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i am love scream on the sky

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i am love scream on the sky

  • Scream - Billy Idol
    "Ooh yeah You can fill my cup You can fill my bowl This train is ready to roll Your eyes of fire Have stole my soul Still coming back for more You are the lock I am the key Climb up my lemon tree You are"
  • Scream - The Benjamin Gate
    "I want to be clothed in heaven I want to be covered by Your sky I want to be swallowed up by love I want to be swept away (Chorus:) You know I'm calling out Your name And Your love frees me just"
  • Scream, Scream, Scream - Ludo
    "A man is many things Let's count them all tonight You're letting go of strings Replacing them with light But I want the hit about the teenage take on pain There's nothing catchy about the life of a saint But"
  • Scream - Bob Catley
    "There's a line of speech inside us, each is different yet the same And it lies in wait, to shine, to say, "it's over" once again It seems to me, such a tragedy, that love should have to end So I've learned"
  • Scream - Kelis
    "Been running in place for such a long time Stuck in a race in the wrong line When it all came down on me. And I havent had faith for such a long time Am I outta place or out of my mind Should it all"
  • Scream - BoA
    "Underneath a setting sun Something wicked your way comes Who am I? Just a dream Sent to take you, shake you, make you scream Try to see - there - behind my eyes Be in me - ah - you're hypnotized Such a"
  • Scream - Kill Hannah
    "I saw the clouds forming tornadoes in the sky The winter winds blew on lake Michigan that night I carved your name into my arm So I would remember you Sometimes it hurts so bad I don't want to know what"
  • Scream - Echobelly
    "What's it all about ah ha ha, Spent my whole life praying for a chance to be here, And things are not the same as expected, It's been a hard time. Oh to be wrong, There's no heaven in the sky, Have you"
  • Scream - Timbaland
    "'''Timbaland''' I got a plan for you and I. Let's journey across the Venetian skies. '''Keri Hilson''' Can I have some of your cookies? '''Timbaland''' Can I have some of your pie? May I cut the first"
  • Scream - High School Musical Cast
    "The day a door is closed The echoes fill your soul They won't say which way to go Just follow your heart To find you're here for Open another door But i'm not sure any more It's just so hard Voices in"
  • Scream - Wyrd
    "Came home exhausted Still thinking about you Checked the inbox only To find that there is nothing new It's like hoping for the sun to rise In the midst of heavy rains Yeah, we better have this analyzed Before"
  • Scream - High School Musical 3
    "The day door is closed, The echo's fill your soul. They wont say which way to go, Just trust your heart. To find what you're here for, Open another door. I'm not sure anymore. It's just so hard. The voices"
  • Scream - Missy Elliott
    "(feat. Timbaland) Music.. Huh, huh.. ohhh.. Huh, huh.. ohhh.. Huh, huh.. ohhh.. I met him in the Bahamas, I love that nigga per-sona Smoke that nigga marijuana, get freaky call me Madonna Lay on the"
  • Scream - Warhead
    "people are coming to take me out of my house don't understand the angryness of the crowd bursting windows raining down the floor don't realize what they are reaching for GET OUT! running, falling, slavering"
  • Silent Scream - Cinema Bizarre
    "Was walking in the shadows So nobody cared Your smile led me from the distance And without the smallest chance All these memories They come back When Im asleep Youve taken my dreams I dont need no fakes"
  • Sky - Sonique
    "Look at me It really was not easy But I can breathe And I'm so grateful 'cause I can see I am free to do exactly what I please So come with me to a place where we can be Ooh I wanna touch the sky I wanna"
  • Scream - The Goo Goo Dolls
    "Scream scream scream i start to scream Every time I start to dream Scream scream scream out my little lungs Oh, I gotta climb some rungs Scream scream scream 'Til your brain erupts Rapid eye movement"
  • Scream - DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince
    "Yeah Yeah Hell Yeah Come on So all you people on the left (Are you ready to rock the house) People on the right (Are you ready to rock the house) People up front (Are you ready to rock the house) Man"
  • Scream - In Flames
    "We are ordinary people, We all live different lives In the end we're pretty much the same We're just living in differnt lies We just live in differnt lies! They scream, You scream, I scream We scream but"
  • Scream - Iris DeMent
    "Scream scream scream i start to screamEvery time I start to dreamScream scream scream out my little lungsOh, I gotta climb some rungsScream scream screamTil your brain eruptsRapid eye movement got hit"

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