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i can die

  • Now I Can Die - Nina Gordon
    "He takes me everywhere he goes, and he goes everywhere He likes to try on all my clothes, but not my underwear And he never hates me, just wants to levitate me Now I know the secret of the world I am"
  • Can I - Do Or Die
    "(feat. Beyond Content) Roll, roll, roll, there, there, there You don't have to go that far, You just slide in to my car I got my eyes on 52 inch, wit my fingers on chocolate thick and richer Smoke"
  • Die, Die, Die - Dr. Dog
    "It turns out cigarettes can kill you Cause when you didn't come back Every time that I thought of you I smoked a whole pack I was up to about seventeen packs a day I was refueling too About every hour"
  • I Die - Cnx Anti-Social
    "If you ask for me That how I'm doing, How I take All the think I said Of the solitude If I'm right or wrong If I can laugh Or if I can cry And you ask for me By curiosity And I wanna said That"
  • Can Die No More - Lake Of Tears
    "Now I go there more and more Never been there so before Can go no more Now I take them one by one There comes two for each one done Can't take them all Round and round, we stand the same old ground So"
  • Good Love Can Never Die - Alvin Stardust
    "Good love can never die true love is paradise. Love is cruel love is kind With love you see with love you're blind Alone at night you're sad and blue But don't despair he'll come back to you. Good love"
  • Can - Gun
    "Life I dont see the meaning now Love Ive lost all the feeling for Time won't wait to work out why I'm losing this fight in a private war Empty life is a warning sign Locked away where the sun don't shine Can't"
  • I Can - Blue Pop
    "Hmmm Hmmm First time we met sounds like I can and second time was just the same Expecting your call, your voice again I love the way you spell my name New life, new love with this new man I can believe"
  • Die, motherfucker, die - Get Set Go
    "Die, mother fucker die I want to see you cry And then I'll watch you die I want to hurt you, torture and desert you Take a hot poker and stick it where the Sun don't shine..then watch you die Cause I,"
  • Day I Die - Vanden Plas
    "Music: S.Lill Lyrics: A.Kuntz The reason for the change within the center of the blood surrounded by a dream until the soul can find a door easy to believe in now we're living on a lie that we never cry"
  • Until I Die - Brandi Carlile
    "Hey there what's that in your sky With all the pretty lights You think I can get that high? Hey you man, where's your motivation And why the celebration You've gotten nothing done here You wanna live"
  • As I Die - Eternal Tears Of Sorrow
    "As I die... Stare as eyes uphold me And wait to see right through And curse me... The love has crippled you Shadows haunt the night Burning my disguise As I die Reaping through the truth Life becomes"
  • When I Die - Lil Cuete
    "(Chorus) Remember...when I die... Gurl don't chu cry... Jus dry your eyes... I never mean for me to say good bye....buh Remember when I die... (lil Cuete) When I die don't want chu to cry... Jus"
  • As I Die - Paradise Lost
    "As I die Stare as eyes uphold me And wait to see right through And curse me... The love has crippled you Shadows haunt the night Burning my disguise As I die Reaping through the truth Life becomes"
  • When i die - Via Mistica
    "The night is comingI'm getting awayI see what has beenAnd I see will be endI see...I see the starlightIt's showing me howPretend that I live andPretend that I feelI pretendWhen I seeYour deathI can not"
  • Day I Die - Elias
    "(CHORUS X2) Every breath I take till the day I die Imma hold you down Imma be ur guy Imma be your one till the day I'm done till the day i die VERSE (ELIAS) Me and you, you and me, how we feel I think"
  • Until I Die - Neurosonic
    "I know I planted flowers But look around at all my weeds I don't play well with others The thought occurred it might be me I'm so bitter I can taste it (taste it) I'm not allowed to leave But I'm not"
  • If I Die - Scenes From A Movie
    "Ive got a perfect four hours of sleep under my belt, and I know that's all I need to come with the perfect explanation for all your constant irritations. You have to let this go. I have to let you"
  • When I die - No Mercy
    "You give me strengthWhen I start to worryYou lift me up when I'm feeling sorryYou're building me up love and affectionWhen I'm in danger you're my protectionAnd I'm the oneYou can depend uponI'll always"
  • When I Die - New Found Glory
    "Now I have finally accepted we will never stand in the same room I can never hear your voice of reason at least you didn't, didn't feel a thing When I was younger you would tell me that I should wait"

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