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i am on a mission

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i am on a mission

  • Mission - Electric Light Orchestra
    "For may days we travelled from a distant place and time, To reach a place they call the planet Earth, There was to be a celebration, On the mission of the sacred heart. The planet Earth from way up there"
  • On A Mission - Gabriella Cilmi
    "It's tough for me to make a move And I know what I gotta do Cause I got everything to prove I got a plan I'm sticking to The word is that I'm over doubt But I don't let it get me down I ain't nobody's"
  • Mission - Chris Cornell
    "Pulled through you, and drowning in your swirl Circling, unfolding in your will I'm going to glide on the winds of your breathing And alight on your guarded heart I'm gonna tear all your temples down I'm"
  • Mission - Rush
    "Hold your fire Keep it burning bright Hold the flame 'til the dream ignites A spirit with a vision is a dream With a mission I hear their passionate music Read the words that touch my heart I gaze at"
  • Mission - Kerli
    "The streets are protection Wiseman say To freeze your perfection Wiseman say What if we could feel the power What if we worshipped the clown The streets are affection And i am so naive Was this the right"
  • Mission - Shaggy
    "Welcome to the mission My music has got to get what it rightfully deserve Shaggy My music got me on a mission I'm following my intuition Why don't you check the composition With this ya music when"
  • Mission - Nana
  • The Mission - Narnia
    "My Shining Star Oh Teach Me More My Heart Is Bleeding For The Lost Ones There's So Many People So Many Souls Lost Without A Warning I Can't See Them Go The Wrong Direction Your Voice Is Calling Calling"
  • Mission Street - Vienna Teng
    "Mission Street is a striking dark-eyed stranger Who speaks a language I don't know but long to learn Its cadences fall endlessly beyond the windowpane As I sit as though awaiting some return And my hands"
  • Mission Impossible - Sammie
    "Girl, I know it's hard to that swallow I'm always on the go. Leaving you home alone Nobody to kiss Nobody to hold And I know that at times it seems you are in love all by yourself You may think that I,"
  • Mission Bells - Fighting Gravity
    "(Lyrics, Music: Peterson, Triano) Maybe tonight, maybe tomorrow, maybe 3 a.m., I will recall the sound of the little ones so quiet as you turned to make your way back home Everybody wondered, everybody"
  • On A Mission - Buck-O-Nine
    "i want to rise from my seat dont want to be held down i want to get off the couch i want to find a new sound i want to step outside i want to say im alive im on a mission, im on a mission courtesy of a"
  • On A Mission - Trick Pony
    "To me twelve months is a long, long time for someone to suddenly change their mind He was in and out, now it's just too late But I won't lose one night of sleep Worryin' about what was meant to be His"
  • On A Mission - Terrorvision
    "Your hair's a mess, it's called distressed, It's the latest fashion don't I know, Oh where have I come from, I must've been living under a stone, Or was I off of this planet, Was I high on a rocket, Was"
  • On A Mission - Fiend
    "(C-Murder talking) You know you done fucked up? You know you done fucked up, don't ya? Nigga you really fucked up. We on a muthafuckin mission. I'm ridin dirty with my TRU muthafuckas. Fiend, Steady Mobbin',"
  • On a mission - Talib Kweli
    "*chanting in background* Blaze one for the Brooklyn crew what Blaze one for the Cincinnati crew, yes And for the whole world, and for the whole world Chorus Yo Hi-Tek they still sleepin As a right we"
  • Mission (A World Record) - Electric Light Orchestra
    "For may days we travelled from a distant place and time, To reach a place they call the planet Earth, There was to be a celebration, On the mission of the sacred heart. The planet Earth from way up there"
  • Mission (A World Record) - ELO
    "''This is Yerffej Ennyl calling you from planet Earth.'' For many days, we travelled from a distant place and time To reach a place they call the planet Earth. There was to be a celebration On the mission"
  • Mission - Dub War
    "somehow you lost your way you have no understanding from you 2 me an me to you there's just too much demanding the wires they have crossed connections surely faulty we'll never win the national by riding"
  • Mission - Buddhuza
    "I gather I was told I gotta mission to fly, I took a chance to pick a plane so I looked around, I ran into a mirror, saw a couple of curious eyes, I gotta hail old lordie, sign is so better than sight. We"

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