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i am sorry baby

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i am sorry baby

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i am sorry baby
  • Pink Cream 69 Sorry
    "Thought I'd found me an angel When she came into my life Tried to prove that i was the one That could make her feel alright I had to have her Oh, but she wasn't very easy I tried to tell her Oh, but she"
  • Judith Sorry
    "Once you and I where as innocent as kids Love could easy grow to the corners of our hearts unaware of danger we started to grow up When we discovered borders I crossed the line And now I'm sorry from"
  • Avant Sorry
    "I know I was wrong and that-s not fairPlaying games with your mind cause I new you caredWalking out of the door every other nightAnd I knew two wrongs wouldn-t make a rightNow things have changedAnd what"
  • Jhene Sorry
    "Oh no no no no no no no How you thought that it's been a while i do admit that you're still lookin fine you seemed surprised when you looked at me and you're wonderin why i look so happy please forgive"
  • Maria Mena Sorry
    "Vague sound of rain pierces through my song again but I get distracted by the way his toes move when he plays so I let it burn I just poured my heart out there's bits of it on the floor And I take what's"
  • Glenn Lewis Sorry
    "Look at what mess i made If i paid attention, maybe then you might have stayed Deserted you, in the middle of the night one to many times and askin why(askin why) Where did all the promises go Of love"
  • Soldiers Of Jah Army Sorry
    "Baby I'm sorry For whatever it was I always did; The way it went down and it always is; The way that I am makes it all my fault? You know if I could change who I am right now I wouldn't do it no, no... And"
  • Jerry Lee Lewis I am feeling sorry
    "I told a little lie, baby I made you cry That's why I'm feeling blue I'm feeling sorry, I lied to you I took your little heart, I tore it all apart And now I'm missing you I'm feeling sorry, I couldn't"
  • Ani DiFranco Sorry I Am
    "I'm sorry I didn't sound more excited on the phone I'm sorry that after all these years I've left you feeling unrequited and alone, brought you to tears I guess I never loved you quite as well as the way"
  • Minnie Driver Sorry Baby
    "Sorry Baby (feat. Liz phair) I wish you everything good It's no less than you deserve Wish I could fake what you want Oh, I give you my love Sorry baby Sorry baby Sorry baby, I'm sorry baby I"
  • Elan Sorry Baby
    "Just when you think you've been forgotten There's a letter at your door Your face turned red when you thought, I would call And you say, the mailman must have been sick today. It's midnight and the trains"
  • Field Mob Sorry Baby
    "Smell like new money... (laughs) Shawn j's in the house tonight, Shawn j's in the house tonight.. FLEETWOOD! Chevy p's in the house tonight, Chevy p's in the house tonight.. DARK BROOKS The Field Mob's"
  • Aaron Neville Wrong Number (I Am Sorry, Goodbye)
    "Every time the telephone rings I hold my breath Hoping that it's you, I'm scared to death Phone went ring, my crippled heart cried Let it be you, on the line Then a voice says, "Hello, can I speak to Joe?" "Wrong"
  • All-4-One Hard To Say I Am Sorry
    "All 4 One Miscellaneous Hard To Say I Am Sorry Everybody needs alittle time away i heard her say from each other even lovers need a holiday far away from each other hold me now its hard for me to"
  • Natalie Cole Sorry
    "We used to be so very happy and we used to have so much fun And we used to spend our time together, we were as close as anyone I used to feel your every feeling, I was a part of your every dream I'm"
  • Nerf Herder Sorry
    "Sorry we broke up, sorry I missed you Sorry I wanted only to kiss you Sorry I promised to love you forever Made you feel guilty oh when you left me Sorry I showed up at your party Sorry I drank up all"
  • Daniel Cirera Sorry Sorry Sorry
    "You You are The most Beautiful thing In this world And No words Can ever kill Me like yours, kill me like yours You leave me as Sorry sorry sorry as I'll ever be That you've turned into somebody else,"
  • Grace Jones Sorry
    "Sorry, jealousy, sorry, baby so sorry, I was so full of jealousy, so full of jealousy, Sorry, jealousy, sorry, baby so sorry, I was no good at jealousy, no good at jealousy. He's here, oh honey for just"
  • Dan Hill Sorry
    "Too many times Girl I've swallowed my pride Waiting for you to come home When you finally arrive Your eyes shining bright There's the scent of some rich man's cologne For the very last time I hear you"
  • Sandra Nasic Sorry
    "What is the time and when did you start or begin The tired blue eyes see places under my skin They locked this house and push us over the edge I don't wanna wake cuz I feel his hand on my skin Sorry,"

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