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i am not your door mat

  • Door mat - Tommy Heavenly6
    "Hey If you are nice to anyone you will be stepped by one kidzukanai no? It is better choose your friends! yeah yeah yeah "itsuka wa wakatte moraeru yo" nante honki na no? MIIRA ni nacchau yo? fuminijirarete DOAMATTO"
  • I Am Not - You're Pretty
    "How can I when you took it all from me? How can I survive when you tell me I'm nothing? I don't know who I am anymore, 'cause you stole it all from me, Here I stand with my hand on the door, too weak"
  • Door - Frenzal Rhomb
    "Door You don't have to wait in line But you do it all the time I'd be happy to pay the fine My decision's not a crime Get out of my face I don't care if you're not Jase If it's me you must"
  • I Am The Door - Day Of Fire
    "You said you would have but u couldn't let go You said you should have but you needed some more I know you would have, if you could have it all You said you would have, but you needed, needed some more You"
  • I Am Not Your Broom - They Might Be Giants
    "Now broom you must now sweep for me The dust it fills my room No john i will not sweep for you For i am not your broom What nonsense are you speaking broom? My words you must obey Another life awaits"
  • I Am Not Your Gameboy - Freezepop
    "don't play with me I'm not your toy oh can't you see I am not your gameboy don't mess with me I'm not your toy just look at me I am not your gameboy 6 double A batteries, and I'm good to go 700 milliamps,"
  • I Am Not Your First - Tatu
    "Hello... Hello... Do you see wind? So what? Just look at the window. So what? It was sun yesterday. So what? Why are you always saying the same thing? I am -answering machine. Just to calm down, Silence"
  • The Door - Emmanuel Carella
    "Am I faster or stronger so I can run away? Getting older and wiser learning more each day Am I big enough or tough enough to look the other way? From the high class geeks to the negative freaks and all"
  • Knockin' at your door - Glenn Medeiros
    "I used to thinkI lived to be in loveBut what I had to giveWas not enoughNow you look into the mirrorAnd you'll seeThe reflection of just how Our love used to beAnd love we had it allWe wanted even moreWe've"
  • Next Door - Mars Ill
    "(Verse #1) If the eyes are the windows of the soul, then the mouth is the door Where the pieces exit freely way beyond your control And they're not yours anymore. Walk tall in bent stride And propaganda"
  • I Am Your Provider - Altar
    "You are not alone tonight The reason you can't sleep is lying next to you You are afraid you'll die A dull pathetic life scares the hell out of you You wet the bed with tears and sweat The bastard on your"
  • I Am Your Clock - Lard
    "I am your clock I am your religion I am your shotgun mechanical bride nothing is done without my approval I own you I decide how long you sleep And how much rest You are ever allowed I decide what you"
  • I Am Not - Melissa Ferrick
    "I am not smooth I am not soft I am not angry or mean I'm just a little shut off Shut off like the answer no Or like the way water never holds I want to be Better than I am Oh yes I want to need Nothing"
  • I Am Not - Ferrick Melissa
    "I am not smooth I am not soft I am not angry or mean I'm just a little shut off Shut off like the answer no Or like the way water never holds I want to be Better than I am Oh yes I want to need Nothing"
  • Wolf At Your Door - Meat Loaf
    "Two a.m. with the lost and the lonely Walkin' past the kids, comin' back from the party Smiles on their faces, you remember so well how it was Nights in the back of that Buick that you got runnin' Your"
  • I Am - Nelly Furtado
    "I think I've been here before Yeah I've been right here With you walking out the door And I won't fight it I think you already know Don't try to hide it You know this time I will go And I won't come back You"
  • Outside Your Door - Me'Shell Ndegeocello
    "Here i sit outside Your door Talk to me 2x Here I am waiting. Just waiting. Anticipating a chance to run into you. I sit here for hours. One day I even sat through a rain shower. For just a glance. A chance"
  • Your Blue Door - Honeydogs
    "Your blue door, that I walked through before First Sunday kiss - I could not resist Well have you come to tell the truth Are you tired of roaming too Would you go around with me Would you take me out at"
  • Lock your door - Lydia Lunch
    "I would not like to not know lock your door I would not like to not know lock your door Shut up and die I wish it was me prisoner of my own demise Kiss the bride and make her cry roll over and die bye"
  • I Got The Door - The Bear Quartet
    "someone smashed my faith in confidence and truth someone made an offer I could not refuse someone wrote my story it was wrong but meant to last I know about my future but nothing of my past I can't seem"

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