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i'm sexist and i

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i'm sexist and i

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i'm sexist and i
  • Aus Rotten Sexist Appeal
    "Saturated with sex stereotypes gender roles reinforce inferiority Exploiting anatomy, exploiting sexuality, preying on insecurities Force fed proper mannerisms, treated different from the date of birth Raised"
  • Johnny Winter I'm Yours And I'm Hers
    "I'm Yours And I'm Hers You know I'm yours and I'm hers Somebody else's too, oh yeah You know I'm yours and I'm hers Somebody else's too You know I'm two-times seven mamas, ah Do just what I wanna do Let"
  • Manfred Mann's Earth Band I'm Up And I'm Leaving
    "''chorus:'' I'm up and I'm leaving Gonna spread my wings Gonna get out the country and do big things I'm up and I'm leaving Gettin' out of this place Gonna get on the Green Line to join the rat race And"
  • Remy Ma I'm
    "You look like a bitch gotcha face all bent up I like a pimp got my gators and my pimp You take orders and run errands I take vactions with killers and four time felons You outside on line like where"
  • Black Rebel Motorcycle Club And I'm Aching
    "I can't wait for long my darling all I have to keep me strong All I have will go, all I have will go And I move on, and I move on And I am aching, and I'm aching I can't wait for long I'm sorry, all I"
  • Beatallica And I'm Evil
    "My mother wuz a witch, burned alive-ooooh! And if she ain't my bitch, you'd cry tearz too I'm evil Now of revenge I sing, most evilly The shit on you I'll bring, most metally And I'm evil Vengeance like"
  • Mystikal I'm
    "(Intro: Mystikal) MAN!! (I ain't never felt like this before) DAMN!! I ain't never felt like this before I AIN'T RIGHT!! fuck, this shit ain't right Huh, huh, I AIN'T RIGHT!!, huh Shit ain't right (Chorus:Mystikal) I'm"
  • Lara Fabian I'm
    "How many miles, how many steps must I take?How many tears, how many times can I break?Show me the meaning nowShow me the reasons whyDoes it make sense somehow?All that I am is what I was and who I'll beHere"
  • Flatt And Scruggs I'm Traveling On And On
    "Oh I was lost in the darkness and I wandered astray With no one to help me see along on my way Until I heard Jesus calling saying Come unto me and I'm traveling on and on Oh Lord I'm traveling on by my"
  • The Wonder Years I Was Scared And I'm Sorry
    "I've been obviously on the verge of a mental breakdown this week Stuck between your dirty sheets and back-lit memories And I've been putting off things like getting my shit out of your apartment I've been"
  • And Then I Turned Seven Goodbye (I'm Sorry)
    "Time has run out, for me. Everything's distant and I don't know what to believe. It's so hard, lost in the world confusion. And I need to leave, for a while. Life is so meaningless, there is nothing"
  • Boyzone I'm learning I
    "I never meant to hurt you baby I didn't wanna cause you any pain But you never knew how I felt now honey And you know you didn't even know why So I wanna put my heart in it's place And I wanna be"
  • Butt Trumpet I'm Ugly And I Don't Know Why
    "I was walking home from school one day When I saw Danny standing there I tried to show him my dirty underwear He showed me his and nothing would compare And he said CHORUS You're ugly What the f**k gave"
  • Dave Dudley I'm Sick And Tired
    "Every night I stay out I swing and I shout like tomorrow won't ever come But I lose my charm when I hear that alarm then I know what I've done With an oversized head I'd like to stay in bed if I do I know"
  • Velasquez Regine And I'm Telling You
    "And I am telling you, I'm not going You're the best man I'll never know There's no way I can ever go No no no no way, no no no no way I'm living without you I'm not living without you I don't wanna be"
  • Sesame Street I'm An Aardvark And I'm Proud
    "I'm an aardvark, and I'm proud! I'm an aardvark, and I'm happy! I'm an aardvark, If I try to be specific And a little scientific, I am feeling quite terrific! I'm an aardvark, fierce and free! I'm an"
  • Box Car Racer And I
    "I am lost in the crowd I'm standing in line I'm feeling so down And I am full of doubt She's not the one take notice Hear me out I want her, need her And you always will pull me through I'm tired This"
  • Avril Lavigne And I
    "I am lost in the crowd I'm standing in line I'm feeling so down And i am full of doubt He's not the one Take notice,hear me out I want him, need him And you, always will pull me through I'm tired This"
  • Bonnie Tyler And i
    "And I am telling you I'm not going. You're the best man I'll ever know. There's no way I can ever go, No, no, no, no way, No, no, no, no way I'm livin' without you. I'm not livin' without you. I don't"
  • Wolfsheim And I...
    "Hoping... feeling... I will come back to you And hold you in my arms And I... I know you're wrong but I can't change a single thing It's like it's ment to be! Inside I feared to find it... That you cannot"

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