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i am kloot some better day

  • Some Better Day - I am Kloot
    "Between the worlds that I don't say, beneath your sacred nights and day, through the gales of life and laughter, when you can't you see what you're after, the evenings in the afternoons are measure with"
  • Some Day - Aselin Debison
    "Some days I feel sad and lonely some days I feel fine... Some days the clock just ticks too slowly and I wish away my time. I wish away my time when you come to me I realize how wonderful my life can"
  • Better - Sugababes
    "World, where I am drowning I sink so slow The under tow Dragging me down just like all my fears Trying so hard not to disappear There's nothing clear Want something to believe in Nearly crushed"
  • Better Day - Cliff Richard
    "I've sailed an ocean I've sailed an ocean before you Thought I was free Thought that I was free before I met you Now I'm no longer the same I've found the dream that I have been waiting for I'm always"
  • Better Day - Saving Jane
    "I have been asleep so long now All locked up without a key I have tapped my feet impatient For a change to come to me I've been hanging my hair Outside this tower Waiting for a savior When all along I"
  • Better Than I Am - Cindy Alexander
    "So you quit another job and you save another cat You know that I'll always respect you At least for that Take another toke Offer some to me How many times do I have to tell you it alienates me?"
  • Better Than I Am - Buckshot Lefonque
    "Another day Staring out of my window Thinkin' 'bout tomorrow Wishing things would clear No nee to rush I ain't gonna worry Any moment my sorrow Is bound to disappear Chorus: Sometimes I tell myself I'm"
  • Some Other Day - Bad Vocabulary
    "When I come to school every morning, I know the kids will laugh at me Just because I'm different it's hard for them to see. I wish I could take homeschooling so I not a wicked flogging. If I'm ever treated"
  • Some Sweet Day - Big Maceo
    "Some Sweet Day 2:48 Trk 13 (S. Martin, R. M. Jones) Big Maceo Big Maceo - vocals & piano w/Tampa Red - guitar, Clifford Jones - drums Recorded: Tues. July 28, 1942 Chicago, ILL. RCA Studio C Album:"
  • Pray For A Better Day - Bianca Ryan
    "Pray for a better day. (2x's) Sometimes it feels, like, nobody cares. And, sometimes it feels like I'm the only one thats there. And I cry myself to sleep. And I wake up on my knees, and I pray.... For"
  • Better Do Better - Hard-FI
    "You're back, sitting on my doorstep, ah yeah like nothing happened. Telling me you're free and oh, can you see me again? Yeah right, you've been kicked out, do you think I'm that stupid? You say"
  • Better do better - Hard-FI
    "Your back sitting on my door step Oh yeah like nothing happened Telling me that you're free and oh, can you see me again? Yeah right, so you've been kicked out Do you think I'm that stupid? You say"
  • Better - Kirk Franklin
    "If I could I, I'd get away far from all this trouble I see everyday Nobody wants to show their face This life is like a, like a mascerade I know you love me I know you care but while I'm hurtin I"
  • Better - Good Riddance
    "there's no sense waiting in this state i've realized too late there's only so much left inside only so much space to hide i've dreamed of castles in the air but i've never found out where i need"
  • I Believe - I am Kloot
    "I believe in the hallelujah chorus of the shopping malls we say we cant, we know we shant, well of course we shall Cause I've seen, I believeThat we are forever something which is incomplete we trade ourselves"
  • A Better Day - Multicyde
    "Chorus A better day when night belongs to dawn Another way for us to get along Although some might say its never meant to be You gotta be strong, a better day will come This ain't fiction, its all reallity You"
  • A better day - T.I.
    "It's Okay Tomorrowll be a better day When ya rent a day late and ya tryna stay straight But the only way to get it is to slang that weight Okay, tomorrowll be a better day We all Came in the world with"
  • Some Minds - Flume
    "In our home all day I waited for the change Something warm that I could say Somehow I don't care Though I love the clothes she wears And I love her body bare So I pray that it wont feel the same Don't"
  • Some Day - Blackfield
    "When you were a boy You had no place inside your parents' world You were falling like the leaves From an old and dying tree You went to school But the teachers made you feel a fool While the children"
  • Some Day - Brolle Jr
    "Time is tight My heart I burning like a lantern light Lost at sea The water's rising and the hours fly Some day I thought love would come my way Someone Would pick me up and ease the pain You came (my"

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