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i Love to party when i'm home alone

  • When I'm Alone - The Rifles
    "Everytime i catch your eye in the streetlight Late at night when i walk you home I hate to think that your not mine So then ill try to make you feel i dont want you I dont want to go down that road we"
  • Home Alone - Keith Murray
    "It's gonna be a party y'all Keith Murray rocks wide and universal and most come Combine with R.Kelly and prove it can be done Non stopin' Def Squad and Rockland I here somebody knockin', yo R the party's"
  • Home Alone - Bowling For Soup
    "I see her out almost every night She's with her friends, and I'm with mine Oh man she looks so nice (Break the ice) Jet back hair and big blue eyes Gonna hate myself if I If I don't make my move (Get"
  • Home Alone - R. Kelly
    "(feat. Keith Murray) It's gonna be a party y'all Keith Murray rock vibes, verse you with Universal Where no one come, combine with R. Kelly and prove it can be done Non stoppin' Def Squad and Rockland I"
  • Home alone - R.Kelly
    "It's gonna be a party y'allKeith Murray rock vibes, verse you with UniversalWhere no one come, combine with R. Kelly and prove it can be doneNon stoppin' Def Squad and RocklandI hear somebody knockin',"
  • Aaron's party - Aaron's party
    "Here's a little bit of old school for ya, That goes a little something like this... I always tried to be the flyest kid in the block The popular one with the rising stock So that's when I had this"
  • I'm Alone - Jean Shepard
    "Staring through my window pane I watch the raindrops kiss the street below My thoughts run like an endless road that never seems to lead to anyplace I could have been in tangled web of yesterdays that"
  • Alone - Lisa Loeb
    "i want to be by myself, sometimes i do. i don't want to be left behind, but sometimes i'm left by you. i press my tongue to the top of my mouth, 'cause my jaw, it was tired with the thinking. i stretched"
  • Alone - Cirque du Soleil
    "Alone Watching life from above Free from hatred and love Watching life slowly pass me by Alone Soaring over the crowd With my head in a cloud Here, where no one can see me I fly Looking down from the"
  • Alone - Blues Traveler
    "I said "I love you" She began to cry She said she needed a friend I said "I'll try" Soon we'd say nothing Somehow I never wondered why You see, she left me She left me I'm alone I'm alone I'm alone I'm"
  • Alone - Trespassers William
    "You gave me cold glass love You've got teeth for biting And you've bore a hole in me You and me, hot and cold You have crossed all safely While I teeter on my rope Better than me, and I know You are"
  • Alone - Toby Lightman
    "Everybody needs someone to cling to Everybody needs someone to call their own No one wants a love that you can see through No one wants to spend their whole life alone Someday I know he will surely find"
  • Alone - Asher Roth
    "uh. know what I mean we all, we all got our own thing, and heres mine.. verse one: Now my things was cool I swore id never break the rules straight with you cause I could relate to you stay with"
  • When I'm Alone - Brandon Heath
    "When I'm alone The faces they come and they go They all say that I haven't changed I wish I could stay But be where you are The countrys and citys so far This is my job and my gift But sometimes I get Scared That"
  • Alone - Michal
    "You will never know my true intent You're heaven sent But I'm hell-bent On ruining it all Throwing away everything I have Everything I am In your frame you look like art And I can't start to let"
  • Alone - Stephen Simmonds
    "(Verse 1) My fate has been sealed, my fate has been shown It's left me no shield, it's left me alone... The lonely one's weak, but doesn't lay down The lonely one speaks when no one's around... It's"
  • When I'm Alone - Jil Is Lucky
    "Tell me why when Im alone My room looks bigger than it is My left hand is stuck on the phone The other one scratches my knees I press my face against the window And my ears against the wall I hear the"
  • Alone - Chuckie Akenz
    "Yeh, uh huh A life is a game, Everybody gotta play it, But when the game is over, Ain't nobody gon' say it, Whenever we pass a second, As my pushing inside, If the day came by, and I die, Would they cry? Coz"
  • Home - Home Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros
    "Alabama, Arkansas, I do love my Ma and Pa Not the way that I do love you Well, Holy moly, me oh my, you're the apple of my eye Girl, I never loved one like you Man, oh, man, you're my best friend, I scream"
  • I'm Not Alone - Widespread Panic
    "I see what I do, first look at the phone Turn on your TV Unscrew a bottle of beer, An orange square cellophane cheese First I think of this, and then I turn to that Maybe I just don't think Might sing"

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