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i am an alien

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i am an alien

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i am an alien
  • Eternal Decision Alien
    "I don't belong here Stranger to this world This place is not my home Alien This land of darkness I do not know My streets are paved with gold I am an Alien We have traveled on this far Far away from home With"
  • Gilby Glarke Alien
    "Can't watch my television Ain't enough science fiction? I'm scuzzied out of my head Powered down everything The static's deafening All wired up for the end Am I on top of the world? I'm crashing down"
  • T.M.Revolution Alien
    "Youre so cool with your white lie. I miss you wasting all of my time. As soon as I am able to tell. All of you to go to hell. Everything will be the right way. U must be some kind of an alien. And I felt. Association"
  • Bush Alien
    "The satellite comes and goes We give each other all we know In silence we still talk By the light of the stereo we waltz And will you rain down In your cinematic love truck I'm gonna hold you like Nothing's"
  • One Fine Day Alien
    "they're so spoiled and living deep down in their holes demanding more with deep profanity never satisfied, grabbing greedy souls can't understand how they replace sanity and I feel so distant I'm an"
  • Oblivion Dust Alien
    "She has just touched heaven But acts as though it's broke She can't help it She can't mend it Alien...Alien... I stole the colors off her And changed myself just like her They don't see me They"
  • Toploader Alien
    "I drove from nowhere to relive my past Felt like an outsider, feel the same now Its funny how you get so much further When you feel like an alien Thank God I was never a thinker I would have never have"
  • Erasure Alien
    "Cuts to the quick Pure emotion, a trip No word of a lie Oo-ah, oo-ah, oo-ah Pressed to your lips We collide, slowly twist Ardent and lithe Oo-ah, oo-ah, oo-ah Seeps into the ground Kisses"
  • Nerina Pallot Alien
    "Brother won't you look at the sky There's something burning so bright And what it is I can't see But I think it's coming at me Did you get here in a rocket And journey through space Did your mother never"
  • Jefferson Starship Alien
    "Are you an alien? Are you from this earth? Would you care to tell me Details of birth? Did you just emerge from thin air? Can you even tell me Are you really there? Jet age dreams From days gone by The"
  • Britney Spears Alien
    "There was a time I was one of a kind lost in the world out of me myself and I Was lonely then like an alien I tried but I never figured it out Why I always felt like a stranger in a crowd Ooh that was"
  • Lamb Alien
    "This was a body Now it's a home For you, my little alien I feel you moving It's oh so strange Do you like the music Am I a happy home What's it like in there I'm a happy home I hope it's cosy in there If"
  • Die Antwoord Alien
    "I am a alien No matter how hard I try I don't fit in Always all on my own, sad and lonely All I want is for someone to play with me Long ago I was a little girl yet I was never ever able to fit in My"
  • Orange 9mm Alien
    "I transmit with speed, I'm an acid caress Like a viper tightening deaf but quiet Now there's some of us I'd like to forget When the rains die down and the world is perfect If my nerves just freeze in response"
  • Robert Wyatt Alien
    "I sleep on the wing Above the rainclouds Blown by the wind (no roots on earth) No ground below (no ground below) Just ruins (timeless) Dandelion clocks (drifting) Am I from Venus? (higher, higher) No"
  • Pennywise Alien
    "Everyday convince myself of everything I can and can't believe abused confused Everyday you feel every crime just stare up at the sky and wonder why afraid deranged Hold on to your promise you can"
  • Genesis Illegal Alien
    "Got out of bed, wasn't feeling too good With my wallet and my passport, a new pair of shoes The sun is shining so I head for the park, With a bottle of Tequila, and a new pack of cigarettes I got a cousin"
  • Michelle Lewis Everyday Alien
    "(Michelle Lewis/Teddy Kumpel) I've been discovered My trip is over I'm not really one of you Nothing is mine but the cracks in the skyline I guess it's time to tell the truth Outside I'm normal, but"
  • The Androids She's An Alien
    "She finds it hard to be the positive one Under her rock she feels quite safe Hangin' out with her can sometimes be fun But other times I'm in a state of shock We make up but not much later I'm stung"
  • Gary Numan An Alien Cure
    "So I wandered like Jesus Like an alien cure Searching for my disciples Dispossessed and alone. So I looked deeper Into evil And I came closer To your corruption. I took a virgin like Mary And said "I"

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