside. You can't live your life on your own love, Well not all the time I need somebody, from outside of me, To come and give me all the things that I have"

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