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i been here for you i falling down on my

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i been here for you i falling down on my

  • Falling Down - Scarlett Johansson
    "I've come 500 miles just to see your halo Come from St. Petersburg, Scarlett and me When I open my eyes, I was blind as can be And to give a man luck, he must fall in the sea And she wants you to steal"
  • Falling Down - Tom Waits
    "I come five hundred miles Just to see her halo I come from St. Petersburg Scarlett and me, And I opened my eyes I was blind as could be When you give a man luck He must fall in the sea, And she wants"
  • Falling Down - Luna Halo
    "Sometimes I have to wonder Can you hear me, hear me calling out So tell me where to find you I forget you, but I don't know how You hold on, you let go Say you will, but I know You won't be there And"
  • Falling Down - Hybrid
    "Open my eyes, But I can't see where you are, Put out my hands, But I can't reach that far. Holding you in, The taste is still on my lips, The need to feel, Close, touch, fingertips. Like rivers, We"
  • Falling Down - Bebo Norman
    "Angels on a subway She's buried in a magazine Stuck inside a replay Of someone else's dream Prophets made of paper Don't tell her anything She wants something just to save her So she lifts her head and"
  • Falling Down - Wide Mouth Mason
    "I saw a ghost out on a dirt road They're known as "humeurs" or so I'm told A mist you drive through with an eerie glow In your headlights Far away from the city sound Decrepit houses are sagging down Leaning"
  • Falling - Montell Jordan
    "(feat. Flesh-N-Bone) Come and feel my thug love baby This feelin'll get you with me It'll drive you oh so crazy Cuz I've been watchin' you lately lady Round and round the world we go To the next show Bless"
  • Falling - Alison Moyet
    "She said something like I want to go down where the rivers wild He said take me then I want to drown deep in your violent eyes I want to float in through your door Hang it on the wall hang it all But"
  • Falling Down - Silverstein
    "Cut through the skin with knives of words I'm still bleeding out questions of nerve What will it take to sort this out? It's still lodging it's blade in my heart Silence hurts more than the worst sound Now"
  • Falling Down - Focused
    "Excel where I left off. To go where I have gone. Defeated my failures. Still to stand as one. Why must I contribute to hate? The tears burning in my eyes. See the confusion all around me. This ones told"
  • Falling Down - Story Of The Year
    ""Now I can taste the war that I've been fighting. Start to fall but I'm still standing here behind the wall of dying faith. I can't forget the fight that's growing stronger. Face to face with hopes of"
  • Falling Down - Deadlights
    "I'll be the king of calamity from my high-volt throne I'll hold my court over everyone, all I see is all I own And though death is but a kiss away it's all in me From here down to where the sun meets with"
  • Falling Down - Siouxsie and The Banshees
    "I would see you falling down Still I would have been around Hated to hear the sound As you fell and punched the ground Such as miserable suicide Performed before my eyes Staggering about the town Unaware"
  • Falling down - God Dethroned
    "(You've got)No comprehension for my train of thought.Realising no-one cares a damn about me.Disqualified by the tyrants I see.What if -I'd love to- make you scream.Symptoms of hate.My decision's made.No"
  • Falling Down - World Without Sundays
    "I remember falling down when he introduced me I always shoot for subtlety but use the term so loosely Everyone was talking to her words from all directions So I talked with him instead my only good protection Only"
  • Falling Down - We're About 9
    "i'm no expert on the subject but i heard the words before scattered in my epicenter where bad memories are stored she says no i'm not falling down i've got two feet in every corner and a hand on every"
  • Falling For You - Cheetah Girls
    "But I stumble when I speak Melt, When our eyes meet still can't believe that I'm falling for you I Can't fight these feelings Can't find a reason Still can't believe that I'm falling for you, For You "
  • Falling - Gotthard
    "Wasting my days On wondering why Searching for answers Possible lies Knowing the reasons But hiding the truth Now at the end All I miss is just you I'm falling Down, down, down into the room. I'm falling While"
  • Falling - Alice In Videoland
    "This bleeding heart keeps calling Can't stop my world from falling from falling, from falling, from falling apart I made myself sick today I'm slipping away and seem to stick to the gates I lay myself"
  • Falling - Spit
    "How many words I say Just to convince myself That you are not my man Only some kind of friend You could not share my pain Cause you don't feel the same But love... you know... Is so unexpected thing But"

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