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i can be alone i can be so strong and 1


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i can be alone i can be so strong and 1

  • I Can Be - Naja
    "(Verse 1:) Can She Be Betta The Me Can She Walk Talk Eat Sleep Like Me Can She Do All These Things I Do For U Can She Do Betta Things Than I Do I Dont Understand Your Always Around Her Nobody Else Even"
  • We Can Be Strong - Willy Mason
    "(Feat. KT Tunstall) signed myself out today sent a letter far away said baby i'll be good someday gonna try again tomorrow try again tomorrow i couldn't take that sterile place in those rooms i lost my"
  • Best Man I Can Be - Tyrese
    "Case: I'm standing here alone trying to face another day i gotta stay strong (mmm) to endure this pain RL: I'm dealing with right now it flipped my whole life upside down i don't want your help i don't"
  • Be Strong - Jasmine Guy
    "be strong if you are you'll end up strong all you're life i cant imagine what life would look like without you be strong i know you can be strong being strong is gonna be touch but always remember it'll"
  • Be Strong - Fefe Dobson
    "It's ok baby For you to feel Take as much time You need to heal Such a pretty girl I was once where you are So in love I once had begged The great lord above Please bring him home Be strong So strong I"
  • How Long Can A Man Be Strong - Jeff Healey
    "I've been a restless, For a long, long time Tryin' to find a home For heart of mine The nights are lonely, And the days are long It's hard to find a reason, To carry on But all this searchin', Is it ever"
  • Be Strong - Sizzla
    "You got to get going No time to sit and doubt Some people not knowing life is a cycle You got to know how to get around Yes you got to be strong And be all the best you can The world is out there"
  • Be strong - Delta Goodrem
    "Are you swimming upstream in oceans of blue? Do you feel like your sinking? Are you sick of the rain after all you've been through? Well I know what you're thinking When you can't take it You can make"
  • Can i - Montell Jordan
    "The night is almost over So I'm.... What about.... Can I tuck you in? Can I fluff your pillow? Can I sing you a lullaby? Come on baby Can I, can I have breakfast in bed? Can I give you that feeling? Can"
  • I Can Be - Taio Cruz
    "Now I feel that this hold of mine has taken many forms Still sometimes the rain can turn into a waterfall The prettiest things can come out of the coldest mind, yeah And even with broken wings, sometimes"
  • Can I Be - Keith Sweat
    "Daddy do it like you use to do it aight man 10.. 9.. 8.. 7.. 6 5 4 3 2 1 Excuse me girl(oh yeah boy) But I don't mean to front you for words But your big brown eyes and those pretty round thighs Has"
  • Lord Knows, I Can Be Strong - Swan Lee
    "Dawn is breaking from neon All your leaves are burning brown I can wait for eons Until then I will stay here Like a door that keeps revolving It will spin you round and round Some day love will blind"
  • What Can I Be? - John Butler Trio
    "What can I be? Make me so that I'm right for your society What do I have to sacrifice? There is no equal opportunity Don't even call this your democracy 16,000 hours gone past this year and No one knows"
  • A Heart Can Only Be Strong - Michael Bolton
    "A hundred times I have walked out the door Just to walk back a hundred times more A thousand nights I have sworn not to stay, ooh oh I remained tangles in the chains of desire, ooh I know that it's no"
  • How can i be down - TQ
    "Yo, yo, Ja Rule, TQ, BABY You ain't gotta sneak and creep Around no more You was my freakiest whore Now you be dealing with broads In my CL five double O on the DL Hollerin' 'bout you hangin' with the"
  • STRONG - Amaranthe
    "I know I made a lot of mistakes I know I'm not perfect in any way But after all, who's the one to blame When I don't even know myself I know I can heal almost anything Because I am stronger than I've"
  • Strong - Brian Webb
    "You know I think its funny, She used to call me the strong one But I don't think that 'strong' sleeps until three I don't think strong watches Ricki Lake two times a day And I don't think strong is"
  • Can I - Do Or Die
    "(feat. Beyond Content) Roll, roll, roll, there, there, there You don't have to go that far, You just slide in to my car I got my eyes on 52 inch, wit my fingers on chocolate thick and richer Smoke"
  • I Can Be - Aaliyah
    "Ohhhh no... ohh, oh... mmmm Oh... ohhhh... ohhh no... Maybe I'm just wrong in feelin the way I do Thoughts indecent, want to put those down to you I know you have a girl, I don't want to tie When you're"
  • The Best Man I Can Be - Case
    "Yeah this is for my brothers in the hood And the high risers, on the mansions with the maids We gotta come together, come on y'all Case, Ginuwine, Tyrese, and me R.L. Help me sing it fellas, yeah "

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