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i can't breathe i can't sleep


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i can't breathe i can't sleep

  • I Can't Breathe - Gary Numan
    "I'm scared to sleep, I'm scared to dream I'm scared to wake up in case I scream I'm scared to whisper one word. That's all it needs I hear it breathe, I hear it sigh I hear it laughing when something"
  • Can't Breathe - Tanya Stephens
    "I guess i'm expected to say god bless you but you left me, meh neva left you and wa meh do rite now, meh can't even say "f" you but meh can say dis dough I hope u can't live without me Can't eat,"
  • I Can't Breathe - Edgewater
    "It's so early Dead of the morning Your voice overplayed is creeping Crawling under my skin And I can't take it Damn you Can't you get the message? When you call I let it ring Have you no courtesy? You"
  • I Can't Breathe - Audiovent
    "You want to feel me Can't defeat me at your game You buy and sell me Separate me from my name And I want you To once invert the wrong Cause I can't breathe And I want you To once admit I'm right You"
  • I Can't Breathe - Vent
    "You Want to feel me Can't defeat me At your game You Buy and sell me Try to rape me Of my name And I want you To once invert the wrong cause I can't breathe And I want you To once admit I'm right"
  • I Can't Breathe - Strange Celebrity
    "I turned my back on the ones I loved To be with you instead Now I'm living with a big black cloud Hanging around my head Hanging around my head Now I'm down in a hole And I'm losing control Is it better"
  • I Can't Breathe - Krypteria
    ""Stupid me, why did I sign ?" I ask myself as here I find myself sinking in the quicksand of your crime Have I not done enough for you ? Now that you've taken the best of me we're even so why don't you"
  • I Can't Breathe - Tickle Me Pink
    "(I can't breathe. Your demands are crushing me. I'm trapped inside, your warm sense of reality. I'd go inside, but then you'd take the rest of me. That can never be.) Yoouuu. That look in your eyes is"
  • I can't breathe - Bea Miller
    "Somebody get me a hammer Wanna break all the clocks And the mirrors And go back to a time That was different A time when I didn’t feel like there was Something missing Now my body and mind are so distant Don’t"
  • I Can't Breathe - Skrape
    "I cant breathe, when you suffocate me Theres no thoughts, you just suffocate Such twisted reasons, not so clear anymore Give what we give, and then were screaming no more Maybe, I cant stop calling, Im"
  • I Can't Breathe - H.E.R.
    "Started a war screaming Peace At the same time All the corruption, injustice The same crimes Always a problem if we do or don’t Finding we, nah, we don’t have the same rights What is a gun to a man that"
  • Can't breathe - Cyndi Lauper
    "Can't breath, can't sleepAnd words are too big for my headSome words shouldn't even be saidHis eyes his speechStill rolling around in my bedLike a ghost waking up from the deadAnd it's hare to let goAnd"
  • I Can't Sleep - Sloan
    "I can't sleep Even though I want to My nerves are shot Right between plenty of highs I can't sleep I'm always looking for you I'm digging in deep Way beyond the matter of What we keep And how we gotta"
  • I Can't Sleep - Martina McBride
    "I can't sleep for dreaming about you When you're gone there's nothing I can do But lie awake alone and dream the whole night through I can't sleep for dreaming about you I close my weary eyes And see"
  • I Can't Sleep - Pansy Division
    "Wish i could turn on my light And read my Village Voice But layin' next to this beached whale I haven't got the choice He looked good at the time I must have been out of my mind Now i can't sleep I can't"
  • I Can't Sleep Baby (Remix) - R. Kelly
    "Baby I'm sorry Can't you find a way to somehow forgive me? I never meant to hurt you 1st verse Somebody take my head off Because I never meant to hurt you babe I know I don't deserve another chance But"
  • I Can't Sleep - Anita Baker
    "When I'm all alone and I hear your voice No other man can make me feel the way you do I can't describe this feeling inside I can't sleep at night ooh Home is where you belong That's what I tell myself"
  • I Can't Sleep - Wang Chung
    "(Jack Hues) From my window I can see the skylight And the clouds gathering out to sea A light rain falls And the street lights make the road shine And I can't sleep People talking about the war I can't"
  • I Can't Sleep - Yukka
    "What have I got to do To keep me from loving you? You take me by surprise You come knocking late at night You say you found somebody new To tell you 'bout the trouble in you Well, you step out of the"
  • I Can't Sleep - Clay Walker
    "I been up all night long Just waitin on the sun I've given up, damn the dawn It ain't never gonna come Something's wrong, as long as your gone I'm not gonna sleep Til i touch your face Baby not a wink,"

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